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    Expected rate of return on private equity products is 17%. Buying money is misled by sales.

    2019-02-10 23:59:06

    Securities dailyXu Tianxiao

    At the moment, financial management is becoming a hot topic in the chat between relatives and friends during the Spring Festival. While all kinds of wealth management products enrich people's choices, they should also pay attention to "scarring flowers and fascinating eyes", especially when encountering high-yield products.

    Expected rate of return on private equity products is as high as 17%

    "Securities Daily" reporter found that some high-yield private equity products will be sold to middle-aged and elderly people, but may not have sufficient risk warnings and assessments.

    During the Spring Festival, an elder of this reporter (about 60 years old) has a wealth management product with an expected annualized rate of return of nearly 17%. Judging from the income alone, the reporter believes that such a project may be very risky. So I conducted a simple survey of the project with the elders. The starting point for this product investment is one million yuan, which needs to take up a large part of the personal savings of relatives.

    According to the contract of the wealth management product seen by the "Securities Daily" reporter, the wealth management product is a limited partnership enterprise equity transfer product: the property share of a limited partnership enterprise that enterprise A will hold, according to each 0.5% share of 1 million yuan After the consideration of the transfer, the investor will be used to invest in a commercial real estate project, and the expected annualized rate of return of investment of 1 million yuan is nearly 17%.

    Our reporter learned that the reason why this elder is in this project is mainly because: the expected income is relatively attractive; the manager who introduced the project has been familiar with it for many years, and the projects introduced earlier have paid the principal and interest on schedule; according to the project manager It is said that the number of the project is very limited to only 50, because the relatives are "old customers" to give priority to private. However, according to reports, the project does not need to fill out a risk assessment questionnaire before investing. The reporter also did not see the risk warning content similar to the risk rating of bank wealth management products in the product introduction materials.

    During the Spring Festival, "Securities Daily" reporters and elders simply investigated the project: the commercial real estate docking business logistics industry, the reporter found in the scene, the occupancy rate of shops is higher, the preliminary statistics exceed 80%, but affected by the return of the Spring Festival, Most shops are closed. According to the description of the elders, the popularity here is very popular. The commercial real estate project was found on the Internet as a key support project of the local government. Due to the maintenance of the website of the China Foundation, the reporter did not find out whether the relevant party was the private fund manager of the record. Based on the above simple research, the reporter can not judge the risk level of the project. However, if the risk-benefit matching principle is used, the expected risk of the project may be higher than most bank financing. At present, when a formal financial institution purchases wealth management products, it must fill out a risk assessment questionnaire. The financial institution recommends the corresponding products according to the risk tolerance of the investors as one of the protection measures for investors. However, from the above projects, these measures are not perfect in some projects promoted by non-financial institutions.

    Sales of wealth management products should “understand products and customers”

    The "Securities Daily" reporter asked a number of elders around them. They generally believe that the current bank wealth management products generally have less than 5% of the income. For products with higher returns, if they feel "reliable", they will be willing to invest. For example, purchase products that are higher than the bank's financial profitability, P2P, etc. Compared with young people, these elders who have worked for decades have relatively rich savings. If they are misled by sales, the impact will be generally greater after the risk.

    In order to prevent the bank's wealth management products from selling chaos, the central bank and other new regulations for asset management issued last year require financial institutions to issue and sell asset management products. They should adhere to the business philosophy of “knowing products” and “knowing customers” and strengthen investor suitability management. , to sell to investors the asset management products that are compatible with their risk identification capabilities and risk-taking capabilities. It is forbidden to defraud or mislead investors to purchase asset management products that do not match their risk-taking capabilities.

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