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    Waiting for the gun to shoot, private equity has targeted the new board

    2019-03-14 03:58:53

    China Securities Journal

    After the official board of the science and technology board officially landed, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has started the trial and development of the science and technology board this week, and the opening of the science and technology board market has entered the countdown. According to the China Securities Journal reporter, the current private equity of securities is actively preparing for the creation of the board, which is unanimously optimistic about the new opportunities of the science and technology board, and has optimistic expectations for the investment opportunities of high-quality listed companies in the science and technology sector.

    Optimistic about new opportunities

    At present, the first batch of listing targets and pricing of Science and Technology Board is not clear, but in terms of private equity, overall, in the context of macroeconomic turn to high quality development, the opportunity for new stock subscription in Science and Technology Board is worthy of attention.

    He Zhen, general manager of Shanghai Huili Assets Co., Ltd. said that the first day of the listing of the company’s new shares will not have a price limit, which will be a good profit opportunity for investors who are hitting new shares. Will consider key participation. Since the beginning of this year, the popularity of the A-share market has been effectively activated, which is also beneficial for investors to hold some high-quality stocks and to purchase the market value of the science and technology board.

    Zhou Liang, the founder of Shanghai minority investment, stressed that as the hottest spot in the stock market this year, the opportunity to play new opportunities under the science and technology network can not be missed. From the relevant rules of new share issuance, compared with the current offline placement of the A-share market, Kechuang Board made two important adjustments: On the one hand, Kechuang Board increased the proportion of new shares placed under the net, from the current 10% increase. Up to 60%-70%; on the other hand, Kechuang Board canceled individual participation in offline new stock inquiry, and the number of offline placement investors will be greatly reduced. In terms of these two aspects, the new stock subscription rules of Science and Technology Board will significantly increase the new rate of return under the net. In this context, Shanghai Minority Investment will actively participate in all products that meet the requirements of offline placement.

    Waiting to capture true growth

    Private investment is also eager to invest in the secondary market after the opening of the science and technology board. According to a survey released by private placement network, as many as 91.73% of private placements believe that the first batch of listed companies are carefully selected, and most of them are expected to have outstanding scientific and technological innovation capabilities. Growth companies will therefore actively participate, and less than 10% of private placements have to choose to wait and see.

    He Zhen said that although the science and technology board is a new sector supported by the policy, the basic performance of individual stocks and the performance of the secondary market stocks will definitely be significantly different. Therefore, we will focus on those companies that have “hard technology”, “core technology” and “core competitiveness”, while the business model of listed companies may be placed in a relatively minor position. In addition, in the specific preferred industry sector, He Zhen said that he is relatively more concerned about investment opportunities in artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing and biomedicine.

    Zheng Jinkun, manager of Huayan Investment Fund, said that a group of companies in the science and technology board that have mastered the core technology, industry prospects and development space and have a good market reputation will become the main investment targets in their stocks. Zheng Jinkun believes that once such outstanding enterprises grow up, they will drive the rapid development of their industrial chain, and will also bring core leading technology to relevant fields in China, thus creating greater value.

    However, some private placements also remind investors to be wary of the risk of excessive speculation or stock price volatility after the opening of the board. Zhou Liang said that the price positioning in the early stage of the development of the science and technology board may be relatively overestimated, and ordinary investors need to fully expect the difficulty of earning excess returns.

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