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    The wind stopped! The agency is selling hundreds of millions of dollars. The GEM is very hurt.

    2019-03-14 17:13:12

    China Fund News Wu Yu

    The wind stopped, and the "pig" fell to the altar! The agency sold hundreds of millions of dollars, the GEM was very hurt, and there were industrial marijuana and twin figures...

    In the recent sharp rise in the market, today's market has rarely seen a hundred stock limit: A shares fell 3,066, of which 109 down limit; only 534 rose.

    At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index closed down 1.2%, the Shenzhen Composite Index fell 1.82%, and the ChiNext Index fell 2.58% to fall below the 10-day SMA.

     The wind stopped,

    Major industry sectors have fallen, among which the popular farming concepts such as pigs and chickens that had previously stood on the wind are collectively frustrated. The popular themes such as industrial marijuana and power Internet of Things have also continued to fall. Only the liquor stocks have bucked the trend. .

    In the face of the continuous decline of pork and chicken stocks, the organization also urgently shipped collectively. After the game, the data shows thatShengnong Development,Yisheng shares,Xiantan shareswithZhengbang TechnologySuffered from more than 300 million shipments from multiple agencies.

    Pork stocks fell

    Wen's shares, Yisheng shares and other stocks limit

    In the previous period, the strong stocks of pork stocks and chicken stocks suffered from the market “Holocaust” today.

    At the close, the GEM's largest heavyweight and pork stock leader, Wen's shares, fell 8.73% today after falling yesterday. It has caused investors to vomit, "Xing is sweet, and it is a pig." You know, before yesterday, Wen’s shares rose more than 70% this year.

     The wind stopped,

    On March 12th, there were two institutional seats in the Dragon and Tiger List seats to buy more than 200 million yuan. The two institutions that had reached the daily limit had almost ate two down-limits and were buried.

     The wind stopped,

    In addition,Lihua, Yisheng shares,Minhe sharesAnd the development of Shengnong is suffering from an indiscriminate limit.Tiankang Bio,Young eagle farming,New WufengMany stocks also fell more than 7%.

    And these pork stocks and chicken stocks have doubled their earnings since the beginning of the year.

     The wind stopped,

    The stock market spit out: The wind stopped, the pig fell, and I fell.

     The wind stopped,

    Institutional sales of related agricultural stocks

    The continuous decline of pork and chicken stocks has caused the emergency collective shipment of the organization.

    Shengnong Development: The three institutions sold nearly 150 million yuan, and the net share of Shenzhen Stock Connect was 35.29 million yuan;

     The wind stopped,

    Yisheng shares: four institutions sold 93.55 million yuan, and Shenzhen Stock Connect sold 50.77 million yuan;

     The wind stopped,

    The four institutions sold 75.11 million yuan of Xiantan shares; one institution sold Zhengjiao Technology 45.3 million yuan. The four breeding stocks were all shipped by institutions that exceeded 300 million yuan.

    Venture capital, industrial marijuana, etc.

    The concept of hot speculation is over

    Due to the upcoming launch of the science and technology board, related venture capital concept stocks have also been madly sought after in the near future. However, today’s collective encounters are also encountered.Huakong SEG,Beibei High-tech,Luxin Ventures,Minfeng special paperWait for the average to close the board.

     The wind stopped,

    Not only the above-mentioned chicken industry, pig industry, digital hygiene, venture capital index, etc. In fact, the previous major hype concepts were completely destroyed today: industrial cannabis index fell 6.69%, semiconductor index fell 4.19%, telecom fell 3.19%, etc. .

     The wind stopped,

    Only the liquor industry is turning against the trend. among themGuizhou MaotaiIt rose 3.18% and its share price reached 778 yuan per share.

     The wind stopped,

    Brokers recommend adding positions in the adjustment

    Looking ahead to the market, Cinda Securities stressed that the current macro fundamentals have not changed much, but the enthusiasm for market transactions has gradually increased, and market hot spots have continued to spread. Therefore, in the current market environment, low-risk investors can gradually return to performance and valuation, and appropriately select sectors with growth and low valuation. High-risk preferences can be appropriately configured with technology-related topics, but attention should be paid to the continued theme. Sex.

    Founder SecuritiesYang Renwen believes that the collapse of the GEM is only a large-scale correction in the bull market; in this bull market, investors are generally fearful and suspicious, and once they fall, it is likely that there will be a more violent correction on the day. In the bull market from 2014 to 2015, there is a phenomenon that the stock market often says “the bull market is long and cloudy”.

    Tianfeng SecuritiesIt is pointed out that the supervision strengthens the expected self-realization, which leads to the follow-up of the index level. Considering the long-term mainline logic and the short-term capital and fundamental resonance, we continue to be optimistic about the structural opportunities for growth, but after investing in various themes, we choose companies that report high growth or exceed expectations in a quarter.

    Guoxin Strategy Yanxiang pointed out that the bottom line of the A-share market has always been ahead of the basics, and there is almost no so-called clear-cut inflection point after the stock market starts to start again. However, the current rise in A-shares still lacks fundamental support. Valuation repair, foreign capital inflow, interest rate down, and policy support are important factors driving the current round of rising prices.

    CICC pointed out that all sectors in the current market have accumulated large gains in the short term, and there has not been any significant consolidation during the period. Therefore, when the index runs to a position-intensive area of ​​more than two years, the fluctuations should increase, and investment should not be made. I was overly surprised.

    CICC believes that for trading investors, the more attention should be paid to the volatility and backwardness, and the trend and the transaction situation when the index starts to rebound again. That is, the rebound strength is still the same, the transaction is not shrinking or the main line is more clear, then the daily level rebound has a higher probability of extending upwards; and if the rebound continues in a relatively scattered atmosphere, and the transaction shrinks, it is necessary to beware of the second peak. Adjust the risk. For configuration investors, the overall valuation of the A-share market is still not high, and it is still below the medium- and long-term average. The industry leaders and high-quality companies still have configuration value. It is recommended to increase positions in the adjustment.

    The investors who just entered the market are caught in "Cangjie"

    It’s true that the bull market is a madman and the bear market is a poet.

    Previously, the Shanghai Stock Index had risen from 2,500 points to 3,100 points in less than 2 months, so many investors who had been in the bear market for two years were tempted to get on the train. Many people also shouted 4000 points and 5,000 points. The day before yesterday, there were investors who said that there was an unreal feeling. Now this kind of extreme excitement is 6,000 points in 2007, and the funds are still exciting, and there is a ratio in 2015!

     The wind stopped,

    However, with the market's two-day correction, the investors who just got on the bus can only face the lucrative stock market. Once again, poetry is booming, and a "Cangjie" came into being, and the whole network was born:


    One by one in the light

    When you are short,

    Sorrow is a small regret

    I am outside

    The main force is inside.

    After heavy positions,

    Sorrow is a wrong choice,

    I am here,

    The main force is at that end.


    Sorrow is a tight trap.

    I am inside,

    The main force is outside.

    And now,

    Sorrow is a call to close the position.

    I am here,

    The broker is at the end.

    All kinds of "cang" will be 愁~

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