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Private equity reverse investment two major tricks: Gao Yi assets Feng Liu precision barbed medicine

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2019-04-15 00:49:24 source:Daily economic news Author:Yang Jian

If you want to be a masterPrivate placementJianghuli has a firm foothold, no matter how good the housekeeping skills can! In the private schools of all kinds of rivers and lakes,Reverse investmentIt is a unique landscape, and the two major sects of domestic reverse investment areGao Yi AssetsFeng LiuheFreshwater springofZhao Jun.

From the perspective of his latest position, Feng Liu vigorously increased his position last year.medicineShares, and when combined with the downside, it is clear that Feng Liu’s operation can be counted as accurate bargain-hunting. And last yearA-share marketThe downturn, Zhao Jun of Danshuiquan is also a self-sustaining technology stock that has fallen across the board last year, and it has also achieved a bumper harvest this year.

  Feng Liu precision counterfeit pharmaceutical stocks

This year's big rise in the market is undoubtedly a good opportunity to "turn over" for the private placement last year. And if you want to gain a foothold in the private fund-raising rivers of the masters, how can you do it without a housekeeping skill! In the major schools of private fundraising, reverse investment is a unique landscape, born out ofBuffettThe price investment system, combined with the market game theory, seeks to buy points from the expected difference, and uses the method of selecting individual stocks to avoid the occurrence of rooted retracement. The two major sects of domestic reverse investment are Gao Yi assets Feng Liu and Danshuiquan Zhao Jun.

According to WIND data, Feng Yi of Gao Yi's assets was still in the fire last year, and he vigorously added the pharmaceutical stocks. In view of the downside, Feng Liu's operation can be described as accurate bargain-hunting, especially when he fiercely increased his position in January and February of this year. ofRenfu Medicine(Quotes600079,Medical stock)withPlum flower(Quotes600873,Medical stock), the position of its bottoming is quite subtle. In this year's valuation repair market, the pharmaceutical stocks that were frequently attacked by the "Black Swan" last year bottomed out, and the performance of Feng Liuduo's pharmaceutical stocks was remarkable.

"Daily Economic News" reporter found that as of April 10, Feng Liu's management of Gaoyi Neishan No. 1 Yuanwang Fund entered the fourth quarter of last year.Hisense Electric(Quotes600060,Medical stock), plum blossoms,National Inspection Group(Quotes603060,Medical stock), positions were 21.07 million shares, 43 million shares, and 8.129 million shares. In addition, the product was added separately in the fourth quarter of last year.Hexing Packaging(Quotes002228,Medical stock) 1 million shares,Sea Cisco(Quotes002653,Medical stock) 2.9 million shares,Andisu(Quotes600299,Medical stock) 4.71 million shares,Kangyuan Pharmaceutical(Quotes600557,Medical stock) 14.78 million shares, 9.5 million shares of Renfu Medicine. It is worth noting that Hisense Electric's share price rose by 103% as of April 11 this year, Meihua Bio's share price rose 33% this year, Hexing Packaging's share price rose 39% this year, Kangyuan Pharmaceutical's share price rose 42% this year, Renfu Medicine This year's share price rose by 26%.

Gaoyi Assets is a well-known tens of billions of private equity companies that are based on the value investment philosophy.Qiu Guolu, Deng Xiaofeng, Feng Liu and many othersStar fundManagers, each has a different investment style. Deng Xiaofeng managed the fund layout movements, and Gao Yi Xiaofeng No. 2,CITIC TrustRuijin 43 period Gao Yi Xiaofeng, Gao Yi Xiaofeng No. 1 Ruiyuan 3 funds total purchaseCentral Shares(Quotes002129,Medical stock) 66,749,000 shares, which was the new target in the fourth quarter of last year, and Zhonghuan shares rose more than 40% this year. At the same time, in the fourth quarter of last year, it also added more stocks and heldGuangwei Composite(Quotes300699,Medical stock),Hongfa shares(Quotes600885,Medical stock),Foster(Quotes603806,Medical stock) and other stocks, and Guangwei Composites rose more than 60% this year.

  Freshwater spring Zhao Jun's multiple stocks are eye-catching

Ten billion private equityFreshwater spring investmentZhao Jun, the head of the company, is also good at reverse investment. Zhao Jun insists on “reverse investment and industry rotation strategy”. He often does not use too many positions to participate in market hotspots. On the contrary, he often adopts the strategy of “ambush”, and some values ​​are underestimated in advance. Stock. However, in the past two years, its key layout cycle growth and emerging growth, buy qualityMedium and smallStocks, especially last year's A-share market downturn, Zhao Jun of Danshuiquan also insisted on self, still laying out the technology stocks that fell across the board last year, and this year, technology stocks have become the core of the market's rise, making freshwater springs return a lot.

"Daily Economic News" reporter found that according to WIND data, the first phase of Danshuiquan's freshwater springs was newly held in the consumer electronics field in the fourth quarter of last year.Huan Xu Electronics(Quotes601231,Medical stock), bought 7,064,300 shares, ranked as the ninth largest tradable shareholder; in addition, many products are newly heldlithium batteryIndustrySinoma Technology(Quotes002080,Medical stock), freshwater springs grow 7 and other 3 products to buy 6,262,800 shares, Sinoma's main business includes special fiber compositesmaterialProducts, wind power blades, lithium battery separators, etc.

In addition, freshwater springs have increased their holdings.Shengyi Technology(Quotes600183,Medical stock), Danshuiquan Select Phase 1 holds 18.32 million shares, ranking the ninth largest tradable shareholder. In addition, freshwater springsnew materialTechnical research and developmentXiangyang Huicheng(Quotes300481,Medical stock),Colored plateofChihong Zinc(Quotes600497,Medical stock) also have professional equipmentShanghai Mechanical and Electrical(Quotes600835,Medical stock) The position has not changed. Because these targets have small market capitalization, good stocks, and are at the forefront of the times, they have gained excess returns this year. For example, Huanxu Electronics has increased by 60% this year. Sinoma Technology has increased by 65 this year. %, Fuyang Huicheng has doubled this year, and the current range is still 61%.

The reporter of "Daily Economic News" noticed that in fact, every move of well-known private placements has received much attention from the market, and some of them have been investigated by well-known private placements.Listed companyThe stock market trend in the secondary market is also very bright in the near future. At the end of January this year, well-known private placementChongyang InvestmentFreshwater springs have been investigated at the same time.Jinjia shares(Quotes002191,Medical stock) Jinjia is a well-known enterprise in China's cigarette packaging. The company's main products include high-tech and high value-added cigarettes. In recent years, the company has vigorously developedGreat healthThe industry, actively deploying the new tobacco field, and actively promoting it to become the company's second main business, triggered a high degree of market attention, and the stock has nearly doubled this year.

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