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    The total number of box office in the Spring Festival is nearly 5.8 billion. Wang Baoqiang may be compensated for the loss of the price.

    2019-02-10 23:59:53

    Securities dailyXie Ruolin

    The lively Spring Festival stalls are fleeting. According to the professional data of the lighthouse, as of 20:00 on February 10, the total box office of the Spring Festival in 2019 has reached 5.763 billion yuan, slightly higher than the 5,040 million yuan in the Spring Festival in 2018. Among them, "Wandering Earth" won the Champion of the Spring Festival box office with a box office of 1.971 billion yuan, followed by "Crazy Alien" and "Flying Life".

    Behind the film battle is a multi-party capital game. According to the incomplete statistics of the "Securities Daily" reporter, about 117 film and television companies participated in this year's Spring Festival. The involvement of capital is not only in the participation of investment, but also in the level of guarantee. It is understood that Wang Baoqiang's company made a 2.8 billion guarantee for the "Crazy Alien", but the end of the Spring Festival, the film has more than 1.3 billion yuan away from the box office.

    “Overall, less than expected,” a theater manager in the Northern Region said in an interview with a reporter from Securities Daily. “On the one hand, everyone has a common understanding of the market in 2019: the days may not be better; On the other hand, the high-end (production team) specifications of this Spring Festival file, coupled with the previous audience accumulation, led to the decision to raise the fare. The New Year’s Day movie was bursting, followed by a sudden drop, we also timely The fare is low, but it still clearly feels that the successor is weak, and there is no previous fire."

    The total number of box office in the Spring Festival is nearly 5.8 billion yuan.

    Open high and low to create a "pseudo" record

    This year, there are eight films on the Spring Festival, including the support of famous guides, famous actors and big IP. Specifically, including Han Han directed and Shen Teng starring "Flying Life"; Ning Hao directed, Huang Hao partner starred in "Crazy Alien"; adapted from Liu Cixin's novel, "Wandering Earth" by Wu Jing; Zhou Xingchi's new work "The King of New Comedy"; Jackie Chan's new work "Detective Pu Songling"; and Liu Qingyun, Zhang Jiahui led the "Integrity of the Storm" and other films. This is a lineup of luxury, based on this, the industry is looking forward to the 2019 Spring Festival.

    However, looking at the performance of the entire schedule, it can be said that it is high and low.

    According to preliminary statistics from the National Film and Money Office, on the New Year's Day (February 5th), the mainland film market had a box office of 1.433 billion yuan, an increase of 12.13% from last year's 1.278 billion.Chinese filmThe market single-day box office record; the number of people watching the movie reached 31,736,500, a slight decrease of 2.73%. Among them, "Crazy Alien" "Flying Life" and "The King of New Comedy" became the biggest winners, accounting for 70% of the overall box office; and this day, "Wandering Earth" has only 11.6% of the film. Fourth place.

    After the New Year's Day, the single-day box office revenue and the number of people watching the movie went down linearly. From February 4 to February 10, the single-day box office was: 41.410 million yuan, 1.442 billion yuan, 994 million yuan, 924 million yuan, 846 million yuan, 822 million yuan and 692 million yuan; : 1,104,400, 3,195,800, 2,199,180, 20,594,600, 19.062 million, 18.603 million and 157,799,000.

    In other words, after the first day of the New Year, there was no more than one billion yuan in a single-day box office. "This is a dangerous signal, and the winter may be earlier than expected," said an industry analyst.

    Many voices believe that although the total number of box office is slightly higher than last year, the key is the rise in fares. The average price of movie tickets during the Spring Festival this year is about 44.8 yuan per piece, while the average price of last year was 39.7 yuan per piece, the average per ticket. Last year, it was 5.1 yuan, an increase of 13%.

    "In the past years, there will be more or less tickets for the film, so every 19.9 yuan movie ticket can be seen everywhere. If the ticket is bought early, there is even 9.9 yuan." The above-mentioned theater manager told the Securities Daily reporter. Since October 1, 2018, the film ticket has been completely cancelled, and the low price ticket has become history. At the same time, based on the popularity of the Spring Festival in previous years, many theaters have increased the ticket sales price during the Spring Festival.

    The increase in the unit price of movie tickets has led to a false boom in total revenues, which has been dubbed the “pseudo-record” by the industry.

    117 companies fought in the Spring Festival

    Wang Baoqiang company may lose money at the bottom of the price guarantee

    Behind the blockbuster collection is the game of capital of all parties.

    It is reported that the "Securities Daily" reporters do not fully statistics, the Spring Festival file covers 117 film and television companies, including many listed companies, such as "Wandering Earth" behind the main producers are Chinese movies,Beijing cultureSuch companies, joint production includesShanghai movieAli Pictures (Hong Kong stocks 01060) under the Taobao ticket and other companies; "Flying Life" main producers include Ali Pictures, Bona Film, Hengdian Pictures, Wanda Films; "Crazy Aliens" mainly produced includeLight mediaHappy Media (Hong Kong stocks 01003).

    Among the above listed companies, there are also public responses to the influence of the Spring Festival. According to the Shanghai Film Announcement, as of February 7, 2019, the company's comprehensive income from the film "Wandering Earth" was temporarily -2.8 million yuan to -2.3 million yuan (the final data is subject to actual settlement). As the film is still in the release, the relevant income will increase with the increase of the box office, the company will release the progress announcement in due course according to the income situation.

    andWentou HoldingsAccording to the announcement, due to the small proportion of the company's participation in the investment of "Wandering Earth", as of 0:00 on February 10, 2019, the company's investment in the film generated business income has not yet formed a large scale, and has little impact on the company's performance.

    It is worth mentioning that this year's Spring Festival stalls still have a guaranteed release. According to the release of "Crazy Alien", Fangxixi Media announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary is happy as an investor, and has signed a guarantee agreement with Khorgosle Flower (Baodifang), and the guarantee party bears the declaration fee. 200 million yuan, the investor receives a minimum issue income of 700 million yuan.

    The company's information on the platform shows that the legal representative and sole shareholder of Khorgosle Flower is Ren Xiaotong, the agent of Wang Baoqiang, who also holds the legal position of Beijing Baoyiyi Film Co., Ltd. and Beijing Lehuaying Film Co., Ltd. The company's investment in the film includes Chen Sicheng's "Chinatown Detective Case 2" and Huang Wei's "A Good Play".

    A senior film analyst said in an interview with the Securities Daily that "Crazy Aliens" is hard to reach 2.8 billion yuan. "There should be 2 billion to 2.5 billion yuan. The Ninghao team was worth 28 100 million yuan guaranteed, but the film's reputation is not as expected, the watercress score is only 6.5, and there will be no more gaze in the follow-up. The bottom of the guarantee must be a loss."

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    Editor in charge: Fu Jianqing RF13564

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