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    The Spring Festival box office has a record number of A-share companies

    2019-02-11 06:44:01

    Investment express

    Editor's note:To say who is the busiest in this Spring Festival, non-cinema! The cumulative box office of 8 domestic blockbusters has reached 5.8 billion, surpassing the historical record of 5.771 billion yuan in the Spring Festival last year. Behind the scenes of the film is more of a game of capital. In particular, the participation of A-share listed companies in the Spring Festival this year has increased significantly.

    Spring Festival box office record

    Eight domestically produced blockbusters competed on the same stage of the New Year's Day, making it the most crowded Spring Festival in ten years. According to the cat's eye movie data, on the New Year's Day, the mainland film market had a total box office of 1.454 billion, setting a new single-day box office in China. This box office data is close to the total box office (1.5 billion yuan) for the whole year of 2004.

    "Investment Express" reporters checked the cat's eye movie data and saw that as of 10:00 pm on February 10, the total box office of the Spring Festival in 2019 has exceeded 5.8 billion yuan. At present, "Wandering Earth" ranks first with 2 billion yuan, "Frenzy Alien" ranks second with 1.443 billion yuan, and "Flying Life" is ranked third with 1.038 billion yuan. Overall, the cumulative box office of 8 domestic blockbusters has reached 5.8 billion, surpassing the historical record of 5.771 billion in the Spring Festival last year.

    Huatai SecuritiesThe media analysis team believes that based on the number of movies released in the Spring Festival in 2019, the quality of the head film and the number of screens, the total box office of the 2019 Spring Festival movie will exceed the same period in 2018, and is expected to achieve 10%-20% growth. The market has a view that it is more difficult to achieve a higher box office in the Spring Festival in 2018, and it is more difficult to achieve the growth of the box office in the Spring Festival in 2019. Now word of mouth is the core element of the box office space. After the 2018 Spring Festival, it was found that although the box office was as high as 5.771 billion, there were only two films with a cat eye rating of 9 (regardless of cartoons), and the quality of other films was not very high. Excellent, comprehensive consideration of the 2019 Spring Festival file with a higher overall score will have more than two movies, which is expected to push the record of the 2019 Spring Festival box office.

    Not only is the data so hot, at the beginning of the new year, the National Copyright Administration released the first batch of early warning lists of copyright protection for key works in 2019. This year’s Spring Festival filed "Traffic Earth", "Crazy Alien", "Flying Life", "New" Eight domestic films including "The King of Comedy", "Integrity of the People's Republic of China", "Detective Pu Songling", "Bear Infested. Primitive Era" and "Little Pig Peggy" have been selected.

    "Science Fiction" became the theme of the Spring Festival movie

    With the box office counterattack, the attention and discussion of "Wandering Earth" is also increasing. "Science Fiction" became the theme of this year's Spring Festival movie.

    According to the data, the producers of "Wandering Earth" include China Film Group,Beijing cultureGuofan Culture Media, Dengfeng International Culture and other companies, and Dengfeng International Culture is the company of Wujing Holdings. Undoubtedly, the box office of "Wandering Earth" has brought Wujing a rich reputation for fame and fortune.

    It is reported that the production cost of "Wandering Earth" exceeds 50 million US dollars, about 300 million yuan. Behind the red-hot "Wandering Earth", there is a twisting story in which Wu Jing was "spoofed" by Guo Fan to go guest, and finally became an investor "with money into the group."

    In 2016, "Wandering Earth" officially announced that it was about to start shooting. Wanda Film and Television was one of the investors at that time. Even the film's main location was set in Wanda's Qingdao Oriental Film Capital. In fact, Wu Jing’s actual holding of Dengfeng International Culture ultimately chose to invest 60 million yuan, which played a key role in the birth of “Wandering Earth”. On the day of the release of "Wandering Earth", director Guo Fan specifically mentioned that "Without Wu Jing, there would be no birth of "Wandering Earth".

    After the release of "Wandering Earth", which was not optimistic in the early stage, it was praised as "a milestone in China's hardcore science fiction film". The score on Douban is now stable at 8 or above, and even won international acclaim. The New York Times reported Said,Chinese filmIndustry has finally leapt into the "space age", "Wandering Earth" is "a new beginning for the dawn of the Chinese film industry."

    Word of mouth has a great influence on the box office of the later movie. The first day of the "Wandering Earth" screening was only 200 million yuan, ranking fourth, but on February 7 (Lunar New Year's Day) jumped to the first place. According to a report from CICC, the stock price of the Spring Festival in the past five years shows that the rest of the year, except for 2014, did not achieve significant excess returns. At the individual stock level, the stock price is greatly affected by the single-chip box office, and the box office exceeding expectations may bring trading opportunities for individual stocks.

    A number of A-share companies appeared

    Behind the scenes of the film is more of a game of capital. From the perspective of the participation of the most crowded Spring Festival A-share listed companies, the participation of A-share film and television companies has increased significantly.

    The Huatai Media team believes that participation in the production process can bring more performance contribution, thereby increasing performance flexibility. From this point of view, the 2019 Spring Festival file is more catalyzed by the film sector than in 2018.

    The "Wandering Earth" distribution company is China Film Co., Ltd. and Beijing Jingxi Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd., involving two A-share listed companies, Chinese film and Beijing culture, of which Beijing culture is the main investment and main issue. When "Wandering Earth" was officially released, Wanda Film and Television had disappeared from the producers. Beijing Dengfeng International Culture Communication Co., Ltd., which Wu Jing actually controlled, became one of the four production companies.

    According to the data, in addition to the support of four production companies, "Wandering Earth" also includes 24 joint producers including Ali Film, Tencent Pictures, Youku Film, Mango Entertainment, etc. In addition to the China Film Group and Beijing Culture, the issuer also There are 7 joint issuing companies. It is worth mentioning that Beijing culture is also the producer of "War Wolf 2", "No Name of the Generation" and "I am not a drug god".

    "Crazy Alien" distribution company is Horgos Youth Light Film, Shannan Light Film, Wuxi Baotang Film, and Horgos Youth Light Film, Shannan Light Film IndustryLight mediaA wholly-owned subsidiary. "Crazy Alien" allows the happy media of one of the products to lock in 700 million yuan in advance. On July 6, 2018, Joy Media announced that its indirect wholly-owned subsidiary Huanhuai and the bottom-selling Horgosler had blossomed and signed a guaranteed distribution agreement for the "Crazy Alien" movie. The two parties agreed to a guaranteed amount of 2.8 billion yuan. Huanxi Media will have the right to receive a minimum guaranteed income of 700 million yuan for the "Crazy Alien" movie. If the movie's total box office revenue exceeds 2.8 billion yuan, the investor will also be happy with the media. The box office can be charged more than 30% of the net income of some films. But the reality is not as expected. "Crazy Alien" released the first day of the New Year's Day, harvesting 406 million yuan at the box office, ranking first, but then being overtaken by "Dark Horse" and "Wandering Earth".

    Behind the 2019 Spring Festival movie "Flying Life", in addition to Han Ting as the real control person of Ting Dong Film, Bona Film, Cat Eye Micro Shadow, Ali Film, Wanda Film and Television are all produced by the publisher.

    Among the producers of "The King of New Comedy", we can also see the image of China Film Group and Alibaba Pictures.

    Guokai Securities said that short-term investors are advised to follow the two main investment lines of the industry, and follow the bottom-up stock picking ideas to focus on key stock opportunities: benefit from the relevant film production and cinema leading under the expectations of the high-end box office of the Spring Festival. At present, the pre-sales of the top ranked "Crazy Alien", "Flying Life", "Wandering Earth" and other films, such as light media, Chinese film and Beijing culture;Wanda MoviewithHengdian Film and Television.

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    Editor in charge: Zhou Zhuang RF12883

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