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    IBM establishes new research institute Focus on next-generation AI hardware development (beneficiary stocks)

    2019-02-11 06:49:54

    Financial sector website 

    According to media reports, recently US technology giant IBM announced that it will invest 2 billion US dollars to establish a new IBMAI hardware center with the State University of New York and other partners to develop the next generation of AI hardware. IBM believes that the design, opening and closing and optimization of the next generation of AI processors requires the unique advantages of different parties to collaborate to develop an interdisciplinary approach. The new AI Hardware Center will work with IC designers, semiconductor suppliers, and AI practitioners to expand AI's performance in addressing a wider range of complex issues. In a statement, IBM said that an open ecosystem and partnership are key to driving innovation in AI software and hardware.

    The US technology giant is betting on the next generation of AI hardware, and the related industries are expected to become the cusp.

    Among listed companies:

    Inspur information: Working with IBM to develop high-end servers, the company is expected to strengthen the hardware strength in high-end servers and big data computing with this cooperation, while IBM can realize the promotion of POWER technology and cooperation and win-win under the wave of localization in China. Facilitate the company to further consolidate the construction of artificial intelligence hardware;

    Shensi Electronics: A development-level partner for IBM and a proven experience in Watson technology. Industry service created by Shensi ElectronicsrobotThree intelligent intelligent solutions for self-service equipment intelligent upgrade and intelligent knowledge management system have achieved business in multiple vertical fields and sub-sectors.

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