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    The total box office revenue of the Spring Festival has broken a number of historical records. Focus on two types of investment opportunities.

    2019-02-11 06:56:07

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    This year's Spring Festival stalls, 8 domestic blockbusters compete on the same stage, "Wandering Earth", "Crazy Aliens", "The King of New Comedy", "Flying Life" and many other movie markets have responded well, and the overall box office revenue has broken many times. history record. According to the cat's eye data, the total number of box office in the New Year's Day exceeded 1.4 billion, and the one-day comprehensive box office record was refreshed. As of the evening of February 10, the total box office of the Spring Festival in 2019 exceeded 5.8 billion yuan, which has exceeded 5.68 billion yuan in the Spring Festival in 2018.Chinese filmThe strongest spring festival in history. Among them, "Wandering Earth" box office broke through 1.9 billion yuan, becoming the champion of word of mouth and box office.

    This year's Spring Festival box office has set a new record, reflecting the inherent potential of the Chinese film market in the context of consumer upgrades. With the sinking of the cinema market and the rapid development of the film market, viewing has become one of the most important cultural consumption methods for the public, and it can focus on the opportunities in the hospital sector.

    among themShanghai movie,Beijing culture,Wentou HoldingsThe company is an investor in Wandering Earth.Jinyi Film and Television,Wanda MovieIt is a well-known domestic theater publishing and film screening company.

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