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    The actual controller intends to change to China Lantian

    2019-02-11 09:36:16

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    Oriental Golden Dragonfly (600086)

    Financial sector website February 11th todayOriental Golden DragonflyThe stock price opened at the daily limit and closed 157,000 contracts.

    Oriental Jinyu announced on the evening of February 1 that its shareholding structure of Xinglong Industrial, its controlling shareholder, will change. Zhao Ning and Wang Wei intend to transfer 100% of the shares of Xinglong Industrial held by them to China Lantian Corporation (referred to as China Lantian). Upon completion of the transfer, China Lantian will indirectly hold 31.42% of the shares of Oriental Jinlu, and the actual controller of the company will be changed to China Lantian.

    The news that the first stone provoked a thousand layers of waves, and the Oriental Jinyu intends to change the owner has aroused widespread concern in the industry. On February 10, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued an "inquiry letter" to Dongfang Jinlu, requesting to explain the specific meaning of China Lantian as "the enterprise-owned enterprise under the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture"; the representative of China Lantian legal person Qi Zhaoyu and China Lantian and the delisted company The relationship between Lantian shares and other issues.

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