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    Actually new retail backdoor Wuhan Chinese business for 8 consecutive days 6 daily limit

    2019-02-11 13:26:25

    Financial sector website 

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    Wuhan Zhongshang (000785)

    Financial sector website February 11th Today afternoonWuhan ZhongshangPull up the sealing board and harvest 6 daily limit boards in the past 8 trading days.

    Wuhan Zhongshang (000785) announced on the evening of January 23 that the company intends to purchase 100% of the new retail sales held by 24 counterparties such as Real Holdings. After friendly negotiation between the parties, the transaction price of the underlying assets of this transaction was initially determined to be between 36.3 billion yuan and 38.3 billion yuan. The transaction constitutes a restructuring listing. Before the transaction, the actual controller of the company was Wuhan State-owned company. After the transaction was completed, the controlling shareholder of the company was changed to actual holding, and the actual controller was changed to Wang Linpeng. The company's business will add home shopping mall business, home building materials supermarket business and home improvement business.

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    Editor in charge: Li Xin RF12607

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