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    The concept of apples has risen. Lansi Technology, Anjie Technology, and Lingzhi have made a daily limit.

    2019-02-11 13:28:11

    Financial sector website 

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    Lansi Technology (300433)

    Financial website website February 11th Apple concept rose today,Lansi Technology,An Jie Technology,CollarDaily limit.

    Recently, foreign media has made predictions for a new generation of Apple mobile phones. From the price point of view, this year's new iPhone will still maintain the price system of 2018, the price is basically maintained between 6499 yuan - 12799 yuan, there may be small fluctuations, but there will be no significant adjustment.

    In terms of configuration, Apple will continue the current situation of the three models in 2018 this year. The two OLED models will be sold simultaneously with a low-priced LCD model. However, it is reported that this will be Apple's last use of the LCD screen.

    In other configurations, the new iPhone will still retain Liu Haiping, and will not follow the big Android models on the screen. The fuselage interface is expected to be changed to USB-C, while adding a new color scheme, in which the green voice is very high. In the photo, the highest-profile new MAX model is expected to be equipped with a rear three-shot, and the LCD model is also expected to upgrade the rear dual-camera.

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