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    [Numbers] shocked! One-day reduction of the amount of rolling down the bull market in 2015

    2019-02-21 21:26:34

    Financial sector websiteYan Li

     Some people say that the increase in holdings occurs mostly in the bear market, and the reduction is mostly in the bull market.

    As retail investors rush into A-shares and want to get on the bus, the clearance-sharing of major shareholders is proceeding in an orderly manner, and the excitement of the bull market is turning these negatives into white noise.

    It is understandable that shareholders can reduce their holdings, but it is too ugly to get together. The clearance-type sell-off of these shareholders as the stock price rises is indeed not a good signal for the newly influxed A-share investors.


    Taking advantage of the A-share rebound, many shareholders of listed companies are making efforts to reduce their holdings.

    On February 22 alone, 24 listed companies disclosed their announcements of reductions and announcements of reductions.Jihong shares,Yihua Health,Bomin Electronics,Jianyou shares,Jin Yi Technology, Zhongguang Tianze,Mesde,Jierong Technology,Four-ring creature,Shi DashenghuaWait until the number is in the column.

    Among them, Jihong shares disclosed that the major shareholder Jin Runyue held 8.09% before the reduction, and as of February 22, Jin Runyue has completed the reduction plan, currently only accounting for 3.18% of the company's total share capital, no longer holding 5%. The above shareholders. It is worth noting that during the period of reduction of shareholding, the major shareholder received a supervision letter issued by the stock exchange for violation of relevant laws and regulations.


    Similar to Jihong shares, Yihua Health’s shareholders holding more than 5% of shares have also completed the reduction plan at the time of the stock price rebound.


    There are also many real-time controllers of listed companies who have seen the stock price improve and began to take the opportunity to carry out the reduction plan. Bomin Electronics is one of them. According to the announcement, the shares of Bomin Electronic Real Estate's current shareholding have just been lifted on December 10, 2018. In less than 2 months, it began to sell the ban stock...


    According to the financial industry's "Numbers" query, the stock pledge rate of the real controller is still very high, the husband's slow pledge rate is still as high as 77.71%, and his wife Xie Xiaomei's pledge rate is as high as 59.6%.

    Of course, there are listed companies that have been squandering their pledges and are now being flattened...

    Stepping on photovoltaic heat, breaking the warehouseOriental SunriseWe have ushered in a rebound that has not been seen for a long time. Since the stock price hit a new low of 4.91 yuan / share on October 19, the price of Dongfang Risheng has risen by about 50%. Many brokers who have been miserable by the rising sun in the East are making up for the loss loophole through the rebound. According to the announcement,China Merchants Securities, Kyushu Securities,Guotai JunanThe securities were concentrated on the pledged stocks sold between November 22, 2018 and February 20, 2019.

    Such cases are numerous. It can be seen that as the A-share market picks up, the shareholders with tight capital chain in the early stage are taking advantage of this opportunity to reduce their holdings. Among them are the major shareholders of listed companies and the actual controllers, as well as many brokers suffering from the pledge crisis...

    According to Bohai Securities, in the past week alone, 58 companies have issued institutional shareholding reductions.Xinwei CommunicationThe number of institutional reductions is 4.57% of the total share capital ratio.Chinese architectureInstitutional shareholders are required to reduce their holdings by 11%. In addition, 79 company executives showed the "Reduce" card.

    The more amazing data is that in the past month, the listed company's reduction announcement has been issued more than 1,000 copies, there are media statistics, this is a $45 billion cut-and-cash solution...

    Clearance type reduction arrow on the string

    In addition to a small reduction in holdings, some listed companies are facing a clearance-type reduction of shareholders.

    February 14Zhongyuan SecuritiesThe announcement shows that the company's second shareholder, Bohai Industrial Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. intends to hold 608 million shares held by the clearance-type reduction within 6 months, accounting for 15.71% of the total share capital. And beforePeng Yi Environmental ProtectionAfter the clearance-type reduction, the stock price also ushered in a down limit.

    It is not a case that the Bohai Industrial Investment Fund wants to clear the holdings.

    In fact, well-knownJiuding InvestmentIn the A-share market, the company actively reduced its holdings in the form of collective bidding and block trading, in order to reduce investment. A shares of Jiuding Investment's territory as many as 10 listed companies, includingNew natural gas,Opcon,Doctor glasses,Huida bathroom,Sincerity Pharmaceutical,Jiangshan European School,Jinneng Technology,Stout food,Rongtai Health,Zhongqi sharesWait.

    On the evening of February 13, Zhongqi announced that the shareholders of Kunyu Jiuding Investment Management Co., Ltd. and other Jiuding investors intend to reduce the holdings of 7.9% of Zhongqi shares in their hands. Just the day before, Jiuding Department just announced the implementation of the 3.1% reduction plan.


    Some media have conducted statistics before, Jiuding Investment only earned 4.8 billion yuan in the first half of last year. On the one hand, Jiuding’s clearance is related to the pressure of its own funds. On the one hand, because the pre-IPO costs are low, the exit can at least lock in fixed income.

    When the investors went to the A-share market, these venture capital institutions that had not found a good time finally waited for the exit moment of the stock price rise.

    However, some experts said, "For stocks with large shareholder substantial reduction or even clearance-type reduction, the stock price may be negatively affected in the short term, but the key is to look at the quality of the listed company itself. If it is a good company, it will naturally be less affected. If the major shareholder reduction is because the company has turned to a bad turning point, the stock price will naturally be affected, which should be treated differently. In general, only a dozen or even dozens of companies in A-shares have reduced shareholdings in these days. The situation is unlikely to have a significant impact on the A-share market."

    Bull market and reduction

    From the perspective of relevance, the bull market will naturally usher in the peak of reduction.

    In the bull market in 2015, listed companies hit a new high in a single day. From the recent data, the amount of reduction is completely crushed at that time.


    Many people who know the market in the past know that although the stocks were crazy, the stock prices of some listed companies did not fall and rose, and they fell into a strange circle of “more and more.” Some experts said that many of the stocks were reduced at the time, not because the stock price was overvalued or the shareholders were bearish, but rather made decisions based on financial arrangements. Another reason is that if the appropriate amount of order is reduced, the advance notice is actually not particularly big for the securities market, because the market is most afraid of uncertain risks. Once the information is determined, the impact on the stock price will be corresponding. reduce.

    However, the current big bull market in early 2015 is not the same as the Japanese, but the reduction at this time has reached the same crazy height.

    Some professional investors said that the current market started slightly, which is hard-won, but a large number of major shareholders have begun to jointly reduce their holdings, and the market is also under pressure.

    Well-known commentator Du Kunwei said that the A share reduction has always increased with the rise of the stock market, and it has become a market that is difficult to bear. Without any restrictions, any round of rebound will become a feast for the original shareholders, the sorrow of investors. . He also added that the appropriate reduction of shareholder withdrawal is a proper meaning, but the reduction of flooding shows that the stock market has changed its taste, and it has been out of touch with supporting the real economy. To curb reduction can make shareholders sink their hearts and become bigger and stronger. The main business, rather than a mind and market value management rallies, to achieve financial freedom to withdraw.

    I have to admit that A-shares do have an excellent listed company with peace of mind. However, there are still many listed companies that take advantage of the opportunity to release their profits during the reduction cycle and accurately reduce their holdings when speculating.

    For investors, listed companies have a variety of stories to reduce their holdings. Now, when they enter the market, they must keep their eyes open. In the madness of the market, it is more necessary to calmly judge.

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    Editor in charge: Yan Li

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