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    [Tianyan] brokers relay advocates "selling stocks and stocks". Some investors have left blood loss four revelations.

    2019-02-26 18:05:10

    Financial sector websiteYan Li

    On the one hand, the A-shares are boiling, and on the other hand, the housing market is cold.

    The stock market trillions of transactions are coming, and the slogan "selling stocks and stocks" has once again awakened.

    Last year, “selling stocks and stocks” was accused of being the top ten losers, and the market was still laughing at Huawei’s men’s 4 suites. Now, if Huawei men really shoot at the end of the year, they may really slap the market backhand.

    "Other people laugh at me too mad, I laugh and others can't wear it." The reversal of the A-share market has come too fast, and the national belief has shifted from the housing market to the stock market.

    Familiar incitement

    Yesterday, many real estate speculators were filled with the voice of stock trading. Even the "Godfather" Li Xunlei (US stock XNET) was also publicly calling for selling stocks.

    Li Xunlei said that the time for increasing bonds, gold and equity assets in 2019 has arrived, and real estate will go out of L-type for a long time. It is expected that the property market will enter a window of reduction in 2019.


    Compared with Li Xunlei, the stockholders are full of faith in the cycle king Nicholas Jintao. Looking at the Huawei males who are obsessed with the cycle theory, they can know the difference, but Huawei is more "prophetic".

    In fact, people all over the world know that the best configuration in the world is the Chinese property market, and the second is the US stock market. However, nowadays, the reversal of several “yangnesian beliefs in the property market” is being staged, and all this is a familiar bull market.


    Five years ago, I was crazy.

    "Selling stocks" is definitely not a new thing for A shares. Many of them are keen on relying on sharp speeches to "make a fame."

    November 2014, the originalGuotai JunanThe chief economist Lin Caiyi called on investors to sell stocks, and then the stock climbed 5178 and fell. As early as 2011, professors at Shenzhen University also called on investors to sell stocks, and the outcome was that the market was the opposite of its judgment. In 2012, Wu Xiaoqiu, a professor at the National People's Congress, also bet with Ren Cannon that after five years, the stock returns must be greater than the income from buying a house, but it turns out that the cannon once again bet on China's national conditions.

    Just at 6000 points on the A-share station,Haitong SecuritiesJiang Chao also made a research report for this purpose. Jiang Chao said that the total wealth of American residents is about 100 trillion US dollars. Among them, real assets such as real estate account for only about 30%, and deposits account for about 10%. Financial assets account for nearly 60%. In contrast, the total assets of Chinese residents are about 300 trillion yuan, of which 20% are in bank deposits, 70% are in real estate, and only about 10% are in financial assets, and the proportion of financial assets is seriously low.

    That year, Li Xunlei’s apprentice Jiang Chao said that the transfer of wealth from Chinese residents to financial assets has just begun. However, it has been proved afterwards that there is no stock market in China that can run through the property market.

    Now, the bull market is back.

    Guosen SecuritiesThe Yanxiang team also wants to rely on the "selling stocks and stocks" arguments. Today, their reasons are inconsistent with Jiang Chao’s point of view a few years ago. It is nothing more than the valuation of equity assets, the proportion of household financial assets in China is too low, real estate Positive value and other logic...


    (Chart source: Guoxin Securities)

    Four bursts of selling stocks in the circle of friends

    There are very few cases of Huawei men, and what China does not lack is the case of tears and blood loss after selling stocks.

    In 2017, financial writer Rayleigh just broke the circle of friends in four times.

    According to his experience: the first time to sell a house, in June 2001, the house was 65 square meters and the selling price was 40,000 yuan. The ending: 90% loss; the second sale, June 2004, the house is 73 square meters, the selling price is 250,000 yuan. The ending: 99% lost; the third time to sell, December 2012, the house is 41 square meters, the selling price is 320,000 yuan. The ending: I originally earned 30 times, but the stock market disaster did not save; the fourth time to sell the house, August 1, 2017, the house 70 square meters, the selling price of 500,000 yuan. Ending: Unknown, waiting for the fate of the ruling.

    The lesson he gave was to identify the bulls and bears before selling the house.

    Despite selling the stocks four times, his claim is that this is a very ruined thing. The general stockholders do not have "gold diamonds", so they don't take "porcelain live". Because once the judgment is made, what you see will be a house disappearing from the front.

    However, there is indeed no market for making a profit, and any transaction should be lengthened and placed in a longer perspective. Some media have conducted statistics. From 2000 to 2017, the average annual growth rate of the Shanghai Composite Index is only 1.74%, and it has not even outperformed inflation. The average annual growth rate of first-line housing prices in Beijing and Shanghai is as high as 13.41%. 13.89%, obviously want to outperform the market.


    It is no wonder that the people who once sold the stocks have ridiculed that they have invested 10 million yuan and bought the first one. Selling a house to buy stocks, tears of loved ones.

    Insiders are also crazy

    Of course, the radiation range of selling stocks is far more than ordinary people. Insiders in the securities industry also have cases that cannot be tempted.

    In the first year of this year, the first administrative penalty issued by the official website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission stated that Zhao, a former employee of AVIC Securities, was fined 600,000 yuan for selling houses.


    According to the disclosure of the penalty decision, Zhao used his father's account to invest more than 5 million yuan including the sale of 3.95 million yuan into the stock market between 2015 and 2017, and under the illegal operation, he still could not escape the sale of the house. The stock of the loss of the curse.

    It is worth noting that this senior practitioner who has served in various positions such as marketing, channel and asset management at AVIC Securities is at the peak of the bull market when entering the market in violation of the rules. In the frenzy, “selling stocks and stocks”, now stealing chickens is not eroding. M, not only the loss but also the penalty, it is embarrassing.

    Editor in charge: Yan Li

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