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    After the chips are fully exchanged, the market will be interpreted in depth. The North Bank will lock 11 outstanding stocks.

    2019-03-14 02:23:43

    Securities dailyRen Xiaoyu

    Since the beginning of this week, the stock indexes of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets have fluctuated and climbed. The performance of individual stocks has been quite different. The two cities have maintained their strengths in the vicinity of one trillion yuan. The strength of various parties has slowed down and the funds in the market began to choose profit-taking. Statistics show that despite the cumulative increase of 1.92% in the three trading days since the beginning of this week, the total net outflow during the period of the North Bank was 3.336 billion yuan. However, there are still some blue-chip stocks that have won the favor of the North Bank and become the focus of the market.

    In this regard, market participants generally believe that under the current strong financial commitment and high market enthusiasm, although the market rebounded into the second stage, but the rebound trend did not end, after the callback, there is still a basis for another rise. After the shock consolidation, the market slowed down the rhythm of the upswing, built a shock box, the chips were fully exchanged after the market or deductively into the depths. At this time, the target market for the capital allocation in the north is more likely to rise.

    Judging from the top ten active stocks in Shanghai Stock Connect and Shenzhen Stock Connect, 26 stocks have appeared in the top 10 active stocks in the three trading days since this week, of which 11 active stocks are in the process. In the net purchase status, the total net purchase of funds in the north was 1.689 billion yuan. Specifically,Ping An(Hong Kong stocks 02318) Since the beginning of this week, the total net purchases of funds in the north have reached the top, reaching 34,241,900 yuan.Sany Heavy IndustryImmediately afterwards, the accumulated net purchase amount of funds in the north reached 327.026 million yuan.Midea Group(25050.26 million yuan),Gree Electric(16,899,280 yuan),CITIC Securities(Hong Kong stocks 06030) (154.5585 million yuan) andConch cement(Hong Kong stocks 09914) (11865.53 million yuan) and other stocks during the period, the cumulative net purchase of funds in the north is also more than 100 million yuan, in addition,Guizhou Maotai(974.736 million yuan),China Unicom(Hong Kong stocks 00762) (753.774 million yuan),Hengrui Medicine(75.02 million yuan),China Merchants Bank(Hong Kong stocks 03968) (618.516 million yuan) andWuliangye(170.449 million yuan) and other stocks also received the favor of the North Bank.

    In terms of industry characteristics, the 11 stocks that achieved net purchases of funds in the above-mentioned week were mainly concentrated in the three industries of finance, household appliances, food and beverage, and the number of individual stocks was 3, 2 and 2. at the same time,Yili,BOE A,Hikvision,Makino shares,Guodian NanruiAfter the five stocks, the cumulative net outflow of funds from the north has exceeded 200 million yuan this week. It can be seen that the capital in the north presents a pattern of large-scale exchanges, while the financial and large-capacity sectors and the outstanding stocks with outstanding performance have become the key areas for the capital.

    According to statistics, among the 11 listed companies favored by the North Bank, as of now, two companies, such as Hengrui Medicine and Ping An, have disclosed that the annual net profit of the company in the 2018 annual report has increased by more than 20% year-on-year, respectively, 26.39%. 20.56%. In addition, six companies including Sany Heavy Industry, Conch Cement, China Unicom, Wuliangye, Gree Electric and Midea Group have disclosed the 2018 annual report performance forecast. It is expected that the annual net profit growth in 2018 will reach or exceed 20%. .

    Among them, Sany Heavy Industry expects net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies for the whole year of 2018: 590 million yuan to 6.3 billion yuan, compared with the same period of the previous year: 380.775 million yuan to 422.775 million yuan, compared with the same period of last year. Compared to the change range: 182% to 202%. Reasons for changes in performance: During the reporting period, the company's sales of machinery, concrete machinery, lifting machinery, pile machinery and other equipment continued to grow strongly, and sales revenue and profits increased significantly. 1. The construction machinery industry maintains rapid growth due to multiple factors such as the downstream infrastructure demand, the country's strengthening of environmental governance, the growth of equipment renewal demand, and the artificial substitution effect. 2. The company attaches great importance to product research and development, and actively promotes the digitalization and internationalization strategy. The competitiveness is improved, the leading products have strong competitiveness in the world, and the market share is steadily improved. 3. The company vigorously promotes management changes, the management quality and operating efficiency continue to increase substantially, the overall profitability of products increases, and the overall rate of expenses decreases during the period.

    In fact, the layout of the funds on the north coincides with the recommendation of the research institution. The above 11 stocks have all received optimistic ratings such as “buy” or “overweight” in the past 30 days. Specifically, Hengrui Medicine (20), Sany Heavy Industry (11), CITIC Securities (10), China Ping An (8) and Midea Group (5) and other five stocks are optimistic about the number of rated companies. All of them have 5 or more, and China Unicom, Wuliangye, Gree Electric Appliances, Guizhou Maotai, China Merchants Bank, Conch Cement and other stocks have also been recommended by three or more institutions. The investment opportunities in the market are well received by the institutions and are worth looking forward to.

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    Editor in charge: Fu Jianqing RF13564

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