More than 100 brokerage companies in the year surveyed more than 400 electronic sectors most favored

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Among the 404 listed companies surveyed, there were 4 stocks that rose more than 200% during the year, namely Zhengbang Technology, Yisheng Shares, Minhe Shares, and Shunyi Shares.

This year, the market has warmed up, makingBrokerThe pace of research has been significantly accelerated, and investors are also very concerned about the research situation of the organization. According to the statistics of the "Securities Daily" reporters, this year (as of March 13, the same below), there are 106 brokers to 404Listed companyConducted research and conducted a total of 1915 investigations. among them,Eston(Quotes002747,Medical stock),United Beauty Holdings(Quotes600167,Medical stock),Senma clothing(Quotes002563,Medical stock),Evergreen shares(Quotes300195,Medical stock),Yingqu Technology(Quotes002925,Medical stock),Sunshine power(Quotes300274,Medical stock),Enhua Pharmaceutical(Quotes002262,Medical stock),Changan Automobile(Quotes000625,Medical stock) were intensively investigated by more than 20 brokers.

From the perspective of industry distribution, the listed companies surveyed by brokerages are mainly concentrated in electronics, machinery and equipment, chemicals, computers and other industries. among them,itMost favored, a total of 43 listed companies in the electronics industry accepted brokerage research. At the same time, "small and medium-sized" is still the focus of securities research, brokerage researchSmall and medium boardandGEM companyA total of 300, accounting for 76.3%.

  Brokerage research stepped up sharply

According to the incomplete statistics of the "Securities Daily" reporters, this year, 106 brokerage companies surveyed 404 listed companies and conducted a total of 1915 investigations.

Among them, there are 8 listed companies intensively surveyed by more than 20 brokers, and 2 listed companies intensively surveyed by more than 30 brokers - Eston is investigated by 38 brokers, and United States Holdings is investigated by 31 brokers, Senma The apparel was investigated by 26 brokers, and Evergreen was investigated by 24 brokers. Yingqu Technology, Sunshine Power, Enhua Pharmaceutical and Changan Automobile were all investigated by 20 brokers.

The listed company that was most investigated by the brokerages was Eston. After the Spring Festival, the company was intensively "visited" by brokers and ushered in.GF Securities(Quotes000776,Medical stock),Dongxing Securities(Quotes601198,Medical stock), CICC and other 38 brokerages surveyed. At the same time, statistics show thatE FundInstitutions such as the People’s Insurance of China have also conducted intensive research on Eston in the near future. At this point, Eston has seen a total of 109 reception agencies since the beginning of the year, ranking fourth in the research list.

From the aspect of individual stock attention, according toOriental wealth(Quotes300059,Medical stockAccording to the statistics of Choice, Eston has released 9 articles by 8 brokers in the past three months.Research reportRecommended to buy. Among them, the brokerage firm gave its target price of 11 yuan / share, as of yesterday's close, the stock price of 11.54 yuan, has exceeded the expectations of brokers.

Among them, Eston continued to increase the investment in R&D. Fan Yimin, an analyst at Huajin Securities, believes that Eston's R&D investment remains at a high level, and the company is building a medium- and long-term technology leading highland. The company has continued to increase R&D investment in recent years, and developed in 2018. Investment accounted for more than 10% of operating income, and showed an increasing trend year by year. Through the research and development and innovation of core technologies and products, the company will improve product performance and market competitiveness, and will be the company in China.industryrobot(Quotes300024,Medical stockAnd the servo-controlled servo industry brings a continuous technological leadership.

  99% of the stocks surveyed stocks rose

Judging from the stock price performance of 404 listed companies surveyed by brokers, brokers did not “see the eye”. Under the boost of A-shares, only four companies' stock prices have fallen in this year, with the biggest drop of 20%. The other three have fallen within 6%, and the remaining 400 stocks surveyed by brokers. All are in a rising state, accounting for 99.01%, how can a "bull" word get.

At the same time, except for the listing this yearNew sharesAmong the 404 listed companies surveyed by brokers, there are 4 listed companies whose share price has increased by more than 200%.Zhengbang Technology(Quotes002157,Medical stock),Yisheng shares(Quotes002458,Medical stock),Minhe shares(Quotes002234,Medical stock),Shun Yu shares(Quotes002565,Medical stock), respectively, 220.9%, 236.45%, 210.22%, 266.84%, of which Zhengbang Technology, Yisheng Shares, and Minhe Shares belong toAgriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheriesindustry.

  Brokers survey 43 electronic companies

According to the statistics of the "Securities Daily" reporters, from the perspective of industry distribution, the listed companies surveyed by brokerages are mainly concentrated in electronics, machinery and equipment, chemicals, computers and other industries. Among them, the electronics industry is the most popular,Hikvision(Quotes002415,Medical stock),BOE A(Quotes000725,Medical stock) 43 listed companies in the electronics industry are subject to brokerage research. In the same way, the focus of research on insurance companies during the year is also in electronics, computers, and mechanical equipment.

For the electronic sector favored by brokers and insurance companies,Guosen Securities(Quotes002736,Medical stock) said that a new round of policy dividends will help the electronics industry to win the country. Zhongtai Securities believes that the company will restructure the valuation of growth stocks, especiallyintegrated circuitThe industry that represents the heavy capital expenditure, re-development and has important strategic position and core asset attributes in the future development of the country, from some companies to semiconductors, the new direction of core assets: core assets = localization determination + scarcity + space Big + pattern is good + high growth.

At the same time, the frequency of investigations by listed brokers on listed companies this year is also large.Industrial Securities(Quotes601377,Medical stock),Tianfeng Securities(Quotes601162,Medical stock), GF Securities has been the most diligent in research since this year, and has investigated 37 times, 36 times, 36 times, respectively.Mindray Medical(Quotes300760,Medical stock), Eston,Xinwangda(Quotes300207,Medical stock) and other popular listed companies;Haitong Securities(Quotes600837,Medical stock),China Merchants Securities(Quotes600999,Medical stock),CITIC Securities(Quotes600030,Medical stockFollowed by the investigation, 34 times.

It is worth noting that this year, small and medium-sized boards and the ChiNext are still the focus of brokerage research. Among the 404 listed companies surveyed by brokers,Small and medium board stockAccounted for 198,GEM stockIt accounted for 112, and the total number of small and medium-sized board and GEM stocks was 310, accounting for 76.73%. Among the small and medium-sized boards, Enhua Pharmaceutical and Eston are the most frequently investigated by brokers, while Mindray Medical of the GEM.Huayu Software(Quotes300271,Medical stock) It has also attracted the attention of brokers. Among them, Mindray Medical was investigated 135 times by all organizations during the year, ranking first in the research list.

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