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    Northbound funds are good at buying low and selling high. Financing customers like to chase and sell.

    2019-03-14 03:32:07

    Securities TimesMao Jun

    Yesterday, the A-share market once again fluctuated and adjusted, and the trading volume shrank slightly, but it still remained above RMB 10,000. The GEM index, which led the gains in the previous period, had a large adjustment, falling 4.49% and falling below the 1700-point integer mark. On the disk, the hot spot stocks in the previous period fell across the board. Nearly 50 stocks in the two cities went down. In terms of technology stocks, the concept of edge computing in the leader sector fell sharply.Felix letter,Langyuan,EastcompeaceWait for more than a dozen stocks to fall. The pork concept stocks that have been bravely moving forward in the Year of the Pig have also fallen sharply.Wen's shares,Zhengbang Technology,Ao Nong BioWait for 8 stocks to limit, except for the sectorShunxin AgricultureSlightly rising,Tang godOutside the flat, the rest of the stocks fell, the sector index fell as much as 7.23%, ranking first in the decline of the concept sector.

    Yesterday morning, Langyuan received a letter from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange requires Langyuan to explain whether the company's related business involves “edge computing” and whether the company has corresponding technical capabilities. The company is required to contact the controlling shareholder and the actual controller in accordance with relevant regulations, and ask them to indicate in writing whether they are planning or planning to implement The company has significant influences, etc. Longyuan shares opened nearly 5% lower in early trading and quickly hit the daily limit.

    The downside of Langyuan shares drove the edge computing concept stocks to fall sharply, while the decline in the edge computing concept stocks led to the recent strong pork concept and the 5G concept.

    The attitude of the north capital and the financiers to treat these stocks is quite different. The north capital has adopted a far-fetched attitude towards the theme stocks, either holding it in a small amount, not trading for a long time, or continuously reducing the profit-taking process in the process of pulling up. The behavior of the financiers fully shows the operating characteristics of retail investors, chasing up and down, no matter how high, as long as they are still rising will chase high.

    Such asInspur SoftwareBefore the mid-February, the capital of Beishang had been stable at around 1.5 million shares. After reaching a peak of 1.82 million shares on February 18, it gradually reduced its holdings. In particular, on March 4, the first daily limit of Inspur Software began to increase or decrease. Holding strength, as of March 12, there were only 980,000 positions held, and nearly half of them were reduced.

    The financing customers are all the way to Inspur software. In early February, the financing balance was only about 600 million yuan. As the stock price increased, the financing was increased. The financing balance on March 7 was only 770 million yuan. The financing was on March 8. The balance increased by nearly 200 million yuan to 966 million yuan. On March 11, it increased by more than 100 million yuan to 1.1 billion yuan. On March 12, it increased by more than 300 million yuan to 1.411 billion yuan. The balance of financing for the three trading days increased. Nearly doubled.

    This situation also shows the same situation in the pork concept Wen's shares. When the bottom of Wen’s shares started in August last year, the capital of Beishang only held less than 3 million shares. As the market gradually stepped out of the bottom, it slowly added to the position. By the end of October, when the upward trend began to be established, the increase in positions began to increase. In one fell swoop, it broke through the shareholding of 10 million shares, and reached a peak of 37.18 million shares on February 15 this year. Subsequently, the market went up and the funds were sold more. On the 12th of March, Wen’s shares were significantly reduced by more than 3.59 million shares to 16.63 million shares.

    So how does the financier operate on Wen’s shares? Before February of this year, the financing balance of Wen's shares has been stable at around 300 million yuan. After the stock price rose nearly 50%, it began to increase slightly. When the stock price began to accelerate in March, the speed of jiacang began to accelerate. On March 4, the balance of the first daily limit financing increased by nearly 100 million yuan to 716 million yuan. On March 12, the second daily limit of financing increased by more than 200 million to 1.238 billion yuan.

    The north bank's funds are still relatively active in the operation of such blue-chip stocks as Wen's shares, but it is uncomfortable to hold shares in "non-mainstream" listed companies. For example, Langyuan, which led the decline yesterday, has been lacking in performance since its listing in 2011. The first-year earnings per share of 0.27 yuan is the best record in history, followed by a sharp decline. In most years, earnings per share are only a few cents. The 2018 performance report of RMB 201 per share announced on February 28 this year is the highest point in recent years. According to Wind statistics, in the most recent year (March 13, 2018 to March 12 this year), regardless of how the stock price of Langyuan shares went up and down, Beishang Capital always held 590,000 shares of Langyuan, and did not trade once in the middle. .

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    Editor in charge: Fu Jianqing RF13564

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