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    Digital and SaaS dual-drive electronic certification services for high-speed development (with stock)

    2019-03-14 07:11:23

    Financial sector website 

    The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has held an electronic certification service industry symposium to discuss in depth the development status, achievements and problems of the electronic certification service industry. The company will continue to implement the reform requirements of the State Council's administrative examination and approval system, do a good job in industry supervision, actively promote cross-border mutual recognition and pilot work of electronic signatures, promote industry application innovation, and promote deep integration of electronic certification and application.

    Electronic signature refers to the electronic signature of electronic documents through cryptography, which realizes paperless contract signing and digitizes enterprise management processes. DocuSign, the US electronic signature platform, has a market capitalization of up to $10 billion and has become the industry benchmark. China's electronic signature market is currently concentrated in the Internet industry, accounting for 63% of the market share, and the traditional vertical industry has just started. But in the United States, vertical industry is the mainstay of the market. Take DocuSign as an example. 86% of its revenue comes from vertical industries such as finance, medical care, and real estate.

    Tianfeng SecuritiesIt is believed that the electronic signature is the digitization of the contract, and it is expected to maintain a double growth trend thanks to the dualization of enterprise digitization and SaaS. The electronic signature industry chain participants include startup companies, digital certificate certification centers (CA), and 0A vendors. The electronic contract SaaS is expected to become an important development area for cloud computing.

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    Wanxing Technology: Have digital document management and data management services.

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