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    Chairman of Huaxi Group: There is no liquidity difficulty. The outside world has misunderstood the theme of the meeting.

    2019-03-14 12:20:42

    Daily economic news

    In response to the report that the Wuxi Municipal Government heard about the situation of the difficulty of the Jiangyin Huaxi Group's liquidity difficulties, on March 14, Wu Xien, the party secretary of Huaxi Village and the chairman of Huaxi Group, said in an exclusive interview with the reporter of the Daily Economic News. The outside world has misunderstood the theme of this conference, and Huaxi Group does not have liquidity difficulties.

    Wu Xieen said that Huaxi Group, as a local key large-scale enterprise, has a good economic performance. At the same time, local government departments are actively implementing the state's policies to support the development of the real economy. "The Jiangyin Municipal Government also hopes to see whether it can pass a good policy for us. Strive for some funds with lower interest rates to replace some of the higher interest rates in the previous period."

    Wu Xieen said that in the early stage of the enterprise, some of the capital costs were relatively high and the financing costs were relatively high. "See if there is a chance to change it. But at present, the specific amount of funds and interest rates have not been discussed." Wu Xien said, "but the outside world There was a misunderstanding on the theme of the meeting."

    On the same day, Huaxi Group also sent a clarification to the reporter of "Daily Economic News".

    According to the statement, at present, the production and operation of Huaxi Group is all normal. With the deepening of the national supply-side reform, the Group's main business operations have achieved good results, and the operating cash flow is abundant. The interest on all due claims and bank loans has been repaid on time, and no bad credit records have occurred.

    Recently, the Wuxi Municipal Government has actively responded to the call of the Party Central Committee and fully implemented the relevant directive spirit of supporting higher-level entities to support the real economy and private development. It plans to adopt a series of financial measures such as setting up funds, providing financing facilities and reducing financing costs to promote better development of enterprises. And intend to provide greater support for the development of Wuxi enterprises through point-to-face and typical demonstration.

    According to the explanation, in view of the fact that Huaxi Group is a key enterprise group in Jiangyin City and even Wuxi City, it has made positive contributions to local economic and social development for a long time. At the end of last month, it was awarded “Top Ten Enterprises with Contributions to Taxpaying in Wuxi City in 2018” The title has a strong typical demonstration. Therefore, the Jiangyin Municipal Government specially invites the Wuxi Municipal Government Mayor's Office to discuss and study, and to include our group in the support of the bailout fund to reduce the financing cost of the Group and provide operational benefits and Sustainable development capabilities. At present, the rumors of the outside world have caused misunderstandings in this incident. Please do not speculate.

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