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    AI+IoT deep integration AWE 2019 Changhong appliances are full of sights

    2019-03-14 15:43:18

    Financial sector website 

    On March 14, the 18th China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Show (AWE2019) opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As one of the three major events in the world of home appliances and consumer electronics, AWE2019 has attracted mainstream home appliance manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Haier, Midea, Hisense, Changhong, Skyworth, TCL. Changhong's 8K dual-plane TV, "all-thin" refrigerator, voice-sensing air-conditioning and many other innovative home appliances and CHiQ life smart home solutions collectively unveiled, demonstrating the extraordinary innovation strength of Changhong appliances.

    It is also reported that the first trial of the Epland Award has been announced, and the two products of CHiQ artificial intelligence TV Q6K and Meiling M fresh 639MUP9BA have been successfully selected.

    AI+IoT deep integration to create a smart family of CHiQ life

    What is the core of a smart family? The industry consensus is that only the more home appliances and sensors can be connected together to expand the possibilities. With the application of AI and other applications, especially after deep integration with IoT, smart homes are becoming more and more aware of the habits and needs of users, resulting in more humanized scene applications.

    At this exhibition, Changhong CHiQ Life Smart Home focuses on the application scene experience of deep integration of AI and IoT, covering all kinds of intelligent terminal products such as TV, refrigerator, air conditioner and small household appliances, and expanding to related security equipment such as home security and environmental monitoring. And related home smart devices such as door locks, cat eyes, curtains, etc. are all Internet-based.

    Based on the deep integration of AI and IoT technology, through Changhong's smart home solution, the interoperability and content interaction between different smart products is realized, and the home appliances that make the feeling of “mental barrier” become instant. Resolving people, truly let users enjoy "easy, good life."

    “Changhong, which owns the largest R&D and intelligent manufacturing base of IoT modules and sensing applications in mainland China, has firmly grasped the wisdom of smart homes to accelerate innovation through the accumulation and innovation of AI technology research and development.” Analysts pointed out At the same time, this also effectively promotes the healthy development of smart families around the world.

    It is understood that Changhong's Ailian Technology has a capacity of 12 million pieces per month for various modules, and has provided communication module solutions for more than 200 million IoT devices distributed around the world.

    New ideas such as TV, refrigerator, and air conditioner

    Along with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Administration of Radio and Television, and the Central Radio and Television General Station, the "Ultra HD Video Industry Development Action Plan (2019-2022)" was jointly issued. The development of ultra-high-definition video industry and related fields have also become the focus of this year's AWE. As the 4K standard and certification initiator of flat-panel TVs, Changhong has accelerated the popularity of 4K in recent years. In 2018, Changhong's 4K TV sales accounted for nearly 80% of the total, and the proportion of Changhong's 1-2 months reached 85%. Changhong's relevant person in charge said that at present, the home market 4K has become the standard for Changhong TV, and at the same time, in the 8K aspect, Changhong Key technologies such as graphic images and audio processing have been reserved.

    At this AWE exhibition, Changhong exhibited the new 8K dual-plane TV of CHiQ for the first time in China. The shape design was the first to remove the “small backpack” of traditional TV, so that the back of the TV set became a plane and realized DFD1. 0, limit stickers, explicit speakers and other bold innovations.

    It is worth noting that in this AWE2019, Changhong also exhibited three-color 4K laser TV C7UT and dedicated ESS spontaneous sound laser TV screen, 8K dual-plane TV ARTIST series, AI conductor Q6K/Q6N series and other artificial intelligence TVs. The product and strength show the rich artificial intelligence product line of Changhong CHiQ TV.

    It is worth mentioning that the ESS is a spontaneous sound screen. As the perfect match for laser TV, it uses Excited Sound Screen technology to realize the integration of the screen and 2.0 stereo sound, completely overturning the audience's awareness of TV products. This ESS self-sounding screen uses the vibrating sound of instruments or vocal cords. It can produce a more uniform and larger sound field than traditional sounds based on the real reproduction of sound and vocals, giving the audience an ultimate audiovisual experience.

    The pursuit of many products by Chinese consumers is mainly large, and the refrigerator is no exception. It can affect the consumption habits of the United States, and only the housing prices that can not be climbed higher. Therefore, Changhong exhibited at AWE.Changhong MeilingThe newly launched "all-thin" refrigerator has made it shine. Meiling's "all-thin" refrigerator has a thin body, a thin box and a thin door. It has a 20% increase in volume ratio compared with conventional refrigerators, and it occupies 38% less and 1cm. The distance can be easily used.

    It is understood that Meiling's "all-thin thin" has broken through a number of technical difficulties, thus achieving the characteristics of non-replicable technology, the most unique series of technologies by Meiling named GLS, by vacuum adiabatic technology, liquid phase strengthening technology and solid state simulation The technical composition will greatly increase the insulation performance to reduce the space. In the face of the collective worries of high housing prices, the "all-thin" refrigerator has become the "popular king" of this exhibition with its small body and large volume, attracting many insiders and users to stop and understand.

    When it comes to air conditioning, when consumers think that air conditioners should pursue wind power and power saving, Changhong brings the AI ​​artificial intelligence air conditioner Q5 series that uses voiceprint sensing technology. Through this technology, air conditioners can realize listening and acquaintance. Listening to the sound, positioning online, let the freedom of operation to the freedom of enjoyment.

    According to the relevant person in charge of Changhong Air Conditioning, Changhong CHiQ Air Conditioner Q5 series has applied for 12 voice patents to analyze, record and learn people's voices, and to form each person's unique voiceprint through artificial intelligence cloud computing, thus making it possible for everyone. Accurate identification and positioning make "listening to people" become a reality, combined with the original temperature, wind direction and wind speed control of air conditioners, to achieve automatic indoor temperature and air volume adjustment, to achieve personal identification, precise temperature adjustment, and harmonious delivery. The effect of the wind, for each user to order exclusive comfort and good air.

    “Changhong’s innovation is always unexpected. Air conditioners must not only have a big wind and electricity, but also have a 'service awareness'. They know where to send the wind and send a lot of wind. This is the true AI intelligence. Ms. Li sighed after the experience.

    AWE 2019 shows different innovations

    Cutting out the pain points of consumers and eliminating all kinds of drawbacks in the use of traditional home appliances that were used to it is exactly the different innovative thinking that Changhong presented at this AWE2019 exhibition. The dual-plane 8K TV, the all-thin refrigerator and the air conditioning for listening to the sound reflect this innovative approach.

    Of course, in addition to these hot stars, Changhong also exhibited a full range of Q6 TVs, which can solve the problem of users in the closed loop.Clean environmentDemand for mobile fresh air purifiers (V-nano), a chatable refrigerator, a refreshing youth refrigerator, and smart kitchen systems such as smoke stoves and ovens. Through participation in interactive activities such as “Smart Food on AI”, “Future Warrior” and “Electronic Rainbow Rainbow”, the audience will feel the convenience and comfort of these products.

    At the same time, at the scene, the imagination exploration activities attracted a lot of fan interaction, and explored with Changhong to evoke more imagination. "We have set up the iPhone XS and other awards, and the event will continue until the afternoon of March 16." According to the on-site staff, the fan's idea may inspire Changhong designers to inspire the innovative ideas into the iterative upgraded products, let the fans imagine It can happen, really let the fans users participate directly or indirectly in the definition and design of the product.

    The annual AWE exhibition of home appliances technology and feast not only brings a variety of interesting new products to Chinese consumers, but also sets the tone for the trend of home appliance consumption in 2019. Changhong has comprehensive application and extensive use of AI+IoT deep integration technology. The excellent experience of home appliances has left a deep impression on the audience and industry experts.

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