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    The GEM has fallen sharply, and the two cities have exceeded 100 stocks. Is this still a "cow back"?

    2019-03-14 15:57:44

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    On Thursday, the two cities experienced a large decline. The Shanghai Composite Index fell more than 1% and lost 3,000 points. The GEM index fell nearly 4% in intraday trading, and the two cities exceeded 100 shares. After a continuous decline, the market may have turned around. Recently, investors should leave the market on rallies and wait for the rebound opportunity.

    From the perspective of the disk, the strong sectors in the previous period continued to fall sharply, and pork, ultra-high-definition video and chips all experienced sharp declines. Among them, the pork plate faucetZhengbang TechnologyEdge computing faucetLangyuanBoth fell for two consecutive days. Earlier we have said that the trend of strong stocks is the signal of market turn. After the two-day collapse of the ChiNext, the gains may have ended.

    Most of the plates are green on Thursday, but there are still some sectors that are active against the trend. In the news, the statistics of the Bureau of Statistics showed that the investment in real estate development in January-February increased by 11.6% year-on-year, faster than the average growth rate of 9.5% last year. The cement industry, which is in the downstream of real estate, is receiving market attention.Qilian Mountain,evergreenAgainst the trend of daily limit. Affected by the air crash, Boeing was “abandoned” by the market, and domestically listed large aircraft-related listed companies may receive market attention. Recently, the market has weakened. Before the strong theme stocks fell, the short-term market style may change. In the pharmaceutical, brewing and consumer sectors, the relatively stagflation of the outstanding white horse stocks may regain market favor.

    After the continuous plunge, the short-term market has already oversold, and the late market has also risen. The repair may continue until Friday morning, but the risk of continuing to fall back is still relatively high. Investors who hold shares on Friday can lighten up their positions in the morning before the market rebounds, and the market will fall back in the next week, and the strong stocks will stabilize and then participate in the rebound.

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    Editor in charge: Guo Liang

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