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    There is a rebound after Friday's continuous decline, but this will be the last "running" opportunity.

    2019-03-14 18:15:47

    Financial sector websiteMiddle investment

    On Thursday, the two cities saw a sharp decline again. The Shanghai Composite Index fell more than 1% and lost 3,000 points. The GEM index fell nearly 4% in intraday trading and closed below the 5-day line for two consecutive days. After the continuous decline, the rhythm of the market has been destroyed, and the possibility of peaking has further increased.

    Today, the market continues to fall, the early strong stocks are still the hardest hit, the leading pork sector once again led the two cities,Zhengbang TechnologyIt has fallen for two consecutive days. In addition, the concept stocks such as edge computing and ultra-high-definition video that were previously sizzling have also plummeted, and the two cities have exceeded 100 stocks. Strong stocks continued to weaken, and the market turning signal was further clarified.

     It seems that there will be a rebound on Friday morning.

    Looking at the hourly chart from the GEM, it has further dropped to a low of 1635 today after falling below the lower limit. After the continued decline, the GEM has temporarily oversold and has fallen to important support levels, and is expected to rebound on Friday. However, this should only be a 5 minute-level time-sharing rebound. The upper 1700 points (5-day line) is a strong resistance. If the GEM is up to this position, it will turn down again. If the rebound of the FBMACE breaks through the 1628 low, then the head and shoulders will be established. The target will point to the low of 1503 on February 27 (near the annual line), and at least the 1568 mark on March 4 will be replenished in the short term.

     It seems that there will be a rebound on Friday morning.

    Although the Shanghai index has seen a small decline in recent days, the rebound high point should have already appeared. From the hourly chart, the Shanghai index has formed a head and shoulders top structure (the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 is more standard), and is currently supported by the neckline. The Shanghai stock index should rebound on Friday. The previous 3030 point of the small platform was a strong resistance. It is expected that if the Shanghai index is rushed to the vicinity, it will turn down, and once it breaks again, the head and shoulders will be established. The target will point to the low point of the Yangyang line on February 25th.

    The index continued to fall, and the strong sector also plunged, and the possibility of a rebound was greatly increased. There will be a rebound in the market theory on Friday morning, which can focus on the above important resistance levels. From an empirical point of view, assuming a rebound on schedule, this should only be a 5-minute level increase, usually lasting 2 hours, up to a day or so, and Friday should pay attention to the risk of falling back in the end after the rebound. Of course, how to go on Friday depends on the market, and maybe it is possible to rebound a day to get a positive line. However, this is not important. Next, you can focus on today's low point. Once you break again and the small head shape is established, it is likely to achieve the target of falling next week.

    [Long-term analysis]

    Outlook for A shares in 2019: There is a wave of "fake bulls" in the year and then "desperate killing"(Now is the first wave of the fake bull market, or has ended)

    The above article comes from the WeChat public account "middle-income investment" (ID: zhongchanzhongchan), good at capturing the big trend, accurately predicting the market's ups and downs, and repeatedly tapping long-term bull stocks. On the road to investment, we walked along the way to poetry and distance.

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