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    High-profile stocks are rising against the market. These companies have the most potential (list)

    2019-03-14 21:00:58

    Securities Times Network 

    In the adjustment market of the past two days, high dividends have become a beautiful scenery. FollowingHuabaoAfter that, A shares will have a high dividend case.

    Little Swan AThe announcement in the evening said that it is planned to distribute the profit of 40 yuan (including tax) for every 10 shares based on the total share capital of the company at the end of 2018, and distribute a profit of about 2.53 billion yuan to the total undistributed profit. Transfer to the next year.

    It is worth noting that Little Swan’s introduction of the 2018 mid-term profit distribution plan is not an annual distribution plan, and the previous companyMidea GroupThe conversion of shares is related to the merger. The strength of this dividend is very rare in the A-share market in recent years.


    Heroic! Little Swan sends 40 shares for every 10 shares, with a dividend of 2.5 billion yuan.

    Little Swan A announced today that it intends to distribute the cash dividend of 40 yuan (including tax) to all shareholders based on the company's total share capital of 632 million shares at the end of 2018. The total amount of cash collected is about 2.53 billion yuan, and the remaining unallocated. The profit is carried over to the next year.

    It is worth noting that Little Swan A introduced the profit distribution plan in the middle of 2018. This is the case, and it was related to the merger of the company and the US group.

    And Little Swan A has a lot of cash dividends this time, far more than the company used to.

    According to Wind data, from the cash dividend per share, Little Swan A's above-mentioned cash dividends have hit a new high since the company's listing.

    Judging from the situation of Little Swan A in recent years, the overall trend of cash dividends has been increasing year by year.

    In 2016, Little Swan A sent 7.5 yuan to every 10 shares of all shareholders. In 2017, the company's cash dividend plan is to send 10 yuan to every 10 shares of all shareholders, and this time it is further increased to 40 yuan per 10 shares.

    Judging from the situation of the cash dividend company announced in 2018, the announcement of the 2018 mid-term plan of Little Swan A has tied Huabao shares, exceedingFangda Special Steel,Lanzhou Minbai,New Town Holdings,Ping AnAnd other listed companies.

    Little Swan A has a large cash dividend, which is very rare even in the A-share market in recent years.

    The data shows that in 2017, every 10 shares of cash dividends with a cumulative value of more than 20 yuan haveGuizhou Maotai,Jiangling Motors,Gigabit,Nutrient drink,Yanghe sharesEtc. Among them, only Guizhou Moutai surpassed the bonus of this Little Swan A.


    Cash dividends are increasingly sought after Huabao shares announced high dividends and continued to rise

    It is worth noting that with the encouragement of cash dividends by regulators in recent years, companies that adopt cash dividends are increasingly sought after by investors. For example, Huabao shares were strongly boosted after the announcement of the profit distribution plan for 2018.

    On the evening of March 12, Huabao disclosed its 2018 profit distribution plan. The company plans to pay a dividend of 40 yuan for every 10 shares for cash dividends.

    Affected by this news, Huabao shares a strong daily limit on March 13, the stock price continued to rise sharply on March 14, the closing price still rose 9.46%, while the A-share market showed significant adjustment during the same period.

    So, who might be the next company that has the ability and willingness to make a cash dividend? In general, most companies are growing in performance, and usually have higher undistributed profits on their books.

    The Times reported that the undistributed profit per share at the end of the third quarter of 2018 exceeded RMB 4, and according to the performance forecast, the list of companies with a 20% increase in net profit in 2018 is expected for investors' reference.

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