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    The chairman of the board is suspected of being defrauded. Renzhi shares have a tenfold increase in pre-loss! The middleman said that the allegations have no basis.

    2019-03-14 21:27:20

    Securities Times Network 

    recent,RenzhiThe chairman’s “violation of ticketing” incident caused concern and caused a series of chain reactions. Some bank accounts of the company were investigated, the performance loss was expanded tenfold, and the directors abstained.

    At present, Renzhi shares is said to be the violation of the chairman and assistant, and is "collectively defrauded." However, at the core of the incident, the company’s personnel said that “this is an unfounded allegation” and stated that “there are more things involved”.

    The Securities Times·e company reporters found out that the mysterious middleman Jin Peiqin of the Renzhi stock bill event was actually the “leadership” of the CENS, and there were many Zheshang and several listed companies behind the incident.

    Today, the lawsuit of Renzhi has been transferred to the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court due to the jurisdiction of Wuxi Intermediate People's Court. The multi-party relationship behind the incident is still a puzzle, but the Chinese company said that the parties are "coordinating."

    Director abstained

    The recent Renzhi shares are quite lively. At the board meeting held on February 26, the director Bi Zhedong abstained from voting on the company's proposal for provision for asset impairment and loss. Moreover, the abstention ticket was also “due to staff negligence”. At the beginning, it was statistically wrong, and Renzhi shares immediately issued a correction notice.

    The reason for Bi Zhedong’s waiver is that “a major bad debt should be legally collected and an audit report should be issued. Since there is no receivable collection instruction and audit report, there is reservation on this matter.”

    Such small negligence is not uncommon in many announcements of listed companies, but it seems that there should be some inadequacy for Renzhi shares that have just stated "enhanced internal audit". Moreover, the incident targeted by Bi Zhedong’s abstention is also the financial problem caused by the company’s “violation of ticketing”.

    In the first three quarters of 2018, Renzhi's operating income was 863 million yuan, and the net profit loss was 14.07 million yuan. In the third quarterly report, the company predicted a loss of 50 million yuan to 80 million yuan. However, at the end of January, the company issued a performance revision announcement, and the loss was expanded tenfold. The company expects the loss in 2018 to be between 510 million yuan and 664 million yuan. Subsequently, in the performance report at the end of February, the company said that the net profit loss in 2018 was about 633 million yuan.

    In the cause of the loss, Renzhi shares put the chairman's “violation of ticket issue” in the first place, saying that the company did not fulfill the internal approval decision-making procedure. The objective of issuing a commercial acceptance bill actually led the company to bear the potential payment obligation, based on the prudent provision. The possible loss is about 147 million yuan.

    Regarding the potential losses of the above-mentioned approximately 147 million notes, Renzhi believes that “this batch of commercial votes is the purpose of the company’s chairman Chen Hao, the chairman of the board of directors Chen Boci and the relevant personnel for the purpose of financing the company, and has not performed the internal normal approval decision-making procedure without authorization. It was issued, and it was gang fraud.

    Renzhi shares said that Guangdong Zhongjing Tongda Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. (China Economics Corporation), Jiangsu Yingshi Internet Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Yingshi Company), Hangzhou Xingxin Energy Investment Management Co., Ltd. (for Xingxin Energy) and The natural person Jin Peiqin and other purposes for illegal possession, conspiracy to defraud the Renzhi stocks by fraudulent means, and malicious serial acts, seriously infringed the company's property rights and interests, constitutes infringement. Renzhi has also entrusted a lawyer to file a lawsuit on October 18, 2018, to the Wuxi Intermediate People's Court of Jiangsu Province (Wuxi Intermediate People's Court).

    The reporter called Renzhi shares on the matter, and his staff said: “I don’t accept media interviews.” However, the staff of the Golden Ticketing platform of Yingshi Company told the reporter: “Now the case of Renzhi has been transferred from Wuxi Intermediate People’s Court to Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court. The Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court has accepted the waiting for the court."

    The chairman was cheated?

    The chairman of Renzhi Co., Ltd. was defrauded of “violation of ticket issue” and it was also traced back to October 20, 2018. The company announced that it had been verified by the financial department that it had found that the 147 million yuan commercial acceptance bill issued in the name of the company was not fulfilled. Normal approval decision process.

    Specifically, the company stated this way. The company passed the statement of Jin Peiqin to Chen Boci, the assistant to the chairman of Renzhi. The company has legal commercial bill of exchange financing channels, which can help Renzhi to legally finance through the issuance of commercial acceptance bills. After Chen Boci communicated with the other party several times and determined the commercial bill financing plan, he proposed to the company's chairman to issue a commercial bill for financing activities.

    Based on the trust of Chen Boci, Chairman Chen Hao handed over the commercial draft financing to Chen Boci for operation. On January 30, 2018 and April 19, 2018, Chen Boci and related personnel were not authorized by the company. The above-mentioned commercial acceptance bill was issued to the company by the company in the name of the company without fulfilling the internal approval procedure.

    However, Renzhi has not successfully financed. The company has used the 50 million yuan of the above-mentioned notes as a pledge guarantee. After obtaining the collateral financing tools of Wuxi Financial Assets Trading Center, it passed the “Golden Money Management” platform operated by Yingshi Company. The above-mentioned bills were pledged to the company, and the financing of the unspecified public was 46.395 million yuan. After obtaining the financing, Zhongjing Company directly paid 38 million yuan to the 100% controlling shareholder of Yingshi Company as Xingxin Energy by means of borrowing, and the remaining amount of 8.395 million yuan was taken as its own. Renzhi shares have not received any financing.

    At first, Renzhi also said that the above-mentioned entities defrauded the company's 96.7068 million yuan in the same way, and have not returned it so far, the company reserves the right to increase the claim.

    However, with the progress of the incident, Renzhi also pointed out that Zhongjing Company transferred the endorsement of 6 bills of 96.7068 million yuan to another entity, Deqing Maiding Investment Management Partnership (Mai Ding Investment), but Mai Ding Investment did not Pay any consideration. Later, the six bill holders changed to Hangzhou Jiudang Asset Management Co., Ltd. (Jiudang Assets), and Jiudang Assets announced the payment of Renzhi shares on the maturity date of the bill (January 30, 2019).

    Renzhi shares filed a lawsuit against Maiding Investment and stated that Maiding Investment knew that Zhongjing Company illegally obtained the bills and still accepted the endorsement in a non-consideration manner, which seriously infringed the plaintiff’s property rights and constituted infringement. Therefore, the company filed a lawsuit against Maiding Investment. The Wuxi Intermediate People’s Court also reviewed and ruled that Renzhi’s suspension of payment of 96.7078 million yuan of bills under the bill of exchange, the company made property preservation for the above-mentioned 96.7068 million bills of exchange.

    "Unfounded accusation"

    Judging from a series of incidents, Chen Zhi, the chairman of Renzhi, and his assistant Chen Boci seem to be “good things to do bad things”, and they are “played” by the mysterious person Jin Peiqin and a group of companies with the core of the company. .

    The Securities Times·e company reporter called the incident core. The company learned that Jin Peiqin was the leader of the China National Economic Corporation. “There was a business trip these days.” The staff told the reporter: “(Note fraud) This is an unfounded accusation, all bills They have signed a legal contract with them." For the operation behind the bill (pledge, transfer, financing, etc.), the staff member said "unclear" and said "we don't know what kind of cooperation between them. I don't know the middle process, but it also means that there are more things involved. When there are many parties in the middle, there are some contradictions and disputes, and they are working hard to solve them."

    As the key core of the event, Zhongjing Company is a supply chain company in Guangzhou. It was established in November 2015 with a registered capital of 10 million. The company has 100% real control personnel, and it also has Nanyue Real Estate and Nanyue Enterprise Management. Wan Yi is also the founder of the company, but somehow in the period from November 2016 to October 2017, A-share companyIndustrial MiningHe briefly became a major shareholder of the company.

    In addition, the reporter asked the company's bill business as a business person, and its staff said: "The company has no bill business now."

    The company’s main platform is the mutual fund platform called Golden Ticketing, which mainly uses bill assets as the entry point. According to the Golden Tickets website, Xingxin Energy was acquired by Jiangsu Jinpengtong Investment Management Co., Ltd., which was controlled by the state-owned Jiangsu Huihong International Group in April 2018.

    Shortly after the takeover, the financial management of the gold ticket was overdue, including the related notes of Renzhi. The overdue announcement indicated that Zhongjing Company was the financing party and Renzhi was the acceptor of the commercial ticket. The total financing amount was determined to be 46.395 million yuan. After the overdue period, the financial management of the gold ticket also said that the debt collection team had been established.

    In addition, in addition to the overdue bills related to Renzhi, the public information shows that starting from July 2018, in the financial management platform, there are also listed companies.Galaxy,ST Guanfu,*ST Tianye,*ST YoufuBill financing projects have been overdue.

    According to the official website of Golden Ticketing, the amount of financial transactions in the gold ticket is about 5.8 billion yuan, and the repayment amount is about 5.6 billion yuan. However, the cumulative overdue data of the platform has not been disclosed. In its product page, in addition to the 1-day deadline for novice experience, other items are sold out, and the latest product target is already in April 2018.

    Among the three major shareholders of Xingxin Energy, Hu Zhijian is a 50% majority shareholder and an executive director and general manager. However, he is more like a professional manager. He is a state-owned company with more than 20 years of experience. Banking experience and management experience, rich experience in marketing and risk control, unique and in-depth understanding of the supply chain financial financing model and practical experience; Yu Ling's capital contribution ratio of 40%, a financial statement of shareholder change history announcement Yu Ling is also an A-share company.Security TechnologyThe controlling shareholder, the actual controller, and the chairman of the board, but the strange thing is that there is no Star New Energy in the related companies of Yu Ling, the chairman of Tianshen.

    The Securities Times·e company reporter asked about the relevant bills. The gold ticketing staff said: “This (intellectual bill event) you have to ask the company” and said that other information is unclear and is now taking legal proceedings.

    Hidden Zhejiang merchants "small handsome"

    The other 6 bills and the main line involving an amount of 99.77 million yuan were invested by Zhongjing Company in Maiding and Jiudang Assets. The looming behind the two companies is the second generation of Zheshang “Little Shuai”.

    Tianxuechao showed that Maiding Investment has two major shareholders, Zhejiang Wilding Industrial Co., Ltd. (now Wild Ding Holdings) and Zhejiang Maigu Asset Management Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Maigu), which invested 80% and 20% respectively. The controlling shareholder of Zhejiang Wilding is Yu Yu, holding 51% of the shares; in addition, according to the change of shareholding, Yu Yu and Zhejiang Maigu are also deeply rooted, Yu Yu and his control companies were from April 2015 to November 2015, 2017. From June to May 2018, holding Zhejiang Maigu.

    Yu Yuhe, also according to public information, Yu Yu is the standard Zheshangfu second generation, born in 1985, his father is the founder of the wild wind group Yu Guosheng, Yu Yu is the chairman of the wild wind group, according to Zheshang.com The news also served as the rotating president of the Zhejiang Shaoshuai Association.

    According to public information, Yefeng Group was founded in 1980 in Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province. Its current business covers real estate development, pharmaceutical and chemical engineering, modern agriculture, financial investment, etc. It has 15 large-scale and holding subsidiaries and 10 compact enterprises. Private enterprise group, with a scale of over 10 billion yuan, has an industrial and manufacturing base covering nearly 1,000 acres in Geshan Town, Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province.

    In addition, Zhu Yubing, executive director and general manager of Maigu Assets, indirectly holds the shares of Maiding Investment and acted as supervisors through Madding Investment's major shareholder, Wild Ding Holdings, and served as a supervisor in Jiudang Assets. From September 2016 to October 2017, Ye Feng Group's financial advisor, executive director of Wild Holdings and 9.6% of the major shareholder Zhou Fagen was the legal representative of Jiudan Assets. The official introduction of Maigu Assets said that it is a private equity investment institution of the Wild Wind Group, which focuses on asset acquisition, restructuring, non-performing asset disposal and various non-standard asset businesses.

    In other words, Maiding Investment is actually a company completely controlled by Yu Yu. In the incident of Renzhi Shares, the protagonist behind the other major parties of nearly 100 million yuan of bills is Zheshang “Little Shuai” Fu Er. Dai Yu.

    However, it is strange that the Securities Times·e company reporter called Wild Ding Holdings public telephone to inquire about the relevant situation. The staff said that “it is completely unclear about this matter”. During the conversation, the staff member is familiar with Yu Yu and Zhou Fagen. It is called “Yu Yu”, but when it comes to Mai Ding’s investment in this holding subsidiary, the staff is obviously very unfamiliar or even inexplicable. It is almost a series of “I don’t know”. “What is the relationship between Mai Ding Investment and Wild Ding? ", I don't know if I have this company." "This is the boss's own business outside, we certainly don't know."

    In addition, the Maigu Assets Business Registration Phone or Customer Service Phone is now "temporarily unable to connect."

    Before taking over the Yefeng Group, Yu Yu had a business experience after returning to China in 2007. Among them, the more famous is the game animation company, the company, and it will be the top five game company in the country. , listed company in 2013Meisheng CultureFancy, with a market value of up to 80 million yuan in the pocket. According to Sky Eye, there are 67 companies with actual control rights.

    In addition, historical data also shows that Jiu Dang Assets and Zhongjing Company have long been in origin. In December 2017, January and April 2018, Jiu Dang Assets sued Zhongjing Company three times due to contract disputes.

    Puzzle to be solved

    Renzhi Co., Ltd., formerly known as Renzhi Oil Service, is a leading enterprise in the oil service industry in the southwest region. In December 2015, the original shareholder Qian Zhongliang and other original shareholders of Renzhi Co., Ltd. transferred the agreement of 60,390,100 shares with RMB 1.053 billion. For Tibet Yu Electronics, the equity delivery was completed in April 2016. The total transaction price was 1.053 billion yuan. The company’s real controller became the Wenzhou businesswoman Jinhuan. At the same time, it was the wife of Chen Hao, the protagonist of this event. The company is a legal person of Feng Wine Co., Ltd. and the financial director of Zhejiang Haoye Trading Co., Ltd.

    In November 2016, Renzhi Co., Ltd. announced the asset purchase plan and announced that it will acquire Shuo Ying Digital for 1 billion yuan in cash to develop the consumer electronics industry. However, this major asset restructuring has also been questioned for related party transactions and was announced in February 2017. However, behind Chen Shuo Digital, Chen Zhicheng, who is also a Wenzhou businessman, was once the real controller of the listed company ST Yingfang. Public information shows that Chen Zhicheng was born in 1973 and has many years of experience in the electronics industry. According to a report from the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily in April 2013, Chen Zhicheng appeared as the honorary president of the Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce in Shenzhen.

    Chen Boci and Chen Yu were both shareholders of the investment in Tibet, and in the previous media reports, Chen Boci appeared as the vice president of digital technology. Because of the many contacts between the two parties, there is a certain connection between Renzhi and Shuo Ying Digital and they are questioned about related transactions.

    In this incident, the relationship between Chen Hao, Chen Boci and Chen Zhicheng could not be clarified and was rumored to be a kinship. andYing FangweiChen Zhicheng, the core figure, was arrested in early 2018 for alleged crime of bill fraud.

    Behind this “Bill Fraud” incident of Renzhi, there are also many Wenzhou and Zheshang figures. During the interview, the reporter asked the parties about the relationship. Most of them said that they were “unclear”, but the staff of the company also revealed information such as “more involved things” and “multiple parties have contradictions and disputes”. The complex relationship between many Zhejiang businessmen in the incident is still in the fog.

    Affected by the above-mentioned violations of commercial acceptance bills, Renzhi announced that four bank accounts were also frozen by the judiciary, but the company said that the amount involved was small (73,702 yuan) and did not belong to the company's main bank account.

    At present, Chen Hao is internally accountable for the issue of this illegal ticket issue. The company said that “the future may have a situation that affects the normal performance of the board of directors”. Renzhi shares said that the company has repeatedly communicated with Zhongjing Company and Maiding Investment to request the return of the above-mentioned commercial ticket, and filed a lawsuit against the above-mentioned commercial ticket matters with the public court, and the court has already ruled that Renzhi Co., Ltd. has temporarily decided Suspension of payment of the instrument and the corresponding amount of property preservation.

    According to the first-instance ruling of Wuxi Intermediate People's Court, the case was transferred to the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court due to jurisdiction. The Wuxi Intermediate People's Court stated that the case was a bill return request from the drawer of Renzhi, and the non-ticket rights dispute was not claimed by the party as claiming payment or recourse based on the rights on the instrument. According to relevant regulations, the defendant should be under the jurisdiction of the people's court where the defendant resides, and the case has been transferred to the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court.

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