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    Beijing stocks earned 30,000 in 3 days. How did he do it?

    2019-04-09 18:54:10

    Violent A shares

    Recently, the market has been running at a high of 3,200 points. There are hundreds of daily limit boards every day, but the difficulty of making money is getting bigger and bigger. A little careless is a bowl of noodles! And a Beijing stock friend named "Chen Jiaxin" in the recent market, with superb playing board technology, frequently capture the cattle stocks, and harvested a very substantial income.Today, the Financial Markets Academy invited the stockholder to explain his stock picking experience and operational experience.

    Financial stock market collegeHello, Mr. Chen, thank you for accepting our interview today.

    Mr. Chen:Hello.

    Financial stock market college: I heard that your recent operation is relatively smooth, you have bought a lot of big cattle stocks, can you share your operating experience?

    Mr. Chen: There are not many far, I will say it in the near future.Royal Bank,Yuanli,Su test,Zhejiang Longsheng4 stocks. This is a screenshot of my position after the close yesterday.

     Got it! Zhejiang Longsheng!

    Financial stock market college: I noticed that these stocks are the latest connected stocks. Yuanli shares are connected to the board. Zhejiang Longsheng has estimated that it has doubled. Such stocks are all serious high-risk stocks. Why do you dare to do so?

    Mr. Chen: Actually, I used to think the same way. When I saw the daily limit, I felt that I was at risk. I felt that I was playing for life. Now I finally understand that this is actually a paradox. If you really think that these stocks are risky, as others think, why can I make money after I buy them?Eastern CommunicationsFrom 3 blocks to 41, it has risen several times. It seems to be a high risk. In fact, the benefits far outweigh the risks.

     Got it! Zhejiang Longsheng!

    Some investors feel that a certain stock is risky. In the final analysis, it is not understood. It is considered to be "high risk" or "low risk".

    Financial stock market college: What changed your operational thinking?

    Mr. Chen: I was exposed to the short-term course of Hunter X in an accidental opportunity, and then I learned with a try. It took me 2 days to read the contents of the course 2 times before and after. After reading it, only four words can be described: suddenly and cheerfully.

    The concept of leading stocks introduced in the course, the formation logic of the daily limit, the supply and demand relationship of funds and chips, etc., opened the new horizon of stock trading.

    So the next day, I immediately followed the method introduced in the course, went to stock selection, went to the test, went to practice, and only dared to buy 100 shares, 200 shares at the beginning, the results of the test made me surprised, bought First stockShun Yu sharesI ate 3 daily limit boards.Business wins around the worldAfter 35% increase, I began to gradually increase my position and the account income began to increase.

    When I don't open the market now, I also like to have something to open the account, and look at the ever-increasing number of account assets. I am very satisfied.

    Financial stock market college: I really want to congratulate you! So what do you think is the biggest advantage of the hunter X professor's method?

    Mr. Chen: There are many advantages. Let me just list it:

    The first advantage is that the concept is correct. Hunter X said that the fundamental reason for the impact of stock price is capital. I agree with this view. No matter the fundamentals are good, the subject matter is hot again. It is impossible to buy without funds.

    The second advantage is that it is practical. I used to buy stocks before, but after I finished my studies, I was particularly dizzy. Those courses were taken out of the stock history K line, and then told you that you can buy them according to this K-line form. In fact, this is impossible. Stocks are different, how analogy?

    The third is easy to understand. This may be the reason of the road to Jane. In the course of Hunter X, there are no hard-to-understand terms such as MACD, KDJ, Bollinger, etc., which are the simplest and most intuitive figures, such as volume, turnover rate, The circulation plate can be understood as long as there is a primary school culture.

    Financial stock market college:understood. Then how do you use the method of Hunter X teacher to choose stocks and practice?

    Mr. Chen: The stock picking is preferred because the leading stock has the highest premium and the highest safety. For example, in the chemical sector, I bought the dragon dragon in Zhejiang on March 28; the military sector, I chose the Su test to be the leader; the blockchain plate, the leader isPrecise informationHowever, I have not opened the board before, so I chose Yu Yin.

    Of course, not all the faucets can be bought. I also need to combine the trend of the stocks from the perspective of funds, and finally decide whether I can buy them.

    Financial stock market college: Then can you give us an example to explain?

    Mr. Chen: Of course, I will take Zhejiang Longsheng as an example to explain my operation ideas.

    Zhejiang Longsheng this stock I believe that every A share of stock investors know, but the stocks that dare to buy are few and far between, why not dare to buy? Because I am afraid of falling, because I don’t understand, because I will not analyze. In fact, it seems to me that Zhejiang Longsheng’s chances of making money are very clear.

     Got it! Zhejiang Longsheng!

    Financial stock market college: Why do you say that?

    Mr. ChenOn March 22, Zhejiang Longsheng harvested the first daily limit, with a turnover of 2.2 billion yuan. On March 25th, the daily limit was continued, and the daily limit was reduced. The turnover was 1.2 billion yuan.

     Got it! Zhejiang Longsheng!

    On March 26, Zhejiang Longsheng opened its trading session, but it was very miserable. It received a Zhongyin line and sold 6.4 billion yuan throughout the day. Such a large volume of transactions illustrates a problem, that is, the previous two days of daily limit funds basically run. The market of Zhejiang Longsheng may end on this day.

    On March 27th, Zhejiang Longsheng continued its daily limit after opening 5% higher on the premise of the previous day's fried board. It sold 2.5 billion yuan throughout the day and returned to life. This day is a typical weak turn and strong trend, only 2.5 billion transactions were made that day, but according to the theory of Hunter X, this day can not be bought. Why do you say that?

    According to the method introduced by the hunter X teacher, no matter how fluctuating the time-sharing line of the stock, how complicated the K-line chart is, the essence of the ups and downs is the game between the long and short sides. Many parties hold funds, hope to buy chips, and the empty side holds chips, hoping to throw chips.

    On March 26, Zhejiang Longsheng sold 6.4 billion yuan, and only sold 2.5 billion on the 27th, indicating that at least 3.9 billion yuan of funds were not sold. We have no good reason to believe that the 3.9 billion yuan will not be After Zhejiang Longsheng's daily limit, it fled, so buying on the big market on March 27 is a risky operation.

    On March 28th, the funds for the sell-off appeared.

     Got it! Zhejiang Longsheng!

    Zhejiang Longsheng sold 6.8 billion yuan throughout the day. Such a big chip change may only be a reason, that is, most of the funds on March 26 and 27 fled. Since the funds have fled, why should I buy on this day? There are three reasons:

    1. The profit-raising chips on March 26 and 27 have all gone out, indicating that the short-selling chip has no longer existed. Buying on March 28 is equivalent to buying high-quality chips at a cheaper price.

    2, Zhejiang Longsheng has already had a case of heavy-duty and anti-insurance in front of the Yinxian, so the daily limit of March 28 has a strong anti-insurance expectation.

    3. Zhejiang Longsheng, as the leader of the chemical sector, has a high premium and high security, and from the trend point of view, the trend has not gone bad.

    In fact, after reading the K line of Zhejiang Longsheng, you will find that every day of the K line is a buying point, March 26, March 28, April 3. I chose to open a position on March 28, open a position on April 3, and sold it at a high point today, earning more than 30 points.

     Got it! Zhejiang Longsheng!

     Got it! Zhejiang Longsheng!

    In addition, there are Yuanli shares, which is the leader of the chemical sector. Today I added the position on the daily limit.

    Financial stock market college: It's really amazing, the whole analysis process is simple and easy to understand, well-founded and convincing!

    Mr. Chen: In fact, this is the correct way to do the daily limit. Many investors like to chase hot spots, and the concept of hot money, speculation, in fact, are all ruined. I think the method of Hunter X is the essence of stock market operations.

    Financial stock market college: Thank you for your interview today.

    Mr. Chen: No thanks, I used the method of Hunter X teacher and made money, so I wanted to share some of my own operations. Sometimes I think about it and think that I was really terrible before, the stock will not be selected, and the trading point will not be judged. Now I have learned a good way, I can't wait for 8 trading days a day.

    After reading Mr. Chen’s stock picking method, I wonder if everyone’s intentions are still unfinished. Tell everyone a good news, the financial community website has already summarized a series of complete operating methods and theoretical basis for the selection, purchase, holding, selling, and risk control of Hunter X.From buying to selling, 7 lessons teach you to catch the daily limit"in. Although the course name is full of routines, but I dare to package the content, absolutely 100% dry goods!

    The original price of the course is 299 yuan. From April 9th ​​to April 11th, the special price is limited. The welfare price is 39.9 yuan. It is basically a white delivery, and sincerity is full.

    The course consists of seven lessons, each lesson is 20-30 minutes, and the limited price is 39 yuan. Pay once, watch forever!

     Learn these three steps, the daily limit is delivered to your door! (newbie must see)

    WeChatScan the QR code above to enter the subscription study

    If you can't see the QR code, just click on the text on the right to make a purchase:"From buying to selling, seven lessons teach you to catch up and stop."

    This course is a video teaching content tailored for short-term traders. It is different from the courses in the market that rely on technical analysis and historical trend verification. The course is dynamic from the perspective of chip supply and capital demand. Analyze the evolution of the leading stocks and truly grasp the essence of the daily limit.

    Course complete system:

     Got it! Zhejiang Longsheng!

    After the course was launched, it was highly praised by many investors. A stock friend who bought seven lessons earned more than 1 million yuan in the first three months of this year.

     Got it! Zhejiang Longsheng!

    After the subscription is completed, WeChat scans the QR code below to add the assistant WeChatJrj2078Receive course supporting courseware. Later Hunter X will hold regular lectures and live broadcasts on the course content to help you understand the course content more quickly and master the method of catching up and down.

    Others don't say much, the method has been given, I wish everyone to make money.

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