"Global 5G competition" started the relevant plate and then went up the air outlet

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"5GCompetition is a competition that the United States must win. "President Trump said at the White House last weekend.

All recent signs indicate that the global 5G commercial process is accelerating, and Trump's latest statement means that a new “global 5G competition” has begun.Investment agencyIt is generally believed that 2019 is the first year of 5G. Under the circumstance that there are many catalysts in the heavy industry, the relevant sectors are expected to go up again.

  Global 5G promotion "speed up"

At 11 o'clock on the evening of April 3, South Korea's SK Telecom grabbed an hour in front of its American counterparts and took the lead in commercializing 5G. The Korea 5G Technical Coordination Conference, led by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Information Technology of the Republic of Korea and joined by 10 government departments, also released the 5G+ strategy on the 8th. The strategy selects five core services and the top ten “5G+ strategic industries”.

According to the latest report released by the US Wireless Communications and Internet Association (CTIA) earlier this month, China and South Korea are expected to lead the world in 5G in 2018, but the United States has swiftly moved from the third place a year ago to the first place with China. s position.

Trump further announced last weekend that the United States will reduce regulation and auction 5G spectrum. "It is estimated that the US parties plan to invest 275 billion in 5G.Dollar, creating 3 million jobs in the United States, increasing the size of the US economy by 500 billion US dollars. The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has indicated that it will begin auctioning the spectrum on December 10 and provide the most extensive spectrum to date for 5G use. At the same time, a rural digital opportunity fund with a scale of more than 20 billion US dollars will be established, and the rural broadband network will be built in the next decade.

At the Japan Radio Wave Supervision Review Meeting held on April 10, the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announced that 10 frequency bands were prepared and decided to allocate the four companies to be applied. It is planned to officially provide 5G services in the spring of 2020.

Europe has always been concerned about 5G technology, and its position has also changed significantly. Germany, the leader of the European economy, recently announced that it has officially launched the auction of the 5G band, and several European telecom operators have participated in the bidding. Volkswagen, etc.industryThe giant also plans to establish its own 5G network to promote industrial development.

  Institutions are optimistic about the segmentation

For China, 5G means that technological innovation has achieved a real sense of accumulation. Since 1G and 2G are dominated by the United States and Europe, China can only follow closely;3G,4GIn the era, China has been able to follow it side by side; in the 5G era, China 5G has taken the lead in the world. The reports of many research institutes all believe that the Central Economic Work Conference proposed to accelerate the pace of 5G commercialization and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology proposed to initiate the issuance of 5G temporary licenses during the year, which further strengthened the certainty of China's 5G construction.

RecentlyChina Mobile(Hong Kong stocks00941) announced that it successfully made a call through the 5G mobile phone on the Beijing 5G trial network, which is the first 5G phone connected by the Beijing domain.China Telecom(Hong Kong stocks00728) Successfully completed the industry's first 5G SA network power slice test in Nanjing, and the 5G industry application went further. Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said at the Boao Forum: "20% of 5G applications will be used for communication between people, and 80% may be used for communication between things, that is, mobile.Internet of Thingsfield. He further believes that the most widely used 5G application is the mobile Internet of Things. The biggest market may beCar networking.

  Everbright Securities(Quotes601788,Medical stock)(Hong Kong stocks06178)Research reportIt is believed that the three major application scenarios of 5G are eMBB enhanced mobile broadband, mMTC massive machine communication, uRLLC ultra-high reliability and low latency communication, and the Internet of Things is mainly related to mMTC and uRLLC; car networking and autonomous driving are the most important application areas of uRLLC. In view of the deterministic development trend of the future of the Internet of Vehicles, attention can be paidHigh emerging(Quotes300098,Medical stock),Desaixi(Quotes002920,Medical stock),Vision source(Quotes002841,Medical stock) and other companies.

  Northeast Securities(Quotes000686,Medical stock) pointed out that under the stimulus of the US and South Korea have launched 5G commercial, China's 5G construction will continue to promote. Its research report recommends 5G standard equipment manufacturers, such asZTE(Quotes000063,Medical stock)(Hong Kong stocks00763); Telecom Optical Device Manufacturer, IDC/cloud computingManufacturer, such asGuangxun Technology(Quotes002281,Medical stock),Halo New Network(Quotes300383,Medical stock),Yilian Network(Quotes300628,Medical stock),Tianfu Communication(Quotes300394,Medical stockAt the same time, it is recommended to pay attention to the base station side related targets, antenna manufacturers, PCB manufacturers and connector manufacturers.

  CITIC Construction Investment(Quotes601066,Medical stockThe Communications Research Report stated that it is recommended to pay attention to the 5G license market, and the layout benefits are highly identifiable, such as communication equipment vendors, PCBs and their overlays.copperBoard supplier.

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