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    The world's first amphibious intelligent unmanned boat delivery industry chain attracts attention (beneficiary stocks)

    2019-04-15 06:47:17

    Financial sector website 

    According to the official WeChat of China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Wushu Group, the world's first amphibious intelligent unmanned express cruiser "Sea Lizard" successfully passed the factory acceptance at the Shuangliu base of Wushu, marking the entry of the domestic unmanned combat boat into the practical stage. According to reports, the "Sea Lizard" was jointly built by the Wuchuan Group Module Company and Qingdao Wujiang Technology Co., Ltd. It is a model for the deep integration of military and civilian. This is a major breakthrough in the domestic unmanned combat boat, and it also marks that the domestic unmanned combat boat has led the international development trend.

    Listed company:

    China Heavy Industry: It is the main force and national team of deep sea equipment construction. Previously, the company's Jinghai series of unmanned boats won the 2016 National Technology Invention Award;

    Hailan letterThe composite power fast unmanned boat system can be used for surveying and mapping and environmental monitoring in shallow seas, oil and gas platforms, etc. It has important application value and market prospects. The company has leading strength in communication, control, sensors, etc.

    Sifang shares: Unmanned boats mainly have military and civilian markets;

    Jing Jiawei: The small special-purpose radar field has abundant product reserves and actively expands to the downstream of the industrial chain. The company's wireless image transmission data link system can realize real-time control of drones, unmanned vehicles and unmanned boats.

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