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    China breaks through the key bottleneck of nuclear power and successfully breaks foreign monopoly (beneficiary stocks)

    2019-04-15 06:51:01

    Financial sector website 

    On April 11th, the prototype of the "Hualong No. 1" regulator pilot safety valve independently developed by China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute of China National Nuclear Corporation successfully completed the full-discharge thermal performance test, and the performance reached the latest technical requirements of the third-generation nuclear power. This means that China has successfully broken foreign monopolies, broke through the key bottlenecks of nuclear power, and further enhanced the core competitiveness of “going out”.

    Nuclear power plant regulator pilot-operated safety valves are critical to the safe operation of reactors and are recognized as the most difficult equipment for localization in nuclear-grade valves.

    Among related listed companies:

    AlterThe “Hualong No.1”, a three-generation nuclear power technology with independent intellectual property rights, passed the product appraisal and was delivered to the second demonstration project of “Fuqing”, the first demonstration project of CNNC in 2017, and passed the product acceptance.

    Everbright Garbo: Indirect participation in Shanghai Zhonghe Ahahai Company, currently under construction of the "Hualong No. 1" million kilowatt nuclear power unit demonstration project, CNNC is building four nuclear power units, and has signed a zirconium pipe procurement contract with Shanghai Zhonghe Ahae Company. .

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