Infrastructure construction, superimposed update requirements, engineering machinery leader, one quarterly report, pre-increase (with stock)

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Founder Securities pointed out that from the overall perspective of the first quarter, the sales growth of the excavator exceeded the market expectations at the beginning of the year.

  Sany Heavy Industry(Quotes600031,Medical stockThe latest announcement, 100% to 120% in the first quarter, 133.5% to 153.6% after the deduction, including: infrastructure demand, national environmental strengthening, equipment renewal demand growth, artificial substitution effect, etc. Multiple factors, engineeringMachinery IndustryMaintain high growth.Xugong Machinery(Quotes000425,Medical stockIt also announced that it will increase 83% to 121% in the first quarter. PreviousZoomlion(Quotes000157,Medical stock) The first quarterly report has been announced to increase by 126%-179%.

  Founder Securities(Quotes601901,Medical stock) pointed out that from the overall perspective of the first quarter, the sales growth of excavators exceeded market expectations at the beginning of the year. DomesticMacroeconomicsUnder the premise of a steady slowdown in growth, leading enterprises in construction machinery are still expected to maintain rapid growth in net profit in 2019, including: the need to upgrade and maintain the sustainability of growth; the continued growth of exports, especially the proportion of exports of leading enterprises is significantly higher than that of exports. Proportion; leading enterprises benefit from report repair, industry competition pattern optimization, and huge profitability. In addition to the pre-increted faucet, other companies includeHengli Hydraulic(Quotes601100,Medical stock),Eddie Precision(Quotes603638,Medical stock)Wait.

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