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    Financial Industry Dialogue Optics Valley Bio City Li Brigade: Park Practice in Emerging Industry Development | Practice 101

    2019-04-15 07:58:23

    Research Institute of Listed Companies in the Financial Industry

    Currently, the biomedical industry has become a new engine for global economic growth. Although the bio-pharmaceutical industry has the characteristics of high investment, high risk, and long payback period, it has high returns, high barriers to entry, and long product life cycle. As a typical intellectually intensive industry, the biomedical industry has a strong agglomeration development characteristics. Developed countries such as the United States attach great importance to the agglomeration and development of the biomedical industry. China's "13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Strategic Emerging Industries" also clearly states that "intensive agglomeration" is the basic model for the development of strategic emerging industries. As an important carrier of industrial agglomeration development, parks and industrial bases play an irreplaceable role in the development of biomedical industry.

    Optics Valley Bio-City was built in 2008. After more than ten years of development, it has become the third biomedical industrial park in China with comprehensive strength. So, what are the different characteristics of Optics Valley Bio City? What role does it play in boosting the development of the biopharmaceutical industry? How to treat the current development of the biomedical industry and the location of the park? Recently, the financial community talked to Li Bing, director of the Industrial Development Division of Optics Valley Bio City. Ten years of persistence, what answers will he give?

    Ten years: the stack of Optics Valley Bio Citygeneration

    【Background information】According to public information, as of the end of 2017, the number of biomedical industrial parks in China has exceeded 400. Although the scale and growth rate of this quantity reflects the degree of domestic importance to the biomedical industry and its development activity to a certain extent, it is undeniable that many parks are currently homogenized. How to adapt to local conditions and establish its own unique industrial positioning and industrial layout based on regional characteristics is a problem worth exploring. As one of the domestic related industrial advantage parks, the experience of Guanggu Bio City is worth learning.

    Practice 101 in the financial world:What is the current industrial positioning of Optics Valley Bio City? It is understood that Optics Valley Bio-City has built a number of professional parks such as Bio-Innovation Park, Bio-Pharmaceutical Park, Bio-Agricultural Park, Medical Device Park, Smart Health Park, Medical Health Park, etc., covering a number of biomedical segments. So, what areas will be cultivated in the future in the course of development?

    Li Brigade:After ten years of construction, Optics Valley Bio City has already passed the initial stage of extensive development, and after years of gathering and development, it has formed its own unique industrial characteristics and entered a new stage of high quality development.Our positioning is "innovation". The next step is to build a comprehensive product system from "front-end prevention" to "precise diagnosis" to "precise treatment" around major diseases such as cancer.The reason why it is called the product system is because there are many industrial segments involved, including the bio-big data industry, the diagnostic reagent industry, the medical device industry, and the bio-pharmaceutical industry.

    Specifically, front-end prevention includes two aspects: on the one hand, we hope to integrate IT with BT technology, based on big data analysis, effective health management of individuals before they are sick or after illness; On the one hand, it is necessary to achieve "preventing disease" through some preventive vaccines.

    In terms of precision diagnosis, we mainly develop genetic testing and molecular diagnosis. Individualization is the main advantage of genetic testing due to the differences in human individuals. Molecular diagnosis is aimed at some diseases and has obvious advantages in terms of speed, sensitivity and accuracy. In addition, medical diagnosis includes imaging diagnosis, etc. In this regard, we focus on the development of imaging based on optics, acoustics, nuclear physics, such as ultrasound, photoacoustic imaging, CT, PET-CT, nuclear magnetic resonance and so on.

    In terms of precision treatment, we have to do individualized treatments, including targeted drugs, cell therapy, and gene therapy. In fact, strictly speaking, cell therapy is also a kind of gene therapy, mainly the difference between in vitro therapy and in vivo therapy. In addition, there are precision radiotherapy, including proton radiotherapy and future heavy ion radiotherapy. The reason why we develop these technologies is to make the major diseases controllable and even curable. Through the breakthrough of biomedical technology, patients can still achieve high quality living conditions after suffering from major diseases.

    Practice 101 in the financial world:At present, what is the number of enterprises in Optics Valley Bio-City and the development and proportion of each segment?

    Li Brigade:At present, there are more than 1,200 enterprises with registered capital of more than 500,000 yuan in Optics Valley Bio City. These companies are mainly distributed in the fields of biomedicine, medical devices, biological services, and bio-agriculture.


     Differentiation: Innovation can't stop

     【Background information】Optics Valley Bio-City was built in November 2008. In October 20, 2018, the China Biomedical Industrial Park Development Status Analysis Report released by the China Biotechnology Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Optics Valley Bio-City in 171 Industrial Parks Among them, comprehensive competitiveness ranks third, second only to BeijingZhongguancunAnd Shanghai Zhangjiang, and ranked first in the talent competitiveness of the segment. Of the nine companies that were first accepted by Science and Technology, two were from Optics Valley. How has Optics Valley Bio City been developed in the past 10 years? What are the "secrets" in talent introduction, business incubation and service?

     Practice 101 in the financial world:About 10 years from 2008 to now, the comprehensive strength of Optics Valley Bio City has entered the top three in the country. Please talk about how this is done? What experiences can be learned from the development process?

     Li Brigade:First of all, compared with other parks or industrial bases, we do not have an advantage in terms of industry scale. However, as mentioned above, the positioning of Optics Valley has always been “innovation”. We do business incubation, do business services, introduce talents, and create differentiated competitive advantages through independent innovation.

    Second, we are very focused on talent. Biomedicine is an intellectually intensive industry with a high level of dependence on talent. Through a series of talent policies, the park attracts high-quality talents from the industry. There are “100 people plan” in Hubei Province, “City Partner Program” in Wuhan, “3551” plan in Donghu District, and multi-level supporting policies in the provinces and cities, so that talent introduction can be carried out efficiently.

    Among them, "3551" is a gathering of 50 leading talents and 1,000 top talents in five industrial fields including biomedicine within three years. Moreover, Hubei itself is a major province of education and a province of talents. Among them, Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University and other biological majors are relatively strong in China.

    With the development of the national economy, people who have been "southern flying" are willing to "return to the nest". At the same time, Wuhan has a wide base of fresh graduates. Therefore, Optics Valley Bio City has certain advantages in terms of talents. Of course, the shortcomings are also real, that is, we still lack some middle layers that can lead the team and play the core role in the enterprise. Next, we will focus on doing more work in this area.

     Practice 101 in the financial world:In addition to the introduction of talents, what kind of assistance does Optics Valley Bio City provide in the development of biomedical industry? What is the specificity of business incubation and corporate services?

     Li Brigade:First of all, we introduce the company. Second, we have to serve it well and incubate it. From the time we enter the optical valley to the growth and development, we provide the whole process of service. For example, companies lack equipment and equipment, we have a shared platform; for the talents introduced, we will coordinate and serve in many small areas such as settlement and education. In terms of capital, the Bio-Office has a financial service center and helps the company to promote the project through the financial service center. When the company transitions from the initial stage to the growth stage, we have accelerators that fully meet the needs of the company for space, management, and services. Each sub-park has a professional park management company to provide services, solve various problems in the operation process of the enterprise, and provide protection services throughout the entire process.

     Practice 101 in the financial world:Among the 9 companies that were first accepted by Science and Technology, Anhan Technology and Keqian Bio are both from Optics Valley. Can you take the two companies as an example to talk about the development and growth of Optics Valley Bio City? What help is provided in the process and what role has it played?

     Li Brigade:Anhan Technology is a company that Biostar has been focusing on to foster and support, and is also the first company to introduce the “3551” talent policy. In the process of its development, we have carried out the whole process of services from the financial support, site leasing and later expansion support, the introduction of resource investment, and the coordination of relevant regulatory agencies to accelerate the approval, to help enterprises to become bigger and stronger.

    Keqian Bio was originally born in a factory in Huazhong Agricultural University. The entrepreneurial project it chose was an unplanned vaccine with a large profit margin. Similarly, after the introduction, the park has helped it in many aspects of the plant to meet its development needs.

    In a nutshell, in the whole process of development, we graft and import corresponding resources and services according to the different development needs of enterprises at different stages of development to help them become bigger and stronger.

    Practice 101 in the financial world:Will Optics Valley Bio City offer some benefits or rewards for companies that have settled in?

    Li Brigade:Have,Donghu High-techIn addition to the special support policies for the bio-industry, the district also has a set of policy systems covering finance, talents, industry, and listing. These policies can be applied at different stages of enterprise development.

    Endogenous motivation: firm belief and firm work

      【Background information】The industry originally developed by Optics Valley was actually the optoelectronic information industry. Since then, it has been applied to the National Bio-industry Base and was successfully approved in 2007. Unlike other industries, the biomedical industry has the characteristics of “three highs and one long” and has a long incubation period. After more than 10 years of development, Opto Valley's bio-pharmaceutical industry has already reached a considerable scale, and some regional enterprises have gradually entered the harvest period.

    Practice 101 in the financial world:At present, what is the total revenue of Optics Valley Bio City? What are the larger companies?

    Li Brigade:The total revenue of Guanggu Bio City has exceeded 120 billion yuan. At present, there are two companies with a scale of more than 10 billion yuan, respectivelyRenfu MedicineAnd Hubei Sinopharm, the total revenue of the two companies last year has exceeded 30 billion yuan. In addition, we have many companies with a scale of over 100 million yuan.

    Practice 101 in the financial world:In addition to Anhan Technology and Keqian Biological, is there any other company in Optics Valley Bio City intending to land in the capital market? In April last year, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange issued a "New Deal" to allow unprofitable biopharmaceutical companies with certain conditions to go public and trade. Does Optics Valley Bio City have plans to support enterprises to go public in Hong Kong?

    Li Brigade:The bio-pharmaceutical industry has a certain industrial cycle. After ten years of development, Optics Valley Bio-City has gradually entered the harvest period. At present, there are many enterprises in the park that are becoming bigger and stronger step by step. We plan to have 1 or 2 companies landing in the future, or the GEM.

    Regarding the Hong Kong market, Li Xiaojia, the chief executive of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Group last year, specially came to Optics Valley for a recommendation. In addition to grafting investment for enterprises, our financial service center will also actively communicate with the listing office of Hubei Province and the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Provide coordinated coordination and docking services throughout the entire process of the company's listing process.

    Practice 101 in the financial world:If you want to use a few key words to summarize the key factors in the current achievements of Optics Valley Bio City, what do you think?

    Li B: In summary, the core should be to not forget the original heart and firmly adhere to it.

    First of all, we have a very professional team who has worked here for 10 years. Our team's understanding of the biomedical industry is very thorough, and most of the team members have been working here for at least 5 or 6 years. Comrades with years of experience in this industry have an understanding of the economic development and industrial development of this industry, which is very important to promote the development of this industry, and has gathered a lot of professional resources in the industry. In the process of serving enterprises, how to introduce suitable resources suitable for their development for different types of enterprises at the right time requires long-term work experience, which is very important for the healthy development of enterprises in the park.

    Second, we offer differentiated professional services based on different types of businesses. The role of the park is to gather and develop, and our agglomeration development is a dislocation development after the agglomeration. For example, we have bio-innovation parks, biomedical parks, medical equipment parks, bio-agricultural parks, etc. Each park is positioned differently. Then in every park, we have a platform company that specializes in providing such services to provide professional services. The platform companies are basically all the companies that have served here for more than ten years. They know what companies need at different stages of development.

    Third, in order to develop the biomedical industry, we have established the Wuhan National Bio-industry Base Construction Management Office. This institution is a professional person who concentrates on doing this, insists on ten years, and patiently accompanying the industry to develop and grow together. At the same time, we gathered the relevant inspection and testing institutions under the Hubei Provincial Food and Drug Administration to facilitate the local enterprises to handle the detection and declaration of new drugs and medical devices on the spot; to gather relevant clinical resources to the periphery of the park, which is beneficial to enterprises and clinical institutions. Cooperative R&D and future product applications in these clinical institutions.

    In summary, we set up a special organization to bring companies here, and then professional people have long insisted on providing professional services and effective growth support for enterprises.

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