Executive compensation competition: the fastest increase in salary in an industry, over 60%

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In the annual disclosure season, investors have recently focused on performance. In fact, listed companies' executive compensation and per capita salary have also received much attention from the market. As an important weight of talent competitiveness, the level of salary directly affects the competitiveness of talents, which in turn affects the R&D and operation capabilities of listed companies.

  Fangda Special Steel(Quotes600507,Medical stockThe chairman of the board of directors is overheated by the financial and real estate industries.steel industryIt is a coincidence that the executives’ salary has risen faster and the more they are willing to pay their wages, the faster the stock price rises.

  annual reportIn the disclosure season, investors have recently focused on performance. Actually,Listed companyExecutive pay and per capita salary have also received much attention from the market. As an important weight of talent competitiveness, the level of salary directly affects the competitiveness of talents, which in turn affects the R&D and operation capabilities of listed companies.

  7 companies have a salary of over 10 million

In 2018, A-shares experienced an extremely volatile downturn, but executive compensation did not seem to be affected too much. Judging from the 1,560 companies that currently disclose the annual report, the chairman of 24 companies surpassed 5 million yuan, 7 of which exceeded 10 million, 2 more than in 2017. Well known as finance,real estateIndustry compensation has always been the highest. Among these 7 sharesJinke shares(Quotes000656,Medical stock),Vanke A(Quotes000002,Medical stockFrom the real estate industry, the remaining five million-dollar chairman are mainly from steel,Medical biology,food and drinkAnd other industries.

Fangda Special Steel's annual salary of 31.696 million yuan ranked first, and in 2017 its chairman's salary was only 2.0378 million yuan. Followed byPeng Ding Holdings(Quotes002938,Medical stockThe annual salary of the chairman of the board is nearly 20 million, and the salary of the chairman of Jinke Co., Ltd. is as high as 17.706 million yuan, far higher than the 2017.82 million yuan. The other 4 shares areWuXi PharmaTech(Quotes603259,Medical stock),Yili(Quotes600887,Medical stock),Fosun Pharma(Quotes600196,Medical stock) and Vanke A, the chairman's salary has been more than 10 million for two consecutive years. Of course, there are also some almost zero-pay dedication chairman, such asChina Resources Sanjiu(Quotes000999,Medical stock),Xiamen Port(Quotes000905,Medical stock),Yi Cheng Xinneng(Quotes300080,Medical stock)Wait.

  Executive compensation competition: the fastest increase in salary in an industry, over 60%

The per capita salary of executives is concentrated between 500,000 and 1 million

In addition to the chairman of the board, what about executive compensation? Data treasure statistics show that there are 5 listed companies with a per capita salary of over 10 million, Fangda Special Steel, Vanke A,Andisu(Quotes600299,Medical stock) in the top three, the former averaged 24.1212 million yuan;Jinling Mining(Quotes000655,Medical stock),Jilin Chemical Fiber(Quotes000420,Medical stock),Ruyi Group(Quotes002193,Medical stock),Shaanxi black cat(Quotes601015,Medical stockThe average salary of executives is less than 160,000 yuan.

From the perspective of executive compensation distribution, there are 241 shares with a per capita income of less than 500,000 yuan, 28 with over 5 million yuan, and the largest number of companies with a price of 500,000 yuan to 1 million yuan, reaching 633, accounting for 43%.New Beiyang(Quotes002376,Medical stock),Beidahuang(Quotes600598,Medical stock),Lihua(Quotes300761,Medical stock); followed by companies with a per capita salary of 1 million to 3 million yuan, a total of 515, accounting for 35%.

Executive compensation competition: the fastest increase in salary in an industry, over 60%

Non-bank financial executives' per capita salary for the first time in three consecutive years

From the industry point of view, data treasure statistics show that in terms of per capita salary of executives, non-bank finance has been the first in three consecutive years, the average per capita salary of executives in 2018 is close to 30 billion; the bank has been second in three consecutive years; the steel industry has 230.71 Ten thousand yuan jumped to the third place, rising one place compared with 2017, leisure service, machinery and equipment, national defenseMilitary industryThe average per capita salary of industry executives ranked third.

Compared with the average annual average salary of executives in 2017, it is found that the growth rate of 17 industries exceeds 10%. The steel, mining, and mechanical equipment industries saw the fastest rise, with the former increasing by 60.12% and the latter two increasing by more than 20%. On the contrary, the average per capita salary of the five industry executives declined year-on-year.Banking sectorThe decline was the largest, reaching 6.51%, followed by the leisure service industry, with a drop of more than 5%, and a non-banking financial decline of 0.81%.

Executive compensation competition: the fastest increase in salary in an industry, over 60%

32 shares per capita salary accounted for more than 30% of per capita revenue

As one of the most important groups of listed companies, per capita compensation is also worthy of attention. A reasonable salary mechanism can retain talents and have a positive boost to the company's management and stock price. Data statistics show that among the disclosed annual report stocks, the per capita salary of over 400 shares has steadily increased since 2014, and is mostly distributed in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Specifically,Tibet Tianlu(Quotes600326,Medical stock),China Merchants Bank(Quotes600036,Medical stock),Weichai Power(Quotes000338,Medical stockThe per capita salary in 2018 is more than 550,000 yuan.Bank of Ningbo(Quotes002142,Medical stock),Shanghai Lingang(Quotes600848,Medical stock),Shanghai Port Group(Quotes600018,Medical stock),Minsheng Bank(Quotes600016,Medical stock) 7 companies are also more than 400,000 yuan; of course, there are also companies with a salary of only 50,000, such as Jiangxi long-term andXinye Textile(Quotes002087,Medical stock).

Data statistics show that the company's revenue level has a greater impact on per capita compensation. Among the above 400 shares, 32 per capita salary accounted for more than 30% of per capita revenue, and computer stocks got together. among them,*ST bus(Quotes002188,Medical stockThe most generous, per capita salary accounted for more than 90% of per capita revenue, followed byGuanglianda(Quotes002410,Medical stock),Dingjie Software(Quotes300378,Medical stock) also exceeded 60%, in addition,Hang Seng Electronics(Quotes600570,Medical stock),UF Network(Quotes600588,Medical stock) 5 shares are more than 50%.

The market performance of the above 32 shares during the year is also remarkable. 32 shares achieved a rise during the year, 26 shares outperformedShanghai index,*ST Van Valley(Quotes002194,Medical stock),Straight flush(Quotes300033,Medical stock), Dingjie software andWei Li Medical(Quotes603309,Medical stock) The stock price has doubled,Inspur Software(Quotes600756,Medical stock),Oriental wealth(Quotes300059,Medical stock) The stocks rose more than 50%.Dadonghai A(Quotes000613,Medical stock),Quanjude(Quotes002186,Medical stock),Shenzhen Airport(Quotes000089,Medical stock) 4 shares rose less than 20%.

Executive compensation competition: the fastest increase in salary in an industry, over 60%

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