The market is going high and low, but this humble sector is expected to step out of the independent market.

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  The market continued to weaken. The A-share headline version caught the contrarian bullish stocks.

The market opened higher on Monday,Shanghai indexFell 0.34%,GEMIt fell 1.7%. Under the favorable conditions, there is a high opening and low, indicating that the market is still weak, investors should be defensive and waiting for new opportunities.

From the perspective of the disk,Fuel cell conceptContinuously active,All diesel power(Quotes600218,Medical stock),Kailong shares(Quotes002783,Medical stock) Wait for the daily limit. Fuel cells can be said to be the mainstream of the market, although it has been adjusted for a while but still remains active. Increased by the United States5GStimulating the news of industrial investment,5G conceptHave performance,Sobide(Quotes300322,Medical stock),Guangha Communication(Quotes300711,Medical stock) Wait for the daily limit. However, this time only a few stocks have a daily limit, and the overall trend is not very strong. Investors should pay attention to some stocks that are relatively low.

Sugar stocks rose sharply on Monday,Guangdong and Guangxi shares(Quotes000833,Medical stock), Nanning sugar industry daily limit. From the perspective of futures,White sugarThe main contract rose more than 3% on Monday, indicating that its long-term trend increase is likely to have started. The sugar industry stocks have been mentioned twice before, and now the logic is initially confirmed. The number of sugar stocks is small, although it is difficult to have a big impact on the market, but the price increase theme will always be favored by the market. If the market outlookMarketContinue to weaken, then the sugar industry stocks have the potential to go out of the independent market, investors can focus on.

In the near term, the market continues to be weak, the hot spots are scattered and the rotation is fast, and the operation of investors is more difficult. As a professional team with a lot of battles, we will use our unique system to select leading stocks to help investors achieve stable returns. If you are still confused and don't know how to choose stocks, then welcome to follow and subscribe to the A-share headlines!

  ===Welfare ===

In order to better serve the secondary market investors, we launched the "A-stock headline" upgrade version - A-share headline Z3 essence version, adhering to the financial industry "A-stock headline" products for 10 years of concentration and precipitation, based onEvent drivenAnd the logic of information mining, with the help of the financial communitySmart financeAchievements and self-intelligence, adhere to the market operation logic, avoid market risk mines, and strive to tap short-term strong stocks!

Since its launch, the historical annualized rate of return has exceeded 50%. During the period, one and another five-plate bull stocks have been dug up, which has also been widely recognized by users.

This year, the market ushered in a major turning point. The bull market is beginning to appear. We have launched a quarterly version of the A-share headline. The preferential price is 418 yuan, which is equivalent to 30% off the monthly price of 198 yuan after the discount, and win the future with the users.

  Investors can buy by:

1. Log in to the financial sector website or the mobile financial community, and click on the A-share headline Z3 Essence Edition to purchase.

A stock headline essence link:Http://

Second, pay attention to the "Financial website (ID: jrjnews2013)" or "Financial sector stock (ID: jrjstock)" WeChat public number, click on the A-stock headline in the menu bar to buy.

Third, scan the QR code below to purchase:

  The market continued to weaken. The A-share headline version caught the contrarian bullish stocks.

  Fourth, use WeChat to scan the following small program for purchase (Android phone only):

  The market continued to weaken. The A-share headline version caught the contrarian bullish stocks.

  Works from the financial stock channel are copyright works, and no media is prohibited without written authorization.Reprinted, otherwise considered as infringement!

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