Listed company will resume trading tomorrow (April 16)

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  Ankai bus(Quotes000868,Medical stock) In 2018, the loss was 893 million yuan. On the 17th, the "Peony Wear Cap" was suspended for one day on the 16th.

Financial sector website news Ankai bus announced on the evening of April 15 that Ankai Bus announced that it had a loss of 893 million yuan in 2018 and a loss of 230 million yuan in the same period last year. Since the 17th, the “delisting risk warning” has been implemented. The stock short name has been changed from “Ankai Bus” to “*ST Ankai”.

The company's stock was suspended for one day on April 16, 2019, and resumed trading on April 17, 2019.

  Tomson Bianjian(Quotes300146,Medical stock): Reorganization will be suspended from April 16

The financial sector website news Tomson Bianjian announced on the evening of April 15 that the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) announced the 15th working meeting of the 20th Working Conference of the M&A and Reorganization Committee announced by the official website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission.Listed companyThe M&A Review Committee is scheduled to hold the 15th M&A and Reorganization Committee Working Conference in 2019 at 9:00 am on April 16, 2019 to review the issue of the purchase of shares by Tomson Bianjian Co., Ltd.

The company's shares were suspended from trading on April 16, 2019 (Tuesday).

  Chifeng Gold(Quotes600988,Medical stock): Suspension of assets due to the issuance of shares

Chifeng Gold announced that the company intends to implement the major issues of issuing shares to purchase assets and raise matching funds. The target assets to be purchased are 100% equity of Jilin Yifeng Mining Technology Co., Ltd. held by controlling shareholder Zhao Meiguang, etc. Make up significantAsset restructuring.

In order to ensure fair information disclosure, safeguard the interests of investors, and avoid abnormal fluctuations in the company's stock price, the company's stock has been suspended since April 16, 2019, and is expected to be no more than 10 trading days.

  Love more(Quotes002761,Medical stock): Zhejiang Construction GroupBackdoor listing 16th resume trading

More like the announcement, the company intends to place all assets and liabilities into its wholly-owned subsidiaries. After Zhejian Group became a shareholder of the company, the company replaced the transaction-valued portion of the assets it owns with the assets owned by the state-owned operating company. At the same time, the company purchased the shares from the counterparty in a non-public offering. The inflow of assets exceeds the difference in the pricing of the disposed assets, and the Zhejiang Construction Group is absorbed and merged. The transaction constitutes a restructuring listing.

Before the transaction, Zhejiang Construction Group intends to acquire 29.83% of the shares held by Chen Jun and Huang Yani, and the shares will resume trading on the 16th.

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