Listed company will resume trading tomorrow (May 16)

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  ST rock(Quotes600696,Medical stock): 51.78 million shares accept the offer. The stock will resume trading tomorrow.

ST Rock announced on the evening of May 15 that the company's real controller controlled the company to acquire 57.9 million shares at a price of 7 yuan/share, accounting for 17% of the company's total share capital. During the tender offer period, there were 1214 accounts totaling 517.769 million shares that were accepted by the purchaser. The pre-received shares are less than 57.9 million shares, and the purchaser will purchase 51.767 million shares pre-accepted by the shareholders in accordance with the agreed terms. The company's stock resumed trading on May 16.

  Kodak(Quotes002816,Medical stock): It is planned to acquire 100% equity of Dongtian Optoelectronics for more than 351 million yuan.

And Kodak intends to issue shares at 16.70 yuan/share, and purchase Hubei Dongtian Photoelectric Co., Ltd., which is held by four shareholders including Gao Denghua and Xie Yun.material100% equity of Technology Co., Ltd. The price of the transaction target is not expected to exceed 351 million yuan. This transaction is expected to constitute significantAsset restructuring. Dongtian Optoelectronics' main business is the development, production and sales of precision optoelectronic thin film components. The company's stock will resume trading on May 16.

  Jiangsu Thorpe(Quotes600746,Medical stock): Reorganization will be suspended on the stock

The SFC M&A Committee is scheduled to hold a working meeting on May 16 to review Jiangsu Sopo's issuance of shares and payment of cash to purchase assets and raise matching funds and related transactions. The company's stock will be suspended from May 16.

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Listed company will resume trading tomorrow (May 16)

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