When the "stable change" and "change in the middle" became the background color of 2019, it was time to practice hard. The research institute of listed companies in the financial sector launched a special topic: 2019, how do listed companies cross the cold current? From the perspective of key points, value, and practical power, together with listed companies, return to the essence, return to customers, return to hard technology, and return to the innovation blast under competitive pressure.

[key point]Who will influence the future?
Cash flow frozen by "cold flow"

Cash flow is the root of the survival, operation and development of enterprises. Under the "cold flow", how to maintain adequate blood supply and blood flow to freeze has become the primary task of the company's life-saving winter.[see more]

How do mergers and acquisitions of listed companies improve quality and efficiency?

Mergers and acquisitions are an important path for enterprises to improve quality and efficiency. At present, the policy is “loose”, the valuation of the first- and second-tier markets is upside down, and the “three highs” of high valuation, high goodwill and high performance promises are still in the shadow. In the "cold winter", where is the merger and acquisition of enterprises?[see more]

The core challenge of enterprise "hard innovation" is coming

Intellectual property will be a key factor in the future, but its core challenges are just beginning. In the past 2018, intellectual property rights have been heating up and become one of the key points for the company's next development.[see more]

[see value]New changes in competitiveness
Zou Zhiying: How is the “M&A Integrated Obesity Syndrome” of listed companies broken?

Zou Zhiying, former CFO of China Merck & Co., China, is a bestselling author of management accounting. After Chinese companies complete mergers and acquisitions, how to integrate resources and conduct internal management, can M&A resources produce the fastest and most effective benefits? Detailed analysis[see more]

Fan never: insist on cash as the king, survive and wait for the opportunity to break through

Fan Yong, Distinguished Professor of Education, Jiang Scholar, Vice President of China Economic Development Research Association, Professor of Nanjing University Business School. He believes that enterprises should recognize the long-term nature of China's economic adjustment, establish a sense of risk, and first "live" based on their own advantages, and then seek opportunities for transformation and development.[see more]

Guo Bin: Recognize the characteristics of the times, return to management knowledge

Guo Bin is a professor at the School of Management of Zhejiang University. He believes that in the moment, enterprises should return to management common sense, and truly manage, do, and do the ultimate. For listed companies, first of all, we should change the previous "barbaric" growth model, and truly think about and build the core capabilities to adapt to consumption upgrades and industrial structure upgrades.[see more]

Chen Weigang: Enterprises need a sense of crisis but can't lose confidence

Chen Weigang, Vice President of the Party School of the former China Banking Regulatory Commission, Deputy Director of the China Banking Regulatory Commission Training Center, and Supervisory Board of the Supervisory Board of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, is the director of Qiqi Leadership. In the dialogue, how does he deal with the "winter"? How should leadership be understood? What is the most precious quality in the "winter"? Deep analysis of corporate confusion[see more]

Chen He: Enterprises should accelerate the optimization management of internal resource allocation

Chen He, Director of the Institute of Industrial Economics, Capital University of Economics and Business. Chen’s core point of view is that at this stage, the domestic economic transformation and industrial upgrading, the marketization component is still very inadequate. The current risk of the economy facing the "L" type at the bottom of the long-term, is also largely due to the long-term administrative intervention in the market, resulting in resource mismatch and paying.[see more]

Dong Chen: The development of the securities industry needs to be broken. The new industry leader has more opportunities.

Dong Chen, Vice President of Northeast Securities. For the brokerage industry, what will be the role and role of China's economic development? How will the industry's ills such as "homogeneity" break? Who can stand out when the openness brings all-round compulsion? And why "the leading companies in the new industry and the traditional industries with a large integration of the leading companies will have more opportunities" to express their opinions.[see more]

[practical power]What is your company doing right?
Crazy Sony's "internationalization" and "going out"

When the market's incremental dividends fade away, true quality competition, brand competition and innovation competition will become even more important, and quality, brand and innovation capabilities are also the most important weapon for a company to further explore the global market.[see more]

Learning to desperately transform Samsung

What is the reason behind the current push for the conversion of old and new kinetic energy? It is because many companies have become rigid after 10 years of development. The heavy cost and the decreasing efficiency have finally dragged down the company. As a South Korean Samsung Group with an annual net profit of nearly $50 billion. What is the secret of its cross-cycle and long-term success?[see more]

Giving your employees a raise is more important than layoffs.

The essence of winter is to meet the spring. What is the most important thing to meet the spring? Talent is one of them. It can even be said that having talents who can make concerted efforts to increase and improve efficiency is one of the necessary conditions for winter. Put the talent in the first place, instead of thinking about averaging or "cutting the leek."[see more]

Why didn't McDonald's sell pizza instead?

McDonald's is an international catering company with a history of nearly 70 years. Why doesn't it sell pizza? Behind this issue is the experience of the giant in terms of profit, efficiency, development and other comprehensive considerations. The focus behind this is worthy of many domestic companies thinking during the winter.[see more]

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