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    Soochow Securities: 5G boost AR business mature just around the corner

    2019-03-14 08:03:40

    Financial sector website 

    Investment points:

    Foreword: Headsets are the most promising next revolutionary smart product after handheld terminals, offering a rich experience through immersive interaction, visual and audio dimensions. At this point, with the maturity of 5G, high-bandwidth communication and edge computing can significantly improve the experience of head-mounted devices. Head-mounted devices will be upgraded from "helmet-type VR" to "glass-type AR", and commercial maturity is just around the corner.

    The immersive experience accelerates implementation, and AR interactions are getting better. Future AR devices can be smaller and lighter when integrating more AI functions. The immersive experience can be achieved through the rendering of the device, making the experience of the experience difficult to distinguish. We believe that we need to improve from the three dimensions of intuitive interaction, visual and audio, and accelerate the implementation with techniques such as gestures, eye tracking, parallel processing, and 3D audio.

    The rise of 5G high-speed transmission and edge computing has greatly improved the experience. The 5G high-speed transmission feature can effectively reduce the delay and solve the vertigo problem. At the same time, with the increase of applications in the future AR, the demand for computing power will increase. In the 5G era, local computing can be transferred to the cloud, and a large amount of processing can be done on the edge cloud, and quickly transmitted to the local through the 5G fast connection. Locally, there will be some low-latency processing, so that the cloud and the local can achieve seamless cooperation through 5G.

    The international giants have gradually surfaced, and the industry turning point is coming. In the terminal factory, Apple began to intervene in the AR field in 11 years and completed many mergers and acquisitions. Recently, several patents were intensively announced, and AR equipment was ready to go. Huawei and Samsung launched the AR engine and AR cloud services respectively in 18 years to accelerate the industrial layout. Chip maker Qualcomm is also developing corresponding chip solutions for future AR products, adapting algorithms, integrating AI engines, forming different artificial intelligence hardware modules, providing SDKs for developers, providing tools to manufacturers, and targeting the entire ecosystem. Be big and do it all.

    Drive the corresponding supply chain opportunities. The AR head-mounted device information input is mainly based on the camera, and integrates a variety of sensors such as photosensitivity and temperature. As the computing edge is clouded, the cost of information processing chips is expected to decrease. In terms of output imaging, the optical waveguide has a relatively large advantage, and LCOS and LOE are core devices. To achieve these skills is mainly a fast connection between wifi and Bluetooth, the future is very challenging. Continue to recommend depth layout AR optics, modulesCrystal photoelectric, it is recommended to pay attention to LCOS producersVail shares(Acquired Howe), optical component manufacturerLianchuang Electronics,Lida OptoelectronicsDeep-drilling micro-projection technologyFujing Technology, optical module factoryOufei Technology, Sunny Optical, and the whole machine foundryGoer shares,Wentai Technology.

    Risk warning: AR penetration is less than expected, 5G construction is less than expected.

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    Editor in charge: Zhou Zhuang RF12883

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