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    Essence Securities: Cloud Games Brings New Opportunities in the Industry Chain Nuggets Three Types of Standards

    2019-03-14 08:05:42

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    Based on the rapid development of cloud computing and the speed of 5G communication, cloud games are possible. The cloud game is essentially an interactive online video stream. Its cloud-based game mode, all games run on the server side, and the rendered game screen is compressed and transmitted to the user through the network. The main technologies used in cloud games include cloud computing technology that completes game running and screen rendering in the cloud, and streaming media transmission technology between the player terminal and the cloud. At present, China's cloud computing level is accelerating to catch up, and 5G communication is expected to lead the world. 1) Alibaba, as the largest public cloud entity in Asia, currently ranks fourth in the global market. Alibaba Cloud's four-year revenue has increased 20 times, and in 2018 it reached 3.2 billion US dollars. 2) The 5G industry is the focus of China's national strategy. At present, the commercial progress and the global level are at the same pace, and it has certain first-mover advantages in patent technology and standard setting.

    Cloud games will reduce the barriers to entry for high-quality games. On the one hand, the operation of the peripherals through large screens will greatly enhance the user experience, and on the other hand, the number of players will be expanded by multi-screen switching. 1) Compared with the traditional game mode, the cost of users acquiring high-quality cloud games is greatly reduced. Players can experience games with higher hardware requirements and experience the increase of cloud games without purchasing expensive game devices (high-end processors and graphics cards). The cost mainly includes game content cost, broadband cost, and peripheral cost. 2) By joining peripheral devices, cloud games will break through the limitations of screen operations and introduce more innovative gameplay. Taking mobile games as an example, the current mobile game user operation only achieves most of the game operations by clicking and sliding. It has great limitations on the game innovation gameplay. The realization of cloud games will greatly broaden the game development ideas and attract More vendors and players explore the possibilities of combining multiple hardware operations. 3) Based on the step-by-step implementation of efficient transmission, the cloud game will present multi-screen instant display and connect multi-terminal players. At present, there are big differences between Chinese and overseas game player types. According to gamma data, more than 90% of Chinese game players are mobile game players, client players account for about 25%, and host players account for less than 1% (not considered In the overseas countries, the United States and Japan host players account for more than 30%. The multi-screen switching application of cloud games is expected to break the boundaries of different terminal players and realize the full interoperability of players on the global end, page, hand, host and so on.

    We believe that the integrated operation and distribution platform based on cloud games will accelerate the maturity, and the new platform and the existing APP form will coexist for a period of time. Through the analysis of the cloud game industry chain, we believe that the game development, hardware equipment and communication equipment vendors in the four major parties are based on the continuous extension of the existing business, and the high probability will continue the original industry structure, and some segmentation areas may grow. Sexual innovation enterprise; while cloud game integration service platform is a new type of platform, it needs a stronger foundation in technical support and capital investment. The existing giants will have fierce competition. We believe that the giants may be different based on their existing advantages. The angle cuts into a breakthrough.

    1) Tencent Holdings, Sony, Value: Break from game development, content provider to platform, its core competitiveness lies in its rich content supply capability and high control ability for players' needs;

    2) Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba: There are cloud computing service providers to break through the platform, and its core competitiveness lies in powerful multi-threaded computing capacity and stable output quality;

    3) Google, Facebook, Baidu, Radio and TV, offline Internet cafes: starting from the software and hardware portal, based on the existing traffic advantage to the platform breakthrough.

    Related targets: 1) Game content providers: Tencent Holdings, NetEase, Kingsoft,a perfect world,Tourist network,GigabitEtc.; 2) Cloud computing and vertical cloud service providers: Alibaba,Guangyi Technology,Shunwang Technology;3) Communication service provider:Pearl of the Orient,Gehua Cable.

    Risk warning: cloud computing vertical field application development speed is lower than expected, 5G commercial landing speed is lower than expected, and game industry policy regulation is becoming stricter.

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    Editor in charge: Zhou Zhuang RF12883

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