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    It is difficult to buy a returning cow! The 10 million-dollar method of catching up and closing is announced in a limited time!

    2019-02-28 18:25:48

    Violent A shares

    After two consecutive weeks of big gains, the market finally ushered in an adjustment to "the demon king"Eastern CommunicationThe high-ranking and double-doubled stocks under the head have undergone a tragic adjustment. Many of the investors who did not retreat in time have suffered serious losses, and even the previous profits have lost even the profits.

    In fact, most of the stockholders understand that the market is definitely not finished, but in the face of adjustments on the way to the rise, there is still some helplessness.Today, the financial community invites the short-time master Hunter X of the actual combat group to teach a way to catch the daily limit in a weak city, helping everyone to grasp this wave of "bovine back."Head".

    Hunter X, a short master of hot money, knows the main trading methods, especially good at capturing the faucet, known as the "faucet excavator". In the past 10 years, the hunter X teacher has undergone two conversions of the bulls and bears, and nearly 20,000 fans have been acquainted with the fans, and they have been praised by the fans as the “Dinghai Shenzhen” in the hearts of the shareholders.

    Hunter X teacher was born with a lot of money and entered the market for more than 10 years. He is proficient in various mean line theory, golden section theory, entanglement theory and chaos theory. A variety of technical analysis methods, such as the wine field warfare method, and based on the above methods, combined with the special investment environment of A-shares and the hot money trading method, summed up a set of short-term stock picking methods with high success rate and high odds.

    financial:Hunter X teacher, I am very happy to invite you.

    Hunter X:Hello.

    financialSince the beginning of the year, the market has risen by 13%. If it starts from 2440 points, the market will increase by nearly 20%. Many professional people say that the bull market is coming. So, what do you think about this wave of market?

    Hunter X:There is a bull market signal, but it is not a bull market pattern.

    Including the increase in the number of accounts opened by everyone, the rise of off-exchange funds, the daily limit of the brokerage sector, etc. These are typical characteristics of the bull market, but the bull market characteristics do not mean that it is a bull market. The current market, whether it is the money-making effect, the hype, or the rise in individual stocks, is far from the bull market.

    financial: Recently, both the index and individual stocks have risen a lot, but most investors have reported that they have not made any money. What do you think about this matter? Is there any good solution?

    Hunter XReally, as you said, this wave is strong. Many people only drink soup and don't eat meat. There are many reasons for this. The most important two points are that most of the investors are dead when they fall. If they rebound a little, they want to sell and do T, and then they will fly. Second, the earning sector is too concentrated, 5G, big finance, and demon stocks are pumping back. The performance of the other sectors is not very good.

    If you solve the problem, you can't say it clearly in one sentence or two. In the final analysis, you still have to strive for the operational concept. I know a stockholder and played on the first daily limit board on February 22.Zijin BankThe result was sold the next day when it opened higher, and the last four daily limites were not eaten.

    I think that the root cause of most investors losing money is only two words: I don't understand. Buy by hand, rely on feeling to sell, buy a good ticket can not hold, buy a bad ticket does not want to cut meat, time is long, no loss of money is strange.

    financial: It is true that most of the stockholders buy stocks, all of which are holding the "take a chance" mentality, not to analyze the reasons behind the stock's rise and fall. So, how do you operate in the daily combat process?

    Hunter X: I have a complete set of trading system. By this opportunity, I will teach you the most common way to catch the daily limit. The method is very simple to use, but the logic is very hard, so the operation success rate is very high, about 85%.

    financial: That is really thank you very much!

    Hunter X:you are welcome. Helping others is also fulfilling yourself.

    First of all, I will answer a question that many investors have: retail investors like to buy bottom, and hot money likes to play. The former is low-sucking, the latter is chasing high, but why are the latter making money?

    This is because the daily limit stock is the most profitable type of stock in the 3,600 stocks of A shares. The biggest advantage of the daily limit is the premium.

    The so-called premium is actually a continuation of buying power. For example, A stocks are now trading at a daily limit. After the daily limit, it will be difficult to get in and out of the funds. What should we do? I can only buy it the next day. If a lot of money is very optimistic, then the next day, there will be a lot of people to buy together, so in the assembly bidding stage, there will be funds to raise funds, the stock price is significantly higher. This is the so-called premium.

    For example, today's short-term sentiment is actually worse, but yesterday's average daily limit for all daily limit is still 0.93%.

    On the previous day, the average increase of the daily limit of February 26th on February 27 was 2.65%.

    In the next two days, the average increase was 6.31%.

    This is actually a very important set of data. Interested friends can look back at the historical data, in the 95% of the trading day, the daily limit of the daily limit is a premium. This is also the root cause of many big hot money and short-term masters, the reason why they can earn excess income in a short time: the daily limit is easy.

    However, there is a problem here: not all stocks will maintain their daily limit to close after the daily limit.

    Some stocks have just started to open the board (commonly known as lure), then go back to 4-5 points, and then open 4-5 points the next day. If the board fails, basically 10% of the profits will be gone in 2 days. The reason why many retail investors want to do the daily limit is not here.

    financial: No wonder a lot of hot money likes to play, the original secret is here.

    Hunter X:Is such that. Fighting the familiar big hotspots on the happy coast, after 5-6 daily limit boards, they dare to play in. The retail investors can't even think about it, but they can make money when they buy it.

    Happy Coast February 15th daily limit buySilver Star EnergyIt was sold on February 18, and the profit of 7.8 million in 3 days was easy.

    financial: If there is a way to guarantee the success rate of the board, is the probability of making money increase greatly?

    Hunter X : Of course, I will teach you this method below.

    We know that there are only two games behind the rise and fall of any stock: the buyer and the seller.

    The buyer holds cash in the hand and hopes to buy the stock; the seller holds the stock and hopes to sell the stock.

    The reason for buying stocks is one: optimistic, I think the stock can rise in the future; the reason for selling stocks is relatively complicated: one is that they have earned enough to go out, one is set for a long time, and finally the customer has solved the problem.

    After figuring out the relationship above, we can understand the logic of the stock limit.

    The stock limit is nothing more than a large amount of cash held by the buyer. The desire to grab the stock is so strong that the seller can take all the orders regardless of how many chips are thrown by the seller, and the stocks will naturally rise. If the buyer's desire for rushing is so strong that the chips need to be obtained by grabbing the way, even if they can't grab it, the stock will limit.

    financial: Can you give an example to help understand?

    Hunter X: Yes, take it.Chengfei integrationFor this stock, when the stock was closed yesterday, I reminded the trainees that it was possible to do it. Then it took about 3 minutes in the afternoon. Many of the students bought it. Today, these stocks are directly open to the market. 10% of the proceeds are still very easy.

    Why do I prompt this stock?

    We have extended the integrated K-line chart of Chengfei, and we will find that yesterday’s daily limit price of 18.3 yuan is the previous chip-intensive area. The two breakthroughs in this position have failed before, and a large number of chips are stuck here. From the volume of trading, on November 15, 2018, the most time has locked up 91 million funds, and these 91 million sets will definitely be secured. Become a resistance to rising stock prices.

    If these 91 million chips can be eaten all, the short-selling power is consumed, and the increase in the integration of Chengfei will definitely be more stable, and the safety of our board will be greatly improved.

    Then, at the moment when Chengfei integrated the daily limit, how much did the buyer spend?

    The answer is 109 million. 9:25-14:45, the cumulative turnover of Chengfei integration is 109 million yuan, that is, in order to undertake the seller's potential 91 million selling pressure, the buyer spent 109 million yuan to buy, the selling power is naturally consumed. Exhausted.

    You have 91 million chips, I have 109 million yuan, you are not dying of me. As for the extra 18 million chips, it is actually the retail trading chips between November 25, 2018 and February 26, 2018. The selling pressure is very small and it is difficult to influence the final result.

    So 14:48-14:50 Chengfei integrated open board for three minutes, is an excellent buying opportunity! The seller has no chips in his hand and continues to squat. If he buys decisively, the probability of success is greatly increased. As long as the board is successful, we can guarantee that we will not lose money. The next day, a premium will open again, making money is almost a matter of nailing!

    Today is considered to be the market leaderShaanxi Guotou ACan open lower by 8%, Chengfei integration this word open board can be said to be quite domineering.

    financial: Great! The logic is rigorous, the ideas are smooth, and the professional is really different!

    Hunter X: In fact, the stock market itself is not difficult. Most retail investors feel that it is difficult to stock up. In the final analysis, they do not understand. As long as you understand the game of capital behind the rise and fall of stocks, making money is not a difficult task.

    Of course, in the actual operation process, in order to maximize the success rate of dressing, it is also necessary to consider the factors such as the position of the market, the heat of the plate, the atmosphere of the daily limit, and other factors.

    In addition, when selling, we also need to look for a good selling point from the perspective of time-share trend, big single hand change, and willingness to raise funds. After all, if a stock has a 50% upside potential, even if we make 10% of the sell, it is a failed operation. However, due to time, this is not detailed here.

    After seeing the method of the hunter X teacher, everyone must be sure. If you want to fully understand the trading philosophy and trading methods of Hunter X, nowWeChatScan the QR code below to subscribe to the Hunter X Catch Ups and Downs course.From buying to selling, teach you to catch up the daily limit for seven days.》. Course price299Yuan, today and tomorrow special price39.9Yuan is basically a transaction fee.

    Learning channel:

    WeChat scans the QR code above to enter the learning

    Hunter X is a hot money source. Through more than ten years of in-depth research on the theory of moving average, chaos theory, entanglement, wine field warfare, golden section, etc., combined with the special rules and capital composition of the A-share market, I finally concluded this. A very sharp short-term trading tactic.

    May 2, 2018, prompting the filling of the faucetYonghe ZhikongThen, 6 boards were harvested in the next 6 days.

    On June 29, 2018, the limit of the boardOverclocking three, 20% profit on the day, followed by 4 daily limit in 5 days;

    On October 30, 2018, the daily limit of the daily limitHengli Industry, 6 times after 7 days;

    On February 18, 2019, the Eastern Communications Opportunity, which was opened for 5 minutes, was seized 6 days later.

    Since the introduction of the course, the trainees have also captured multiple doubled cattle stocks according to the method of the hunter X teacher:

    After studying the course carefully, you will master:

    1. The core driving force of stocks' rise and fall

    Grasping the essence of A-share investment that “fund is king”, it is good at understanding the market from the perspective of capital and judging hot spots.

    2, the whole process of the subject stock speculation

    Deeply study the whole process of the theme stocks from the flood season to the growth period, the high tide period, the cooling period, and the extinction period, and master the response methods of each period.

    3. Common pitfalls and scams in the speculation of theme stocks

    Clarify the dialectical relationship between leading stocks and follow-up stocks in hot topics, the main trap of the word board, and the potential risk of lifting the sedan in the Dragon and Tiger charts.

    The course is suitable for the user type:

    1. When entering the stock market, it is urgent to dig into the "first barrel of gold" stock market newcomers.

    2, 2-5 years of stocks are not required, often optimistic about stocks but not profitable business investors.

    3. Old drivers who have mastered the common stock analysis methods but can't get the correct results.

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    Editor in charge: Liu Yuji

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