Three minutes, teach you a way to catch the daily limit

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  gemToday, it rose 2.64% to break through the ceiling. The two cities have more than 150 daily limit, and the “Maverick” pattern continues. Although the effect of making money is hot, many investors have reported that the hotspot rotation is too fast, and after one wave of chasing up and down, not only did not make money, but lost money.

  The School of Finance has specially invited seniors today.Care- Hunter X teacher, for everyone to crack the solution to the downside, andTo teach you a simple, efficient, easy to operate, but also the hunter X teacher has been using the method of catching the limit.

Three minutes, teach you a way to catch the daily limit

  School of Finance:Hunter X teacher, hello.

  Hunter X:Hello.

  School of Finance: The concept of hotspots has emerged in an endless stream, and many investors have reported that they can't keep up with the rhythm. How do you see the recent market?

  Hunter X: The concept is really a bit more recent, from edge calculation, ultra clear 4K, to electricityInternet of ThingsToday, I don’t know where to dig out a concept of digital twinning... messy. On the positive side, the concept reflects the activity and offensive desire of the funds. From a bad perspective, if retail investors are too keen to chase hot spots and have no ability to tap hot spots, they are often watchingMarketA little bit went up, but the stocks that held their positions fell a little bit and repeatedly hit their faces.

  School of Finance: How can we solve this problem?

  Hunter X:I am straightforward to say that it is impossible for retail investors to catch up with hot spots because the hotspots are essentially launched by a group of hot money and main force with huge amounts of money. When these big funds go in, the faucet can't buy them, and the miscellaneous hairs are all pits. How do you make money?

I think that for the retail investors, the most sensible way is not to chase hot spots, to forget the pull-up and diving of the time-sharing level, but to take a long-term view, to observe the multi-party and the empty side from the perspective of funds. The power game calculates the maximum selling pressure to determine the buying point of the stock.

  School of FinanceThe reason why retail investors like to chase hot spots is that they can catch the daily limit and enjoy the high price of the daily limit. If you do stocks from the perspective of funds, can you also do a daily limit?

  Hunter X:of course can. The analysis method of the funds face is especially effective for the daily limit board. And you don't need to stare at it every day like a hot spot, and it's easier to operate. From the perspective of funding, using the chip supply and capital supply and demand perspectives to make stocks, I have formed a very mature trading system, including selection, buying, holding, and selling (including the selection of stocks during the auction stage). Funds are willing to buy stocks, share stocks through time-sharing trends and market sentiment, and pass large orders.Change handsSelling shares).

  School of Finance: Then you can simply introduce your method?

  Hunter X:of course can. Below I will explain my set of trading system from the perspective of theory and examples.

Let me talk about the theoretical level:

  Stock trendMore complicated, nothing more than the buyer and seller. The buyer holds the funds in his hands and hopes to get the chips. From this perspective, we have simplified the stock into a binary model. This model is important for our later analysis.

There are three daily limit boards.goldIron Law:

  1, Stocks rise and fallThe root cause is due to funding

This is a very good understanding, the policy is good, the benefits are big, the performance is sturdy, and there is no capital to buy, the stock is unlikely to rise. The key to our stock trading is to understand the operation of funds behind the stock.

  2,Stock tradingThe essence is the exchange of chips in the hands of both parties and the empty side (also known as the change of hands)

Holders hold money and want to buy chips, which is a potential long position; holders holding chips and wanting to sell stocks are potential shorts.

  3. The dynamic game between the holders and the holders has created fluctuations in the stocks.

When the money held by the holder is larger than the chip in the hands of the holder, the stock rises and vice versa. When the money held by the holders is far greater than the chips in the hands of the holders, the stocks limit, and vice versa.

The above three points are the theoretical basis for the formation of the daily limit, which is easy to understand. I hope everyone can keep in mind.

  School of Finance: Can you give an example?

  Hunter X:I will take the followingGerman new delivery(Quotes603032,Medical stockAs an example, let us explain the specific use of this method.

  1: On February 28th, Dexin delivered the first daily limit.

Three minutes, teach you a way to catch the daily limit

This daily limit is actually nothing to say, it may be because of a good stimulus, it may be followedEastern Communication(Quotes600776,Medical stockIn short, we can be sure that there is a wave or a few large funds optimistic about the future trend of German-Newport, so at any cost, use the daily limit to get the chips in the hands of the empty side.

Can we buy it on this day? the answer is negative. Because this position is the first board, it is easy to be fried by all the latent and untied funds. That is to say, we don’t know the chip status of the first board when Dexin is shipped.

  2: On March 1, Dexin delivered the second daily limit.

Three minutes, teach you a way to catch the daily limit

This day is a bad game. According to the understanding of ordinary people, bad boards are definitely not good things, and maybe evenMain fundSigns of fleeing.But in fact, the second sealing position 2 is an excellent buying point.

Why do you say that?

We have lengthened the timeline of the German-News delivery and observed the trend of the K-line of the German-Newport:

Three minutes, teach you a way to catch the daily limit

We saw that the turnover of Dexin's shipment in March 1 was 875 million, which means that the holders strongly favored the stock and spent 875 million yuan to buy it. But the question is, how can we be sure that we will not be embarrassed after the closure? According to our analysis above, only one condition is met, that is, the amount of money bought by the holder is greater than the amount of chips in the hands of the holder.

As can be seen from the K-line chart, the position of the largest set-up disk on December 19th was only 700 million yuan. In other words, the empty side has a maximum of 700 million chips, but many parties spent 875 million yuan to buy. Therefore, even after the previous set of tight-funded orders, the German new delivery was able to limit the reason yesterday.

At the time of position 1, the turnover of Dexin Transportation was less than 700 million yuan. When it reached position 2 and changed hands more than 700 million yuan, we can confirm that Dexin has already broken the pressure of the biggest set. At this time, the security of buying is very high!

  3: On March 4th, Dexin delivered the third daily limit.

Dexin Transportation opened higher and higher, shrinking the sealing plate, which is obviously an acceleration, no need to operate.

Three minutes, teach you a way to catch the daily limit

  4: On March 5th, Dexin delivered the fourth daily limit.

On this day, the giant earthquake was 15 points, and the end of the day was once again sealed off. The jiacang point appeared.

Three minutes, teach you a way to catch the daily limit

From the time-sharing chart, the German-Newports day opened higher and lower, and when the tail was nearing the diving, it was blocked by a wave of funds to the daily limit. This day is possible to add a position.

Three minutes, teach you a way to catch the daily limit

It can be seen from the K line that the maximum amount of funds for the Dingxin delivery on November 6 was 1.016 billion yuan. In other words, the empty side has a maximum of 1.016 billion chips, but the multi-party of Germany and New Zealand has spent 1.043 billion yuan to buy at the position of the fourth daily limit. Therefore, even after the pre-warning of the set, the German New Year can still limit the day.

You only have a chip of 1.016 billion yuan. I have 1.043 billion yuan of funds. No matter how you are embarrassed, it is definitely not dead.

  5: On March 6th and 7th, Dexin Transportation won the fifth and sixth daily limit.

These two are also very typical shrinkage accelerators and continue to hold shares.

 6: On March 8, Dexin delivered a down limit.

Because of theCITIC Securities(Quotes600030,Medical stockLook at the airResearch reportThe impact of the German new delivery on the day of the opening of the direct limit, the opening of the plate. At this point, the German-Newport delivery wave ended.

Three minutes, teach you a way to catch the daily limit

  The above is the way I use the capital demand and the supply of chips from the perspective of funds, and simulate the whole process of operation of Dexin. Did not look at the whole processDragon and TigerDid not touch the hot spot, nor did it lookfinancial reportIt’s all about operating the stock from the perspective of capital – the fundamental factor in the rise and fall of stocks.

  According to my method, even if there is a bad situation, Dexin will probably get a profit of 30-40%.

  School of Finance: It's so wonderful, the whole analysis process is simple and easy to understand, well-founded and convincing!

  Hunter X: In fact, this is the correct way to do the daily limit. Many investors like to chase hot spots, with the concept of hot money, speculation, in fact, are all in the end, ignoring the most essential way to do stocks.

Of course, the actual operation process is certainly not that simple. It is also necessary to consider the height of the market at that time, the volume of transactions, and the capital dynamics of the daily limit. Stock trading is to choose, buy, hold, sell four points, it is natural to do the right thing.

  School of Finance: Thank you for your interview today.

  Hunter X:you are welcome. This year's market is very good. It is estimated that the GEM will be able to rise at least 3-6 months. I hope everyone can take advantage of this wave of bull markets and earn all the losses before!

 Heavy benefits!

I saw the method of the hunter X teacher. I don’t know if you are still thinking about it. Tell everyone a good news,The School of Finance has already summarized the complete set of operating methods and theoretical basis for the selection, purchase, holding, selling, and risk control of Hunter X’s set of daily limit to “From buying to selling, 7 lessons teach you to catch the daily limit. 》in. Although the course name is full of routines, but I dare to package the content, absolutely 100% dry goods!

The original price of the course is 299 yuan, and the limited time special welfare price is 39.9 yuan.

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Three minutes, teach you a way to catch the daily limit

  Course complete system:

Three minutes, teach you a way to catch the daily limit

Finally, let's say that 2019 is a year for retail investors, a year for the GEM, and a year of doubling assets! There is still 4-6 months from the launch of the Kechuang board. During this time, the hot speculation has never been more popular, just doubled.MonsterThere are 30-40. With trillions of funds coming into the market collectively, hot topics need to be explored. As a retail investor, we must learn how to catch up and make quick money, and seize this big bull market!

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