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    Today, A shares are my own bull market.

    2019-03-13 17:35:57

    Violent A shares

    The bull market is waiting for people. Today, the GEM is rarely adjusted, but the big drop is the lottery, pork concept and technology stocks that have risen a lot in the previous period, and there are a lot of low-post tickets.

    Time is urgent, in order to help everyone seize this adjustment opportunity, I will teach you a stock selection method directly, very eager, want to learn.

    Many investors and friends like to chase hot spots, but I believe that everyone can feel it, basically can't make money. It is often earned 10 points at this point. The next hot spot will be able to put the money down and then put it down. For a long time, it will still lose money.

    In fact, this situation is inevitable. Because of the so-called hotspots, it is originally a large capital (hot money, main force) to use their own capital advantages, using huge amounts of money to put stocks up to the daily limit, when retail investors find stocks daily limit, want to chase high, they have no first-hand advantage . Some investors with more experience can also chase Dragon II and Dragon III to earn the premium of the next day, but most new investors often buy miscellaneous hair.

    Therefore, I really do not recommend retail investors to blindly chase hot spots, just like today, almost all hot spots are dead, what chips, edge computing, power Internet of Things, pork, chicken, all cool, and many are heavenly floors. If you buy the wrong one, you can lose 20 points overnight, and the income from the beginning of the year is a loss.

    And then the method I want to teach can not catch up with hot spots, but also catch the daily limit.

    For example,Yinyi shares.

     Today, A shares are my own bull market.

    This stock is a new energy car concept stock, the performance is not bad, the concept is not fire, other aspects are not very good, but it can successfully seal the daily limit under such a fierce disk today.


    First of all, it is very clear to tell you that there is only one reason for all stocks' daily limit: that is, there is one or a few funds, because they are optimistic about the trend of the stock the next day, so today, at any cost, use the daily limit to buy chips. Thereby earning a premium for the next day.

    Then the problem is coming again.

    Why do big funds dare to play the board of silver billion shares, isn’t it not afraid to sneak up and sneak into the board after being escaping, isn’t it afraid to take over?

    The answer is very simple, because the funds for playing the board of Yinyi shares are clear: the latent fund has already consumed almost all of it.

    The reasons are explained in detail below.

    We know that no matter how much trading data a stock has, the K-line pattern is more complicated, which is a transaction between the buyer and the seller. The buyer (long) holds cash in his hand and wants to get the chips; the seller (short) holds the chips in his hand, hoping to make a profit.

    If the buyer's strength is greater than the seller's strength, that is, the fund's rushing power is stronger than the chip's desire to sell, the stock price will naturally rise. If the fund's rushing power is far greater than the chip's desire to sell, so that the chip can't buy it, the stock will go up.

    Supply is in short supply, prices are rising; oversupply, prices are falling. This is determined by the economic laws of the capital market. The stock market is also a product of the capital market, and it must also abide by this law.

    Going forward, we still take the example of Yinyi shares.

     Today, A shares are my own bull market.

    Yinyi shares had its first daily limit yesterday. In the vicinity of the stock price position of this daily limit, there were three high points in the previous period, andSilver Star EnergyAt these three high points, each time it falls back and there is heavy volume. Without exception.

    This handicap language is easy to understand:It is very optimistic about the shares of Yinyi, and spends a lot of money to buy chips, but the empty side’s selling pressure is too big, the chips are too much, and the main force can’t stand it. The stock price fell, so it fell back.

    Then why did Yinyi shares have a daily limit?

    Because the money of this new main force is enough, all the chips are taken away.

     Today, A shares are my own bull market.

    The three previous highs of Yinyi shares fell back, with 384 million, 590 million and 498 million yuan respectively, and 5.9 billion yuan was the largest in the near future. In other words, the empty side holds at most 599 million chips. If many parties want to break through the red line in the picture (that is, the chip-intensive area of ​​Yinyi shares), they must spend at least 599 million yuan. It is guaranteed that all the chips of the empty side will be caught, and the board will not be fried after the daily limit.

    So, how much has the Yinyi shares sold yesterday?

    From the time-sharing trend of Yinyi shares yesterday, we can see that the board was put on the board twice, the first time at 11:04, the result was blown up; the second time at 14:37, the tail was successfully sealed.

     Today, A shares are my own bull market.

    From the opening to the first board at 11:04, Yinyi shares sold a total of 340 million yuan, far lower than the required turnover of 599 million yuan, so the rear frying board was very bad. If there is no big money to enter the market later, this stock is basically cold.

     Today, A shares are my own bull market.

    In the afternoon, the savior came. Another big fund entered the market and grabbed the stock price. The stock price was up to the daily limit. From the opening to 14:40, the second time, the Yinyi shares sold a total of 644 million yuan.

     Today, A shares are my own bull market.
    3.40 billion yuan <59 million yuan, so the board fell, 644 million yuan> 59,900 million yuan, so it was sealed.

    It's that simple.

    Therefore, the moment when Yinyi shares went on the board for the second time, it was an excellent buying point.

    Today, Yinyi shares will once again limit, if you buy in late trading, now 10 points of meat are stable.

    If you missed the buying point of yesterday, in fact, the moment that the Yinyi shares are closed today, you can also buy it.

     Today, A shares are my own bull market.

    Still the same reason. The bears only have 892 million in chips, but they spend 965 million yuan to buy them. The chips can of course be accepted. This board has no pressure. However, this wrench can be bought quickly, unlike the first board, which can be easily bought.

    The above is the whole process of doing the daily limit operation from the perspective of funds, using the method of capital demand and chip supply. Now I have recorded this method as a complete video course called "From buying to selling, seven lessons teach you to catch the daily limit.

    The course consists of seven lessons, each class is 15-30 minutes, from the election (collection of stocks in the auction stage), buying (buying stocks through the willingness to raise funds), holding (holding through time-sharing and market sentiment), selling ( Through the four angles of the big singles to sell shares, I explained my own trading logic in all aspects. The price was originally set at 299 yuan, and the current price is only 39.9 yuan.. You can buy it directly by clicking on the link below. Remember to use the official version of today's headline APP, don't use the speed version.

    Purchase method 1:

     Learn these three steps, the daily limit is delivered to your door! (newbie must see)

    WeChatScan the QR code above to enter the study

    Purchase method 2:

    1, download and open today's headline APPThe official version (non-speed version), search for "financial stock market college" and enter the home page.

    2. Click on the menu at the bottom of the homepage, “Catch the stoppage”.

     40,000 pieces have not learned the method of bargain-hunting, the last 40 dollars to get it!

    3. After entering the page, click “Buy Now”.

     When the brokerage is ringing, the gold is two!

    After the course was released for a few months, more than 1,000 friends have subscribed and learned my method. In the previous market, I caught a lot of daily limit. The student who earned the most earned 1.06 million in February, which is very cattle X.

     Today, A shares are my own bull market.

    I said that these are not intended to show off how strong they are (because I am really arrogant), just want to remind everyone that it is unrealistic to rely on luck and feeling to grasp the daily limit in the stock market. In the final analysis, it is necessary to talk about methods.My set of methods for catching the ups and downs is very easy to understand, and the operation is very simple. If you can't find a good way in the stock market for many years, then I really recommend that you learn about my trading system. .

    40 blocks are also the transaction cost of a stock, which is not worth mentioning to you or me. But I am confident that this is definitely a great opportunity to help reverse losses, and even double the price of the bull market!

     Today, A shares are my own bull market.

    I want to say so much today, I wish you all the best, I wish you all money.

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    Editor in charge: Liu Yuji

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