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    The market has generally increased the "king of the king" in these sectors. Is the new round of offensives open?

    2019-05-15 15:38:50

    Financial sector website 

     The market has adjusted again, but these stocks continue to strengthen.

    On Wednesday, the two cities rose, the Shanghai index rose nearly 2%, and the GEM index rose more than 2%. The two cities exceeded the 100-day limit and the market was once again active. The rebound is expected to start, and investors can make adjustments in the callback.

    On Wednesday, the liquor sector rose sharply, and Luzhou Laojiao went up, Yanghe shares and Gujinggong wine rose more than 8%, and Guizhou Maotai once rose 5%. The liquor sector has been a steady rise, and its recent performance has also been relatively resistant. It has started again after the market recovers, and the market outlook is expected to continue to be strong. Investors can then focus on some of the relatively low stocks.

    The artificial meat plate has a strong performance, and the daily growth of Shuangta Food, Weiwei, Jinjian Rice and Tianbao Foods. Artificial meat is a new concept in the near future. After the decline in the broader market, it has risen against the trend and has recently adjusted. The concept of artificial meat was launched again on Wednesday, and it is expected to open a second wave of market. Investors can carry out the selection of individual stocks for layout.

    The concept of hydrogen energy is once again active, and Longsheng Technology, Tianke, Donghua Technology and many other stocks have daily limit. The concept of hydrogen energy is the leading sector in the market. It has undergone a major adjustment in recent times, and the rise of Wednesday indicates that its counterattack will start. However, it should be noted that since the concept of hydrogen energy has risen a lot before, it is more likely to open a big market next time, and should respond with a rebound to repair the market.


    Although the recent market performance is weak, we still caught the big bull stock against the trend. Last Tuesday we dug up the Fengle seed industry. Since then, the stock has pulled out three consecutive boards. Last Friday, it hit another daily limit. The first three days of this week was a continuous daily limit. At present, the stock has become the leading stock in the whole market. . If investors buy near the low of last Tuesday, the highest profit is over 60% so far.

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    Since its launch, the historical annualized rate of return has exceeded 50%. During the period, one and another five-plate bull stocks have been dug up, which has also been widely recognized by users.

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     The market has adjusted again, but these stocks continue to strengthen.

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     The market has adjusted again, but these stocks continue to strengthen.

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    Editor in charge: Guo Liang

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