Secretly teach you a trick, step on Zhao's brother, Happy Coast!

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NowadaysMarketA sky-high sun sweeps the haze,Subject stockFull outbreak!The fuel cell,industryThe marijuana, artificial meat, and white wine plates are more flowering.Dagang shares(Quotes002077,Medical stock) 7 boards,Fengle Seed Industry(Quotes000713,Medical stock) 9 days and 8 boards,Twin tower food(Quotes002481,Medical stock) 8 days and 6 plates... The retail investors finally have the hope of eating meat.The Financial Markets School of the Year invited the Hunter X teacher to explain the future of the broader market, and to teach a very efficient stock selection method for free!

This method is easy to learn, even if it is a month old amateur stockholder, you can learn in 5 minutes. Not much to say, please ask the hunter X teacher below!

Secretly teach you a trick, stepping on "Zhao Brother" and "Happy Coast"!

  Financial stock market college:Hunter X teacher, hello.

  Hunter X:Hello,Straight flush(Quotes300033,Medical stockHello everyone.

  Financial stock market college: What do you think about this big Yangxian line today?

  Hunter X: Today's big rise is mainly a repair of the previous mood. The first one is that someone said that it would be very successful to negotiate with our sweaters; the second one isRenminbiStopping, so foreign capital has no reason to sell today; the third is that the index has fallen after the week and Tuesday, and there is no short-selling power itself, so the combination of multiple factors has contributed to today's big Yang Xian.

  Financial stock market college: Do you think the index market will continue to rise?

  Hunter X: The possibility is small. I said that today's big rise is a repair of the previous downswing, so there is no reason to continue to rise after the repair is over. Although the market has risen today, the amount is not enough, indicating that the organization did not enter the market. The second is that the 325 billion tariffs are still on the top of the head, and there is no landing. This will also prevent large funds from building a foothold.

  All in all, the space of the index can't be opened, and it will die to touch 3000 points, and it will come down later.

  Financial stock market college: If the index does not have room for growth, what will the future retail investors rely on to make money?

  Hunter X: The answer is only one: the daily limit.

I feel that it is not just retail investors, even the most popular hot money, as long as it is short-term, earning big money depends on the daily limit. Of course, you can do a oversold rebound, you can do arbitrage with the wind stock, you can even do a T for 20 years. However, if you want to really make a lot of money in A shares, the only way is to limit the board.

  Because the daily limit has the advantage that all other stocks do not have: a premium.

There is a section called " yesterday's daily limit performance", the stock of the previous day (non-word, non-ST) daily limit is selected to increase in the next day, and then the stocks are updated every day. Since January 3, 2019, the cumulative increase in this sector has reached 450.90%. This is the huge profit performance of the daily limit premium.

Secretly teach you a trick, stepping on "Zhao Brother" and "Happy Coast"!

Imagine, if you buy a daily limit board, the opening of the next day is directly higher by 5%. When others are still considering whether to buy or sell, you already have a 5% profit. This kind of good thing is only in the daily limit. It will happen. In fact, just because there is a system of daily limit, only because there is a premium, there is a theme speculation, only to have a board leader, only 10 times the kingEastern Communication(Quotes600776,Medical stock).

  Financial stock market college: Since the daily limit board can get huge profits, why do most retail investors lose money when they do the daily limit?

  Hunter X: The answer is simple: because most retail investors will not do the daily limit.

The daily limit is indeed huge, but at the same time the profits are huge, the risks are also great. Many stocks have a risk of opening after the daily limit, commonly known as "fried board", and once the stock is fried, many of the day are 5 points loss, the next day, then open 5 points, 2 days 10% of the principal The water drifted. yesterdayMatt Technology(Quotes300123,Medical stock), once opened in the session, but then the board fell, ending at -2%, and fell 3% the next day. If you buy it yesterday, 15% of the principal in 2 days is cool, which is unacceptable to all investors.

Secretly teach you a trick, stepping on "Zhao Brother" and "Happy Coast"!

Therefore, the only risk of doing a daily limit is the frying board. As long as the problem of the fried board is solved, the problem of losing money is solved.

  Financial stock market college: Then you can share with us today, how to ensure that the board does not fry after playing?

  Hunter X:of course can. I know that everyone’s losses have been more serious recently, soToday I want to teach you a set of stock picking methods that I have been using for free. This method can basically avoid more than 90% of the board problem, and the success rate is very high. I hope that every shareholder can carefully read my explanation and believe that it will be of great help to your stock selection.

  Financial stock market college: That's great, I thank you all the stocks of the Flush!

  Hunter X:you are welcome. I don't have much to say, I will teach the method directly below.

First, before teaching methods, we must clarify three rules that I call "short-line axioms":

1. A-share is a T+1 trading system. The funds purchased on the same day cannot be sold on the same day, so the funds sold on the same day must be bought before.

2. The total amount of tradable chips in a stock is certain. The maximum is that the circulation is all replaced. In a certain price range, the total amount of active chips in the stock is relatively fixed. Except for Zhuang shares.

3, 1 stock iscapital marketThe product, price fluctuations must also follow the rules of the capital market: supply and demand. Supply exceeds demand, prices fall; demand exceeds supply, prices rise.

2 In the A-shares, the supply is the chip supplier, that is, the person holding the stock in his hand, commonly known as the short-seller; need to be the chip demand side, that is, the person holding the money in his hand, commonly known as the long.

3 When the short-selling chip sells more power than the multi-party demand for chips, the stock falls; when the short-selling chip sells less than the demand for chips, the stock rises; when the short-selling chip sells far less than the demand for chips So that the chip is simply not able to grab, at this time the stock rose.

  Through the above three axioms, we can draw a very important conclusion: a stock in a certain price range, the total amount of chips in the bears is fixed. When the bulls spent a lot of money to take over the chips in the hands of the bears, all the short chips were sold off. If the stock price can still maintain a strong position, then the short position has no stocks to lose, the probability of the fried board will be greatly reduced, then we will buy the board, the operation success rate will be greatly improved!

  Financial stock market college: The logic is clear and the theory is very hard. Can you give another example of a stock to help understand?

  Hunter X: Of course, I will use the daily limit yesterday.Tianyin Electrical and Mechanical(Quotes300342,Medical stockFor example, let's explain the practical application of this method.

The next content is very important, everyone must look carefully!

Secretly teach you a trick, stepping on "Zhao Brother" and "Happy Coast"!

Tianyin Electromechanical's main business refrigerator compressor accessories, as well as5G conceptThe market value of 5 billion, the profit of 97 million... Of course, these are not the hot spots of our concern, because the essence of stock rise is capital-driven, we only need to know, what happened to the funds inside Tianyin Electromechanical yesterday?

From yesterday's time-sharing trend, Tianyin Electromechanical Co., Ltd. opened the plate and opened the plate for about 15 minutes and then quickly hit the daily limit. After that, Tianyin Electromechanical did not seal, but continued to experience several times on the daily limit.Change handsThere were several frying boards during the period.

Secretly teach you a trick, stepping on "Zhao Brother" and "Happy Coast"!

According to my method, Tianyin Electromechanical was a very good buying opportunity yesterday.

  Financial stock market college: Why do you say that?

  Hunter X: We look closely at the chart of Tianyin Electromechanical. It can be found that there are several very obvious areas of heavy volume in the vicinity of yesterday's daily limit. In these areas of heavy volume, the K line is either high or low.

Secretly teach you a trick, stepping on "Zhao Brother" and "Happy Coast"!

This trend illustrates a problem:At the price level, Tianyin Electromechanical has a lot of sets of plates. Therefore, whenever there is funds to pull the stock price up to the vicinity of the range, there will be a large number of short-selling chips to start selling, which will cause the stock price to fall back.

The long position of Tianyin Electromechanical wants to successfully limit the daily limit, and must pay enough funds.

  Financial stock market college: How much money does it need?

  Hunter X: There are 3 times on the K line, which is obviously enlarged by Tianyin Electromechanical Trading Volume (resistance), which is 161 million on March 8, 237 million on April 3, and 196 million on April 25, of which the volume The biggest is 237 million on April 3.

Secretly teach you a trick, stepping on "Zhao Brother" and "Happy Coast"!

This 237 million yuan is the biggest set-up for Tianyin Electromechanical.

  As long as the amount of funds invested by Tianyin Electromechanical Co., Ltd. exceeds 237 million yuan, in theory, all the arbitrage discs can be rescued and all the selling pressure can be released. If Tianyin Electromechanical can continue to maintain its strength at this time, then we will buy it at this time, and the success rate will be greatly improved!

  Financial stock market college: Why is the biggest selling pressure to choose the largest 237 million yuan instead of adding all of them?

  Hunter X: This is a conceptual mistake that novices can easily make. The reason is very simple. The set of funds in this case is not dead, it is in the trading state, and it is produced after many turnovers. So, if you calculate the sum of the set, it is equivalent to double counting.

  Financial stock market college: It turns out that. So how do you determine that the short-selling 237 million yuan of the biggest set of funds has been "eaten" by the bulls?

  Hunter X: Let's review the time-sharing trend of Tianyin Electromechanical yesterday:

1 From 9:30-10:14, Tianyin Electromechanical was on the board for the first time. At that time, a total of 142 million yuan was sold.

Secretly teach you a trick, stepping on "Zhao Brother" and "Happy Coast"!

Can I buy it at this time? Of course not! Tianyin Electromechanical's set-up plate has 237 million yuan, only 142 million yuan to seal the board, which means that there are still nearly 100 million yuan of latent financing, this part of the funds may be smashed at any time, so this position can not buy!

2 From 9:30:10:30, the second time on the board, the volume of 227 million yuan, still can not buy, the reason is the same, not repeated.

Secretly teach you a trick, stepping on "Zhao Brother" and "Happy Coast"!

3 From 9:30:10:32, the transaction volume is 250 million yuan, which is greater than the maximum chip volume of 237 million yuan. That is to say, the shorts only have 237 million yuan in commodities, but the bulls spent 250 million yuan to buy them. The multi-headed force is greater than the short-selling power, and the buying point appears!

Secretly teach you a trick, stepping on "Zhao Brother" and "Happy Coast"!

The above is all the steps I have to judge from the perspective of funds. If you have learned my method before, you can easily select the stock of Tianyin Electromechanical, and today the daily limit board can be eaten.

  Many of my students, I didn’t have to say more yesterday, I bought Tianyin Electromechanical, and I successfully got a daily limit today.

Secretly teach you a trick, stepping on "Zhao Brother" and "Happy Coast"!

Secretly teach you a trick, stepping on "Zhao Brother" and "Happy Coast"!

  Financial stock market college: After reading it, it is like a potting, it turns out that this is the correct boarding operation!

  Hunter XIn fact, stocks are like this. Stocks seem to be volatile. In fact, there are reasonable reasons behind them. The so-called excellent performance, good news, and policy support are actually very imaginary. The real cause of rising stock prices and even the daily limit is always the driving force behind the funds.

Hot money can not make money every time, but the hot money is profitable by small losses, has been compounded, and achieves steady growth of income, and finally created all kinds of profiteering myths!

  Financial stock market college: I have gained a lot today, thank you for your interview, goodbye!

  Hunter X:you are welcome. Next, there will be a big wave of stocks in the theme stocks. I hope everyone can make big money and make quick money.

  After reading the introduction of Hunter X teacher, do you want to learn the whole day of the Hunter X teacher's trading method? Now scan the QR code below, you can purchase the Hunter X course "from buying to selling, seven lessons to teach you to catch the daily limit", learning Hunter X including stock picking, stock buying, holding shares, selling shares, etc. The whole set of trading methods.

  (Friends who can't see the QR code, in today's headline APPSearch for "Financial Stock Market Academy" and click on the bottom menu to grab the daily limit to enter the course. )

Secretly teach you a trick, step on Zhao's brother, Happy Coast!

The original price of the course is 299 yuan. The discount price is 39.9 yuan for today and tomorrow. The price is very cheap, but the content is absolutely dry!

Regarding the course of Hunter X teacher, I said that it doesn't work. Let's take a look at the evaluation of the old iron that I bought before. I know that the course is good or bad.

After Fengle Seeds earned 35%, I took this ticket again!

After the subscription is completed, WeChat scans the QR code below to add the assistant WeChatJrj2078Receive course supporting courseware. Later Hunter X will hold regular lectures and live broadcasts on the course content to help you understand the course content more quickly and master the method of catching up and down.

Add "meat" to "meat"! This stock may have to be board tomorrow!

Beijing stocks earned 30,000 in 3 days. How did he do it?

The course consists of seven lessons, each lesson is 20-30 minutes. All the methods of catching up and stopping are mentioned in the course. Course Catalog:

Secretly teach you a trick, stepping on "Zhao Brother" and "Happy Coast"!

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