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Hainan Haiyao(Shenzhen: 000566)

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  • Hainan Haiya stocks preview

Date of listing:1994-05-25

Issue price:5.8 yuan

Date of establishment:1992-12-30

Total number of employees (person):2350


General manager:Wang Haifan

Registered capital:133,597.92 (ten thousand yuan)

Main business

    Research and development, production and sales of pharmaceuticals and medical devices

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Capital flows
Total net inflow of funds
Total inflow of funds, total outflow


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Sell ​​1----

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--up to date--Open today --Ups and downs--highest --Gain--lowest --Total hand--lump sum --Volume ratio--Change hands --Daily limit--Down limit --Inner disk--Outer disk

--P/E ratio0.171Income (3) 2.03P/B ratio3.55 yuanNet assets 1.103 billionCirculating shares8.252 billionFlow value 1.336 billionTotal share capital99.93 billionTotal value



  • Reporting period: 2018-09-30, the next pre-disclosure time: 2018-10-25More>>
  • financial indicator
Reporting period 18th quarter 18 interim report 18 season 17 years old 17th quarter
Basic earnings per share (yuan) 0.170 0.120 0.050 0.060 0.130
Attributable net profit (100 million yuan) 2.29 1.49 0.7235 0.8663 1.76
Year-on-year growth rate of attributable net profit (%) 30.05 31.61 9.38 -47.38 4.13
Net assets per share (yuan) 3.55 3.49 3.62 3.63 4.05
Weighted return on equity (%) 4.87 3.11 1.51 1.64 3.23
Total operating income (100 million yuan) 20.50 11.53 6.57 18.25 12.58
Year-on-year growth rate of revenue (%) 62.95 51.06 61.68 18.17 21.05
Operating profit margin (%) 13.57 15.44 13.61 6.05 16.62
Inventory turnover rate (times) 2.02 0.83 0.62 2.18 1.69
Assets and liabilities(%) 51.18 51.49 51.61 51.86 46.87

Earnings per share for the third quarter of 2017: 0.130 yuan, the industry average: 0.42 yuan,
Industry ranking: 221/271, the largest industry value:Livzon Group

Earnings per shareNet profitTotal operating incomeRoeAssets and liabilities
  • Equity shareholder

Data date: 2018-09-30More>>

Shareholder nameNumber of shares held
Holding shares
Yunnan International Trust Co., Ltd. - Juli 36 single 13,359.79 12.11% Unchanged
Shenzhen Nanfang Tongzheng Investment Co., Ltd. 13,232.98 12.00% Reduction
Southern Tongzheng-Western Securities -17 Tongzheng EB Guarantee 9,189.9 8.33% Overweight
Haikou Fuhaifu Investment Co., Ltd. 4,287.52 3.89% Unchanged
Junkang Life Insurance Co., Ltd.-Universal Insurance 4,029.48 3.65% Unchanged
Hainan Haiyao Co., Ltd. repurchased special securities account 3,861.41 3.50% Overweight
Hu Jing 2,140.29 1.94% Overweight
Jinyuan Shun'an Fund-Agricultural Bank-Hangzhou Tongwu Investment 1,308.25 1.19% Unchanged
SDIC Taikang Trust Co., Ltd. - SDIC Taikang Trust Run 1,230.31 1.12% Reduction
Xinhua Fund-Minsheng Bank-Founder East Asia Trust Limited 1,061.75 0.96% Overweight
Data date: 2018-09-30More>> Trend in shareholder

The latest shareholder number on September 30, 2018 was 44,739, the previous issue was 43,521, with a range of 2.8%.

  • Updated: 2018-11-21More>>
  • Hainan Haiyao Agency Rating
profit prediction
Forecast indicator2017201820192020
PE (times)104.6057.0438.6228.45
EPS (yuan)
Net profit (100 million yuan)0.86632.743.514.49
ROE (%)1.786.006.405.60
Institutional rating

In the past month, a total of 1 institution participated in the rating and predicted the target price: -- yuan.

  • Hainan Haiyao Investment Essentials

Point 1:Announcement on the evening of April 18, 2016. After the adjustment, the company intends to increase the donation of not more than RMB 3 billion for telemedicine and other projects to Tongnan (the controlling shareholder of the company, the subscription ratio is not less than 1.6 billion yuan). The company will negotiate with the sponsor institution to confirm the final issue price, and the sales period is 36 months. In the fundraising project, the telemedicine service platform project plans to invest 1.7 billion yuan to build a remote ECG diagnosis and treatment platform, a remote B-ultrasound diagnosis and treatment platform, and a remote DR diagnosis and treatment platform. The construction period is 36 months. Hainan Haiyao Biomedical Industry The park project is planned to invest 700 million yuan, and the construction period is 24 months. The Hunan Lianqiao Pharmaceutical Chinese Medicine Storage Center plans to invest 600 million yuan, with a construction period of 24 months. After the issuance, the company's controlling interest remains unchanged.

Point 2:Announced on the afternoon of July 7, 2016, on July 6, 2016, Southern Tongzheng increased its shareholding in the secondary market through the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's securities trading system by 1,605,300 shares, accounting for 0.15% of the company's total share capital. Calculated according to the average price of 11.21 yuan / share, the amount of this increase is 179.954 million yuan. After this increase, Southern Tongzheng holds 325 million shares of the company, accounting for 29.75% of the company's total share capital.

Point 3:In August 2015, the company plans to increase the capital of Xinda Air Hospital by 10 million yuan. After completion, it will become 25.04% and become the largest shareholder, and provide financial support for two years without exceeding 30 million yuan. With the “Air Hospital Network” as the core platform, Jinshengda has established a remote medical treatment center with a number of hospitals to complete hundreds of thousands of services. As of the end of June 2015, the net assets were 3,926,900 yuan, and the revenue from January to June was 1.3 million. Yuan, the trading party promised that its revenue in 2015 and 2016 will be no less than 12 million yuan, 45 million yuan, and the net profit after tax will be no less than 2.5 million yuan and 8 million yuan. Through this investment, the company further increased the Internet medical health industry.

Point 4:In June 2015, the shareholders' meeting agreed that the company increased its capital of Chongqing Yade by 31.05 million yuan, accounting for 28.65% of the shares. (The company distributed mobile medical care on February 28 with 30 million yuan of its own funds to participate in Chongqing Yade (accounting for 18.57%). Chongqing Yade's main medical and health information service (natural person Qin Qin 35.44%), its "medical affairs "For the country's leading mobile medical health cloud service platform, providing patients with independent diagnosing services, the number of registered users is nearly 6 million, has completed the HIS interface debugging of nearly 180 top three hospitals under the line, and its commitment to 2015-2016 net profit is not Less than 30 million yuan, 50 million yuan.

Point 5:In June 2015, the company plans to invest 100 million yuan in its own funds to invest in two equity investment funds to accelerate the deployment of the mobile medical health industry. Among them, it is planned to invest 50 million yuan to Pingsheng Fund, the target collection scale is 303 million yuan, and the fund manager is Pingding Dingchuang (100% holding subsidiary of Ping An Group); at the same time, the company plans to subscribe 50 million yuan and Chunfeng Investment to set up Spring Breeze Fund. The target collection scale is 300 million yuan. The fund will focus on mobile health and health management equity investments, and use the "Spring Rain Doctor" APP to focus on the mobile Internet health field.

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