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Individual margin financing query:
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Margin trading history data
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Margin Financing Formula Description:

·Financing balance = Financing balance of the previous day + Financing buy-in of today - Financing financing today;

·Financing reimbursement = today's direct repayment amount + today's securitization repayment + today's financing compulsory liquidation + today financing is the adjustment of equity - today financing negative equity adjustment;

·Margin margin = margin margin before the day + the number of securities sold today - the amount of securities lending today;

·Coupon redemption = coupon redemption volume today + the amount of coupons today + coupons + coupon liquidation of the current day + the right to adjust the bonds - today adjusted the rights and interests of securities lending - coupons should be transferred today;

·Margin balance = today's financing balance + margin margin amount today

·Balance difference = financing balance - margin balance

·Loan units: shares (the subject of the securities for the stock) / copies (the underlying securities for the fund) / hand (the underlying securities for the bond).