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Nets Technology(Shenzhen: 300017)

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  • NetScience Technology Shares Preview

Date of listing:2009-10-30

Issue price:24.0 yuan

Date of establishment:2000-01-26

Total number of employees (person):3748


General manager:Liu Chengyan

Registered capital:243,200.61 (ten thousand yuan)

Main business

    Provide customers with services such as Content Distribution and Acceleration (CDN), Internet Data Center (IDC), Cloud Computing, and Cloud Security

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Capital flows
Total net inflow of funds
Total inflow of funds, total outflow


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Sell ​​1----

Transaction--Present--Speed ​​market

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--up to date--Open today --Ups and downs--highest --Gain--lowest --Total hand--lump sum --Volume ratio--Change hands --Daily limit--Down limit --Inner disk--Outer disk

--P/E ratio0.252Income (3) 2.23P/B ratio3.48 yuanNet assets 19.23 billionCirculating shares153.83 billionFlow value 2.433 billionTotal share capital19.468 billionTotal value



  • Reporting period: 2018-09-30, the next pre-disclosure time: 2018-10-30More>>
  • financial indicator
Reporting period 18th quarter 18 interim report 18 season 17 years old 17th quarter
Basic earnings per share (yuan) 0.252 0.185 0.090 0.340 0.238
Attributable net profit (100 million yuan) 6.13 4.49 2.18 8.30 5.72
Year-on-year growth rate of attributable net profit (%) 7.16 8.04 10.76 -33.59 -37.53
Net assets per share (yuan) 3.48 3.41 3.36 3.30 3.21
Weighted return on equity (%) 7.46 5.52 2.69 10.91 7.63
Total operating income (100 million yuan) 46.32 30.60 15.27 53.73 37.97
Year-on-year growth rate of revenue (%) 21.98 25.29 29.96 20.83 17.84
Operating profit margin (%) 14.13 15.82 15.54 15.51 15.14
Inventory turnover rate (times) 120.84 74.87 36.40 25.38 9.88
Assets and liabilities(%) 27.82 25.41 24.29 22.31 19.10

Earnings per share for the third quarter of 2017: 0.238 yuan, the industry average: 0.19 yuan,
Industry ranking: 44/125, the largest industry value:Yilian Network

Earnings per shareNet profitTotal operating incomeRoeAssets and liabilities
  • Equity shareholder

Data date: 2018-09-30More>>

Shareholder nameNumber of shares held
Holding shares
Chen Baozhen 38,359.77 19.95% Overweight
Ziguang Group Co., Ltd. 9,701.98 5.05% Overweight
Liu Chengyan 7,219.5 3.75% Unchanged
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Co., Ltd. - Yi Fangda Venture 2,843.32 1.48% Overweight
China Securities Finance Corporation 2,339.78 1.22% Overweight
China Construction Bank Corporation - Huaan GEM 2,162.53 1.12% Overweight
China Construction Bank Corporation - Huaan GEM 2,162.53 1.12% Overweight
Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. 1,929.99 1.00% Overweight
Lu Qinghui 1,611.57 0.84% Unchanged
Taikang Life Insurance Co., Ltd. - Investment Link - Industry 1,243.58 0.65% Reduction
Data date: 2018-09-30More>> Trend in shareholder

The latest shareholder number on September 30, 2018 was 107,138. The previous issue was 112,463, with a range of -4.73%.

  • Update date: 2018-12-01More>>
  • Nets Technology Agency Rating
profit prediction
Forecast indicator2017201820192020
PE (times)20.5023.6918.5714.69
EPS (yuan)0.340.400.510.64
Net profit (100 million yuan)8.309.6312.2215.47
ROE (%)10.4411.0512.4613.82
Institutional rating

In the past month, a total of 7 institutions participated in the rating, and the average target price was predicted: -- yuan.

  • Netstay Technology Investment Essentials

Point 1:The initial fund-raising investment of 131.7 million yuan in the "CDN network acceleration platform technology upgrade and expansion project" (completed), including CDN acceleration node expansion, CDN technology research and development and R & D center expansion, within two years, the entire network range The expansion of 400G bandwidth capacity has been added, and 11 new nodes have been added (currently there are 88 in the whole country). After the project is put into production, the company's CDN has a new bandwidth of 400G. The estimated annual average profit is 33.61 million yuan and the investment is 110.74 million yuan. Streaming media and online game Internet data center (IDC) dedicated platform construction project (72.93%, completed construction target), 10 dedicated platforms and 5 online games Internet data center dedicated platforms in Beijing, Shanghai and other places, projects After the production, the company's IDC business income will exceed 300 million yuan, with an average annual profit of 22.19 million yuan. At the end of September 2015, the above two projects realized benefits of 269,166,600 yuan and 11,783,640 yuan respectively.

Point 2:In September 2015, the company's 14.52 million stock option incentive plans were awarded for registration. In August 2015, 445 incentives were awarded 14.59 million stock options. In July 2015, the company proposed to grant 14.59 million stock options to 445 incentives, with an exercise price of 57.90 yuan. The exercise ratio is 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%. Exercise conditions: Compared with 2014, the net profit growth in 2015-2018 is not less than 40%, 70%, 100%, 130%.

Point 3:In August 2015, the application for non-public offering of shares was accepted by the CSRC. In June 2015, the shareholders' meeting agreed that the company will increase the amount of no. 81.191 million shares to 43.91 million shares and not more than 3.6 billion yuan for investment in community cloud projects, overseas CDN projects and cloud security projects. It is planned to use 2.2 billion yuan to invest in the community cloud project. The cloud is mainly composed of content and application operation platform, community cloud node, smart home terminal and supporting business operation support platform. The project construction period is 3 years, and the annual new business income is 2.764 billion. Yuan, the annual total new profit is 420 million yuan, and the overseas CDN project will use 1.05 billion yuan of raised funds. This fundraising project plans to complete the construction of CDN nodes and CDN control platforms at home and abroad, and establish localized marketing team and marketing subsidiary. And through the establishment of overseas R&D centers to further strengthen the company's CDN business strength, and better provide professional and customized CDN services for overseas customers. The project construction period is 3 years. After completion, the annual new business income will be 1.228 billion yuan. The total profit is 290 million yuan and 350 million yuan is used for cloud security projects. The project plans to build and operate a cloud security platform based on NetScience's mature network security protection technology. After completion, the company will be able to provide "hosting/computing" to various Internet customers. The one-stop service for accelerating safety is expected to last for three years. After completion, the annual new operating income will be 300 million yuan, and the total annual new profit will be 112 million yuan.

Point 4:In June 2015, the company plans to launch the first phase of the employee stock ownership plan (the initial proposed fund raising amount does not exceed 400 million yuan), and entrust Xingzhen Securities Asset Management Co., Ltd. to set up Xingzheng Asset Management Xinzhong-NetScience Technology 1 No. Oriented Asset Management Plan, and is managed by Xingzheng Asset Management to manage all assets of the employee stock ownership plan. The employee's shareholding plan through the NetScience 1 subscription company this non-public offering of shares amount of not more than 400 million yuan, the proposed subscription does not exceed 9.113 million shares, the price of 43.95 yuan / share. The employee stock ownership plan lasts for 48 months and the subscription lock-up period is 36 months.

Point 5:In May 2015, the company and Ningbo Chenhui jointly established the Chenhui Shengjing M&A Fund. The target collection scale was 1 billion yuan, of which the company used its own funds to subscribe for a fund share of 30 million yuan. The investment direction of Chenhui Shengjing M&A Fund is: TMT (tech, media, communication industry), large consumption and innovation upgrade traditional industry equity investment; mergers and acquisitions related to the upgrade and transformation of listed companies, including collaborative acquisition, leveraged buyout And share investment.

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