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Tonglu shares(Shanghai: 600365)

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Tonglu sharesHas been suspended, how to operate in the market?Please immediatelyConsulting expert(already168Consultation)

Industry / concept (2 in total)
Beverage manufacturing 0.53%




Guizhou Maotai679.701.07%


Jilin Province -0.65%

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  • Tonglu shares stock preview

Date of listing:2001-01-15

Issue price:7.08 yuan

Date of establishment:1999-01-27

Total number of employees (person):599

Region:Jilin Province

General manager:He Weimin

Registered capital:40,000 (ten thousand yuan)

Main business

    The company is a company that focuses on fruit wine, wine manufacturing and sales.

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Capital flows
Total net inflow of funds
Total inflow of funds, total outflow


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--P/E ratio0.005Income (3) 2.26P/B ratio1.73 yuanNet assets 400 millionCirculating shares1.564 billionFlow value 400 millionTotal share capital1.564 billionTotal value



  • Reporting period: 2018-09-30, the next pre-disclosure time: 2019-04-13More>>
  • financial indicator
Reporting period 18th quarter 18 interim report 18 season 17 years old 17th quarter
Basic earnings per share (yuan) 0.005 0.020 0.010 0.020 0.007
Attributable net profit (100 million yuan) 0.0207 0.0607 0.0271 0.0606 0.0272
Year-on-year growth rate of attributable net profit (%) -24.08 428.92 22.51 192.83 163.94
Net assets per share (yuan) 1.73 1.74 1.73 1.72 1.70
Weighted return on equity (%) 0.30 0.88 0.39 0.88 0.36
Total operating income (100 million yuan) 6.68 5.08 3.95 9.20 5.99
Year-on-year growth rate of revenue (%) 11.61 7.40 9.42 54.80 59.34
Operating profit margin (%) 5.09 5.79 4.10 4.89 3.92
Inventory turnover rate (times) 1.46 1.23 1.08 2.10 1.44
Assets and liabilities(%) 29.20 23.88 19.38 31.82 25.45

Earnings per share for the third quarter of 2017: 0.007 yuan, industry average: 0.68 yuan,
Industry ranking: 107/123, the largest industry value:Guizhou Maotai

Earnings per shareNet profitTotal operating incomeRoeAssets and liabilities
  • Equity shareholder

Data date: 2018-09-30More>>

Shareholder nameNumber of shares held
Holding shares
Jilin Province Jixiang Jiade Investment Co., Ltd. 4,283.32 10.71% Unchanged
Yin Bing 2,269 5.67% Unchanged
Lucky Hotel Co., Ltd. 1,980 4.95% Unchanged
Ziguang Group Co., Ltd. 1,182.62 2.96% Unchanged
Wen Xupu 1,000 2.50% Unchanged
Yang Xuenong 800 2.00% Unchanged
Beijing Ziguang Communication Technology Group Co., Ltd. 480.01 1.20% Unchanged
Jiangsu Haiya Communication Technology Co., Ltd. 475.96 1.19% Overweight
Jiangsu Haiya Communication Technology Co., Ltd. 475.96 1.19% Unchanged
Nanjing Yijingyuan Communication Technology Co., Ltd. 455.87 1.14% Overweight
Data date: 2018-09-30More>> Trend in shareholder

The latest shareholder number on September 30, 2018 was 35,525, compared with 29,622 in the previous period, with a margin of 19.93%.

  • Update date: no updatesMore>>
  • Tongluo shares agency rating
profit prediction
No forecast
Institutional rating

In the past month, a total of 1 institution participated in the rating, and the average target price was predicted to be 15.00 yuan.

  • Tongluo shares investment points

Point 1:In March 2015, the shareholders' meeting agreed that the company obtained a 51% stake in Jiu Runyuan after the completion of the transaction with a consideration of 66.69 million yuan, including: a cash increase of 34.69 million yuan to obtain a 25.53% stake in Jiu Runyuan; at the same time, the counterparty will increase the capital after the nine-run The source of 24.47% equity was transferred to the company at a consideration of 32 million yuan. The equity transfer payment was paid in batches according to the conditions, corresponding to Jiu Runyuan's 2015-17 net profit of 250.796 million yuan, 301.614 million yuan, 35.103 million yuan. Jiu Runyuan is committed to providing liquor, red wine and edible oil to the e-commerce platform, and realizes partial online retail through the online flagship store. In 2012, 2013 and January-November 2014, the net profit was 2,758,800 yuan and 4,353,700 yuan. 1184.95 million yuan. The acquisition of Jiu Runyuan can open up the market space for the company's quality red wine and improve the industrial chain layout from production to sales.

Point 2:After the Shanghai Free Trade Zone was officially listed, Tongshang Co., Ltd. established an operational headquarters in Shanghai to achieve a two-level leap. First, it established a marketing center in Changchun, the provincial capital, and now has its operational headquarters in Shanghai. The Shanghai Operations Headquarters has set up a wine marketing college. Jin Hao has served as the dean of the China Wine and Wine Expert Committee and established a full-time part-time trainer. Just after the Spring Festival in 2014, the Marketing Academy organized the “Intensive Training Week”. Nearly 100 business backbones of the company participated in the training in batches, including 25 WSET Level 2 training courses, including four senior executives. The company plans to reach 100 employees of WSET Level 2 within three years, and 30 employees who have obtained WSET Level 3 qualifications, and comprehensively improve the professional quality of the employees.

Point 3:The company has set up two model markets, namely Jilin Province and Liaoning Province, and set up Fujian market (including Hainan Guangdong) as a key market. Other markets are non-model markets, and determine the annual sales of model markets, key markets and other non-model markets. Plan. The company achieves sales targets through omni-channel operation. The catering channels serve as the leading channel for key operations, and the business channels and distribution channels are auxiliary channels, and at the same time, the promotion of group purchase channels is emphasized. On the basis of continuing to consolidate the two model markets, we will promote the rapid rise and development of the national market.

Point 4:On February 16, 2016, Tongbai shares (600365) real control person Yin Bing and his concerted action auspicious Guardian optimistic about the company's development prospects, from January 21st to February 15th, the cumulative increase in the company's over 20 million shares, accounting for The stock ratio is 5%. Up to now, Yin Bing and the concerted action do not rule out the possibility of restructuring or business integration in the next 12 months.

Point 5:On the evening of May 13, 2016, the company announced that in order to speed up the company's industrial development, the company plans to invest 200 million yuan with Jilin Province Investment Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Jilin Province Investment"), Beijing Dingdian Taifu Investment Management Co., Ltd. (referred to as " Dingdian Capital") and other joint ventures to set up investment funds, the investment targets are mainly pharmaceutical companies within the scope of Jilin Province. Upon application, the company's stock will resume trading on May 16.

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