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Hangfa Technology(Shanghai: 600391)

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  • Hangfa Technology stocks preview

Date of listing:2001-12-12

Issue price:5.17 yuan

Date of establishment:1999-12-28

Total number of employees (person):5203

Area:Sichuan Province

General manager:Cong Chunyi

Registered capital:33,012.94 (ten thousand yuan)

Main business

    The main business is "aero-engine, aero-engine and gas turbine parts, bearing R & D and manufacturing, export subcontracting, derivative civilian products" and other mechanical processing business

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Capital flows
Total net inflow of funds
Total inflow of funds, total outflow


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--P/E ratio-0.234Income (3) 2.41P/B ratio5.16 yuanNet assets 303 millionCirculating shares4,097 millionFlow value 303 millionTotal share capital4,097 millionTotal value



  • Reporting period: 2018-09-30, the next pre-disclosure time: 2018-10-30More>>
  • financial indicator
Reporting period 18th quarter 18 interim report 18 season 17 years old 17th quarter
Basic earnings per share (yuan) -0.230 -0.140 -0.040 0.140 0.070
Attributable net profit (100 million yuan) -0.7732 -0.4685 -0.1166 0.4687 0.2264
Year-on-year growth rate of attributable net profit (%) -441.44 -271.37 -465.28 10.16 -42.96
Net assets per share (yuan) 5.16 5.24 5.38 5.41 5.34
Weighted return on equity (%) -4.43 -2.66 -0.65 2.66 1.30
Total operating income (100 million yuan) 13.94 8.91 3.85 22.59 13.18
Year-on-year growth rate of revenue (%) 5.79 -4.10 -3.38 6.26 -14.75
Operating profit margin (%) -4.57 -4.53 -2.51 3.47 2.36
Inventory turnover rate (times) 0.46 0.30 0.12 0.77 0.44
Assets and liabilities(%) 65.19 64.47 62.86 63.56 64.09

Earnings per share for the third quarter of 2017: 0.070 yuan, the industry average: 0.41 yuan,
Industry ranking: 113/144, the largest industry value:Zhaofeng shares

Earnings per shareNet profitTotal operating incomeRoeAssets and liabilities
  • Equity shareholder

Data date: 2018-09-30More>>

Shareholder nameNumber of shares held
Holding shares
China Airlines Hair Chengdu Engine Co., Ltd. 11,890.73 36.02% Unchanged
China Construction Bank Corporation - Penghua China Securities 312.69 0.95% Reduction
National Social Security Fund 141 199.99 0.61% Unchanged
Lynch 156.44 0.47% Unchanged
Xu Teng 134 0.41% Overweight
Sun Wei 134.4 0.41% Unchanged
Hong Kong Central Clearing Limited 99.23 0.30% Reduction
Mu Yongjie 88.01 0.27% Unchanged
China Merchants Securities Co., Ltd. - Qianhai Kaiyuan Zhonghangjun 78.76 0.24% Overweight
Lu Xiaoyi 80 0.24% Reduction
Data date: 2018-09-30More>> Trend in shareholder

The latest shareholder number on September 30, 2018 was 49,120, compared with 48879 in the previous period, with a 0.49% margin.

  • Update date: 2018-11-16More>>
  • Hangfa Technology Agency Rating
profit prediction
Forecast indicator2017201820192020
PE (times)152.9281.0065.3355.30
EPS (yuan)
Net profit (100 million yuan)0.46870.94001.231.74
ROE (%)2.633.004.005.00
Institutional rating

In the past month, a total of 1 institution participated in the rating and predicted the target price: -- yuan.

  • Hangfa Technology Investment Essentials

Point 1:The company's main components of aero-engines and gas turbines are firmly committed to the development goals of "a world-class aerospace engine parts supplier." In addition to GE, RR, P&W and other major international aero engine companies, the partners have newly developed new customers such as Snecma, Honeywell, Siemens and Schlumberger. Foreign trade subcontract production has gradually shifted from a single low-end aerospace component manufacturing to a high-end unit delivery of the industrial chain, and is becoming a world-class supplier of aero-engine and gas turbine components. In 2013, the company won the "Best Supplier Award" from RR Company. Now it has become the strategic development supplier of Honeywell China, the core supplier of Schlumberger Asia, and the new R&D partner of GE Aviation. , GE energy compressor blade inspection-free supplier.

Point 2:The company has the qualification for weapons and equipment research and production license certification, the national second-class confidential certification, the national defense, national defense testing and calibration laboratory accreditation of the national defense secondary regional metering station and the physical and chemical testing center through the national laboratory qualification; passed the ISO9001 GJB9001A and AS9100-B quality system certification, special processes such as heat treatment, welding, non-destructive testing, chemical processing, coating and non-traditional processing have obtained NADCAP certification from International Aerospace.

Point 3:On October 13, 2015, the company issued the announcement “Sichuan Chengfa Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. Major Events and Resumption Announcement” (Announcement No.: Pro 2015-034), stating that “the relevant national departments are developing aviation engines under AVIC The actual controller of the company will be changed. On March 2, 2016, the higher authorities announced the proposed establishment of China Aviation Engine Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Aviation Development Corporation). Appointment of the chairman, party secretary, general manager, and deputy secretary of the party group.

Point 4:Announced on September 20, 2018, the board of directors of China Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd. recently received a written resignation report submitted by Mr. Yi Xuebin, the deputy general manager. Mr. Yi Xuebin resigned as the deputy general manager of the company for personal reasons. Mr. Yi Xuebin resigned and took effect from the date of deliberation and approval by the board of directors.

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