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Mingyang Intelligence(Shanghai: 601615)

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Industry / concept (2 in total)
Power supply equipment 0.31%

N Mingyang6.8444.00%

Power source5.0110.11%

Yan Wei Xinneng6.4410.09%

Shenghong shares19.2110.02%

Xiongyi shares20.597.52%

Guangdong Province 0.05%

Stock nameLatest priceQuote change


  • Mingyang smart stock preview

Date of listing:2019-01-23

Issue price:4.75 yuan

Date of establishment:2006-06-02

Total number of employees (person):5220

Region:Guangdong Province

General manager:Zhang Chuanwei

Registered capital:137,972.23 (ten thousand yuan)

Main business

    Engaged in high-end equipment manufacturing of new energy, investment and operation of new energy power stations and intelligent management business.

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Total net inflow of funds
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--P/E ratio0.187Income (3) --P/B ratio3.11 yuanNet assets 276 millionCirculating shares--Flow value 1.380 billionTotal share capital--Total value



  • Reporting period: 2018-09-30, the next period of pre-disclosure: no updateMore>>
  • financial indicator
Reporting period 18th quarter 18 interim report 17 years old 17th quarter 16 years old
Basic earnings per share (yuan) 0 0.130 0.320 0 0.660
Attributable net profit (100 million yuan) 2.59 1.46 3.56 1.60 3.15
Year-on-year growth rate of attributable net profit (%) 61.50 -- 12.87 -- -11.78
Net assets per share (yuan) 3.89 3.78 3.65 -- 7.98
Weighted return on equity (%) -- 3.55 9.34 -- 8.93
Total operating income (100 million yuan) 45.38 25.43 52.98 37.94 65.20
Year-on-year growth rate of revenue (%) 19.62 -- -18.74 -- -6.04
Operating profit margin (%) 4.55 3.67 6.80 3.69 4.18
Inventory turnover rate (times) 2.13 1.13 1.96 1.32 1.82
Assets and liabilities(%) 77.18 77.15 77.74 76.51 79.57

Earnings per share for the third quarter of 2017: 0 yuan, industry average: 0.26 yuan,
Industry ranking: 152/152, the largest industry value:Midea Group

Earnings per shareNet profitTotal operating incomeRoeAssets and liabilities
  • Equity shareholder

Data date:More>>

Shareholder nameNumber of shares held
Holding shares
No relevant data yet
Data date: 2019-01-23More>> Trend in shareholder

The latest shareholder number on January 23, 2019 was 252,144, compared with 23 in the previous period, with a range of 109,617,8.2%.

  • Update date: no updatesMore>>
  • Mingyang Intelligent Agency Rating
profit prediction
No forecast
Institutional rating

In the past month, a total of 0 institutions participated in the rating, and the average target price was predicted: - yuan.

No data

  • Mingyang intelligent investment points

Point 1:The company is mainly engaged in the manufacture of new energy high-end equipment, investment and operation of new energy power stations and intelligent management business, including: 1) R&D, production, sales and intelligent operation and maintenance of large-scale wind turbines and their core components; 2) Wind farms and photovoltaics Power station development, investment, construction and intelligent operation management. Since the establishment of the company, the main business has not changed.

Point 2:1. Yangjiang High-tech Zone Mingyang Fan Equipment Manufacturing Machine Project.     2. Yangyang High-tech Zone Mingyang Fan Equipment Manufacturing Blade Project.     3. Gongcheng low wind speed test wind farm project.     4. Jingbian Mingyang Ningzhaoliang Phase II Wind Farm Project.

Point 3:1. The advantages of customized product categories. The company is currently one of the most promising and important companies in the domestic wind power industry.     2. Product quality and core technology advantages. In the core technology reserve, Mingyang combines the trend of large wind turbines developed by the industry from land to sea, and promotes the national development strategy of subsidizing new energy prices. It has formed a unique position in the field of permanent magnet hybrid drive technology and independent development of core components. The technological competitive advantage has made it possible to develop wind power in China's special environment without development conditions or economical.     3. Independent research and development and innovation advantages. The company integrates global resources, and has domestic leading blade design team, gearbox design team, generator design team, core R&D simulation team, complete machine R&D test team, hydraulic lubrication and cooling system design team, smart energy R&D team, intelligent operation and maintenance. team.     4. The core supporting components have independent advantages.

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