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Company Overview
Listing date --
Date of establishment --
Chairman --
General manager --
area --
Industry --
Concept --
Registered capital (ten thousand) --
Main business
Equity shareholder 2015-08-12
Total share capital --
Circulating share capital --
Circulating A shares --
Restricted circulation of A shares --
Fund holdings --
Executive shareholding --
Number of shareholders
Latest (household) --
Ring ratio --
Per capita shareholding --
Top ten shareholders
Top ten tradable shareholders
main indicators
Indicator/report period -- --
Basic earnings per share (yuan) -- --
Basic earnings per share
(after deduction) (yuan)
-- --
Net assets per share (yuan) -- --
Operating cash flow per share (yuan) -- --
Cash flow per share (yuan) -- --
Capital reserve per share (yuan) -- --
Earnings per share (yuan) -- --
Undistributed profit per share (yuan) -- --
Roe(%) -- --
Total assets (ten thousand yuan) -- --
Shareholders' equity at the parent company (yuan) -- --
Operating income (ten thousand yuan) -- --
Operating cost (ten thousand yuan) -- --
Net profit (ten thousand yuan) -- --
Total profit (ten thousand yuan) -- --
Operating profit (ten thousand yuan) -- --
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