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New three board knowledge

What is the new three board?

The New Third Board refers to the national equity trading platform of unlisted companies.The “New Third Board” market originally refers to the pilot project of Zhongguancun Science Park Unlisted Co., Ltd. entering the agency shareholding system for transfer, because the listed companies are high-tech enterprises and different from the delisting enterprises in the original transfer system and the original STAQ and NET system listed companies. Therefore, it is called the "new three boards". However, at present, the NEEQ is no longer limited to the non-listed company limited by Zhongguancun Science Park, nor is it limited to non-listed companies in Tianjin Binhai, Wuhan East Lake and Shanghai Zhangjiang pilot sites, but is a national non-listed company limited. The company's equity trading platform is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises.

As a non-listed company's equity trading platform, NEEQ plays an important role in the financing of SMEs with its low threshold and standardized trading rules. With the introduction of new policies such as the expansion of the New Third Board, the pilot of the transfer mechanism, and the release of the index, the New Third Board will be favored by more investors and companies. The listing of the New Third Board is lower than that of the Main Board and the Growth Enterprise Market. There is no financial threshold and no major business is required. As long as the company meets the legally established non-listed company and has survived for two years, the business is clear. There are six conditions, such as the ability to continue to operate. However, the trading of the New Third Board stocks applies the appropriate principle of investors, mainly to institutional investors, with higher thresholds. Lawyers play a pivotal role in the process of listing the NEEQ. The legal risks of a company require lawyers to perform due diligence, verify, discover and ultimately propose practical solutions.