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National Communications Trust's first batch of standardized ABN business successfully landed

[industry]Responding to the protection of the letter and trust cooperation Trust company should enhance the initiative management ability

[market]The scale of trust issuance decreased in the third quarter, and the expected rate of return continued to rise.

[case]Low-income trust products have low risk. Which types of trust products should not be bought?
The trust products you want to invest in.
Banks, all over the streets, are familiar to us. However, many trustees are not aware of the financial institutions that are regulated by the China Banking Regulatory Commission. by[detailed]
 Trust funds have also come to the bottom
Shuai Guorang said that the recent favorable policies in the capital market have been frequent, and the financial market is expected to stabilize. Therefore, the amount of financial trusts raised has increased. Have[detailed]
Dongfang Jinluo’s two downfalls, trusts and debts, overdue debts dragged Lu Jinsuo
Today, the price of Oriental Jinluo (600086.SH) fell to the limit, as of the issue of 8.14 yuan, down 9.96%. Qianhai Open Source Fund - Shanghai Pudong Development Bank - Warburg Trust - China[detailed]
 The chairman of CCB Trust was promoted to the position of chairman Wang Baokui
Regarding this change, the relevant personnel of CCB Trust said to the reporter of "Daily Economic News" that the former chairman of the board of directors Cheng Yuanguo is the general manager of the head office business department and concurrently the company director.[detailed]
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The contradiction of high-speed development has emerged.
The main partner is Country Garden. 17 of the 40 real estate projects are Country Garden, including 7 specific asset income rights trusts and 10 stocks.[detailed]
The growth rate of remuneration has slowed down, and the self-operated disk has lost its trust.
Unlike Jiangsu Guoxin, in terms of accounting treatment, CNPC Capital classifies trust products as “receivables investment”, while Jiangsu Guoxin is classified as “available for sale finance”.[detailed]
Fixed-income trust products have low risk
Fixed-income trust products have very little risk. Liu Xiaofeng said that from the perspective of funds, this year’s trusts are frequently overdue, making investors more trust products.[detailed]
There are new rules coming! Banking, trust products, compassion
The Interim Measures for the Administration of Value-Added and Value-added Investment Activities of Charitable Organizations issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs this week (referred to as the “Measures”) has become a small benefit for the trust industry.[detailed]
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500000 500000|1000000 1000000the above

Trust product name Trust company Product term Starting capital Release date expected profits
Huaguan 155 Huaxin Trust 12 months 100,000  -- 6.7%
Zhongmin Yongtai No. 1 China Minsheng 3 months 100,000 2018-01-12 6.9%
Tianzhu Huicai No. 2, No. 359 - Continued AVIC Trust 2 months 100,000  -- 5.1%
Tianzhu Huicai 160 - Continued 10 AVIC Trust 2 months 100,000  -- 5.1%
Huaguan 153 Huaxin Trust 12 months 100,000  -- 6.7%
Baoxin Capital 2015001 Beijing Trust 12 months 100,000  --  --
Jinyue 2 (COFCO Trust) COFCO Trust 12 months 100,000  -- 7.16%
Jinyue No. 1 (COFCO Trust) COFCO Trust 12 months 100,000  -- 7.16%
Apocalypse (2016) No. 33 - AVIC Trust 1 month 100,000  -- 6.9%
Bairui Baoying 677 No. 2018 Barry Trust 12 months 100,000 2018-01-08 7.6%
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Zhongxin Trust supports Inner Mongolia Chayouzhong Banner and Houqi Poverty Alleviation
Trust products you want to invest in the entire industry
Banks, all over the streets, are familiar to us. However, many trustees are not aware of the financial institutions that are regulated by the China Banking Regulatory Commission. by[detailed]
The scale of credit ABS issuance increased by 138.41% in the first half of the year.
Since the beginning of this year, many trust companies have been aiming at the transformation of the service entity economy, and the asset securitization (ABS) business has become an important force. Trust assets[detailed]
Trust companies should enhance their proactive management capabilities
On October 26, the Banking Regulatory Commission revised the Interim Measures for the Investment of Insurance Funds, and on the revised Measures for the Management of Insurance Funds Investment Equity ([detailed]
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The trust has been strictly monitored. This year, the trust industry has received 18 tickets.
In recent years, in addition to the surge in the number of tickets received by the banking industry, the penalties for the trust industry have also increased. According to the information released by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, this year, the trust industry[detailed]
See also new measures to relax the business of foreign financial institutions.
After China announced that it would relax the shareholding ratio of foreign investment in China’s banking and insurance institutions, the banking industry and the insurance industry have opened up new opportunities.[detailed]
Where is the new regulation for the introduction of non-standards? Return to project trust
After the issuance of the new regulations for the issuance of the new regulations, the market is more concerned about how the non-standard business will be transformed, and will it continue to do so? Pan, General Manager, Asset Management Department, China Everbright Bank[detailed]
The strongest supervision has been reached
In the face of the penalty pace at the end of 2017, the trust company has already felt the pressure. In 2017, the scale of trust assets increased exceptionally, and behind it was the cooperation of silver letters.[detailed]
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